Warcraft News, Tips Tricks, tutorials, patches, mods, informations, documentation http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Modules/RSS/xml.rss warcraft.securityorg.net en-us Copyrighted information (c) 2024-05-24T16:35:20+01:00 warcraft.securityorg.net warcraft.securityorg.net Reputation Silithus http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Reputation%20Silithus-40.htm Grinding Reputation In Silithus (Cenarion Circle) I wrote this exact post on my guild site, so if you recognize it from there, I guess you know who I am :) Many people have asked how I have ground up my reputation with the Cenarion Circle so quickly. My rep gains and notes may be off slightly. I had to try and recall much of it, and find stuff on the net. Please check your rep gains after each, to make sure you still get rep for dukes at honored for example (because you don’t at revered) Neutral to Friendly (3000 rep) http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Reputation%20Silithus-40.htm Naxx attunement http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Naxx%20attunement-41.htm The Naxxramas attunement has been officialy announced 1) At Honored with Argent Dawn, you have to give the following materials : 60 Gold 1 Righteous Orb 2 Nexus Crystals 5 Arcane Crystals 2) At Revered with Argent Dawn, you have to give the following materials 30 Gold 2 Arcane Crystal 1 Nexus Crystals 3) At Exalted with Argent Dawn, the Naxxramas Attunement is FREE. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Naxx%20attunement-41.htm Nefarian howto http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Nefarian%20howto-42.htm How to kill Nefarian Mods Facts Consumables Phases Strategy http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Nefarian%20howto-42.htm Onyxia Horde Quest Line http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Onyxia%20Horde%20Quest%20Line-59.htm Onyxia Quest Line 1) Go to Kargath and speak to Warlord Goretooth in the tower. Click his conversation item repeatedly to receive Warlord Goretooth's Command. Use this item to receive the quest, Warlord's Command. Warlord's Command Slay Highlord Omokk, War Master Voone, and Overlord Wyrmthalak. Recover Important Blackrock Documents. Return to Warlord Goretooth in Kargath when the mission has been accomplished. Important Blackrock Documents: 0/1 War Master Voone slain: 0/1 Highlord Omokk slain: 0/1 Overlord Wyrmthalak slain: 0/1 Rewards can be found at http://www.thottbot.com/index.cgi?q=1359 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Onyxia%20Horde%20Quest%20Line-59.htm Battle plan 4 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Battle%20plan%204-57.htm World of Warcraft Battle Plan Vol. 4 Since our previous Battle Plan, World of Warcraft has gained a considerable amount of new in-game content, as well as improved and expanded service features -- all of which have been focused on enhancing the game experience for our passionate, ever-growing community. One example of the new content we've added is Naxxramas, a multi-winged 40-player raid dungeon that pits players against the forces of the lich Kel'Thuzad. We've also revamped Light's Hope Chapel to make it a fully functional and exciting quest hub. In addition, many new items have been implemented, including new PvE and PvP armor sets, along with a powerful new Legendary caster item. In terms of service enhancements, many players have taken advantage of the Paid Character Transfer service, which enables players to move characters between realms. Also, we've decreased battleground queue times by implementing the new cross-realm battleground feature. By allowing players across several realms to play in the same battleground, wait times have significantly improved for most battleground matches. We've worked hard to deliver these new content and service features while simultaneously developing our first expansion pack, The Burning Crusade. In preparation for the expansion, we will be releasing one of our biggest content updates ever for World of Warcraft, called "Before the Storm." http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Battle%20plan%204-57.htm Mana consumables http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Mana%20consumables-58.htm Mana consumables While in combat, as many know the BWL and AQ fights last much longer than an average 8k Mana pool, and so we must keep our mana flowing in order to keep our tanks and dps alive. This is written as simple as possible, keeping it both short and detailed for any kind of player, both casual and hardcore alike. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Mana%20consumables-58.htm Druid tree form dance http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Druid%20tree%20form%20dance-38.htm Druid tree form dance http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Druid%20tree%20form%20dance-38.htm Teremus http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Teremus-43.htm Easy Gold with Teremus The Devourer I'm sure many of you have visited the Blasted Lands at some point and have noticed the large dragon that always seems to sneak up behind you while you are questing/farming? Well, if you and a few of your friends are level 60, then you have found an ample source of gold. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Teremus-43.htm Flying mount video http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Flying%20mount%20video-44.htm Burning Crusade Flying Mount Video http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Flying%20mount%20video-44.htm Warrior charge macro http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warrior%20charge%20macro-46.htm Warrior Macro Charge DURING Combat For all you warriors out there, might get nerfed in 1.12. Just copy and paste, and please try not to tell people out of mps, shh! http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warrior%20charge%20macro-46.htm Farming AQ20 larval http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Farming%20AQ20%20larval-47.htm Making Gold in AQ20 Well this have to be done AFTER you clear instance with your guild. Since Blizzard did give 3 days reset time no mobs are respawned (almost none) and this give you oportunity to go inside and kill easy mobs like Silicate Feeder http://www.thottbot.com/?n=936773 who drops Idols, Scarabs and Larval Acid. Silicate Feeder are located near 5th boss (Ayamiss the Hunter) and can be soloed but watch not to pull flying packs or 2-3 Feeder. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Farming%20AQ20%20larval-47.htm Patch 6144 Unofficial notes http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Patch%206144%20Unofficial%20notes-48.htm Nw Beta Patch 6144: Unofficial Patch Notes General: - Talents refunded - flightpath fixed for area 52 <-> stormspire - quest turning point still bugged no teleportation - Sha'tar reputation vendor added to Shattrah - Sha'tar guards now give directions - Shadowmoon Valley is not open. - Female blood elves stand differently and have some new idle animations. - Glowcaps can no longer be picked up from any distance. - Blood elf female weapon size was increased. - Thrallmar reputation rewards were buffed. - New graveyard near Kirin'var Village. - Bankers added in Area 52. - Goblin engineering teleporter added in Area 52 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Patch%206144%20Unofficial%20notes-48.htm Reputation points http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Reputation%20points-49.htm Reputation Factions and Grinding Timbermaw Hold Argent Dawn Thorium Brotherhood http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Reputation%20points-49.htm Farming Spots http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Farming%20Spots-50.htm Farming Spots There are people who use professions to make their money. They run around picking flowers, or hitting rocks, or making funky items to sell. Now, honestly, i'm not one of those people, heh. What's farming? When i'm strapped for cash, I farm. Farm, farm, farm. As in, I kill mobs repeatedly. Farming is a consistent thing, you must be consistent with your kills, spend as little downtime as possible, and you want to kill every desired mob you come across. Why farm? First of all, there's no real expense. Apart from buying food/drink, or repairing your gear once every few hours, you're making pure profit. You can get a lot of money out of manufacturing professions, but leveling these means they become a money sink, and unless you put in the time and money to grab those rare recipes that people REALLY want, you're going to be spending more than you'll be making. Farming gets you pure profit, and depending on your luck, you can make more selling a single drop than spending a week making / gathering stuff. You get money, greens, blues, sometimes phat epixx, and all you have to do is going around killing stuff. That's farming. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Farming%20Spots-50.htm Frost Oil http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Frost%20Oil-51.htm Great WoW Cash Gold Horde or Alliance Here's a good way to make some decent money by buying the "Frost Oil" recipe. This recipe is needed by a TON of alchemists, and non alchemists of both the Horde and Alliancefor a level 37 quest. Nifty thing about this recipe is, the vendor who sells it has a "limited supply" which basicallymeans he only sells 1 every hour or so, for 25S a piece. This recipe is in big demand, and I grabbed one and sold it at the AH for 2G. Here's the info on the location etc of the fellow who sells it: http://www.thottbot.com/?i=5216 For all your crafty folks out there, the specific recipe always shows up in the same location in hisvendor window. Why not set up a macro to "search" for this recipe every 5 seconds or so? If it'sthere, buy it..........you can completely control the market for this quest. Best part is a "series"quest with this portion being part 3 of the quest. People desperately want to finish it, if youcontrol the entire market on your server for these recipes you can become a very rich man. Once I get back out there I'll make a macro to do just that, it's not difficult in the least so I'msure some of you other crafty macro heads will make one for yourselves. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Frost%20Oil-51.htm Lvl 40 mount cash http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Lvl%2040%20mount%20cash-52.htm Start farming for your mount just one level before 40. You can actually start at 38, 37 if you have high dps. Easily generate the needed 90g for your mount in 1/2 day!! Just north of the Gurabashi arena and just west of the Jungle Stalkers there is a small area where the "Cold Eye Basilisks" dwell. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Lvl%2040%20mount%20cash-52.htm Alchemy BC http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Alchemy%20BC-55.htm Alchemy Burning Crusade recipes and reagents http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Alchemy%20BC-55.htm Leatherworking BC http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Leatherworking%20BC-56.htm Leatherworking Burning Crusade recipes and reagents http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Leatherworking%20BC-56.htm Tier 4 video http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Tier%204%20video-39.htm Tier 4 Set Video http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Tier%204%20video-39.htm VGA trailer http://warcraft.securityorg.net/VGA%20trailer-60.htm Warcraft VGA Movie http://warcraft.securityorg.net/VGA%20trailer-60.htm Warcraft lag 2.0 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%20lag%202.0-61.htm Patch 2.0: How to solve lag and fps issues in WoW 2.0 As you might have noticed in WoW 2.0, some disturbing latency and fps issues appeared, few things have been tested until now to fix this problem, however none of them worked until today, a fix has been found to solve our lag and fps issues Now to the main subject, its a quite simple way to fix your issues, you will have to create a "WDB" folder inside your "Cache folder" folder (which one already exists in your World of Warcraft directory), then you create an "enGB" folder for english/uk client (enUS for american client, deDE for german client, frFR for french client) within "WDB" folder. Once you log in it will populate your "enGB" folder with different files, then you should notice an improvement (or solve) in your lag/fps issues which appeared with last patch 2.0. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%20lag%202.0-61.htm New 2.0 Warcraft macros http://warcraft.securityorg.net/New%202.0%20Warcraft%20macros-62.htm New 2.0 Macros List is here (targeting, using, pets, casting, action etc) http://warcraft.securityorg.net/New%202.0%20Warcraft%20macros-62.htm Druids 2.0 macros http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Druids%202.0%20macros-63.htm Druid Credits: Beirras WoW's macro scripting language in version 2.0+ has been completely overhauled, so most old macros will no longer work. [.......] http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Druids%202.0%20macros-63.htm Hunter 2.0 macros http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Hunter%202.0%20macros-64.htm Hunter macros 2.0 Credits: Zanzer BASIC PET COMMANDS: Pet Orders: Attack, Follow, Stay /petattack /petfollow /petstay [.......] http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Hunter%202.0%20macros-64.htm Mage 2.0 macro http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Mage%202.0%20macro-65.htm Mage Credits: Myrafae of Destromath. The following changes and macros are by no means comprehensive. Important changes: 1. Functions used in /script that cast spells, target, or use items are no longer usable in addons/macros. They are protected and can only be used in Secure Templates. [................] http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Mage%202.0%20macro-65.htm Rogue 2.0 Macros http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Rogue%202.0%20Macros-68.htm Rogue 2.0 Macros Credits: Ming and fellow rogues. No longer needed: Self-Bandage (Self-cast is now built into the UI) 1) Riposte/SS /castrandom Sinister Strike, Riposte [...........] http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Rogue%202.0%20Macros-68.htm Warlock 2.0 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warlock%202.0-69.htm Warlock Credits: Morthoul of Blackhand At several points I mention "Garguk's macros", and making 2.0 versions of them. These are macros from the old forums, preserved in the forum sticky here: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=11541195&sid=1 Trying out 2.0 versions of these macros, and sharing them here, should help the maintainer of that thread update it faster. [..................] http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warlock%202.0-69.htm Paladin 2.0 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Paladin%202.0-66.htm Paladin 2.0 macros Healing: Tried and true backbone of the class. Here is the macro for Flash of Light: /cast [modifier:alt,target=player] Flash of Light; [target=target,help] Flash of Light; [target=targettarget,help] Flash of Light; [target=player] Flash of Light [............] http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Paladin%202.0-66.htm Priest 2.0 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Priest%202.0-67.htm Priest 2.0 MACROS Credits: Anaea of Aerie Peak Crowd Control Macros /cast [harm] Shackle Undead /stopmacro [noharm] /p Shackling %t! DO NOT TOUCH! [...............] http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Priest%202.0-67.htm Warrior 2.0 macros http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warrior%202.0%20macros-70.htm Warrior 2.0 Macros Credits: Jedroth weapon swaps (you shift-click your weapon / shield etc into your macro ..) DW to 2h and back to DW : /equipslot 16 Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flight /equipslot 17 Qiraji Sacrificial Dagger /equipslot 16 The Untamed Blade [...............] http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warrior%202.0%20macros-70.htm Sylvanas singing http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Sylvanas%20singing-71.htm Sylvanas singing in Burning Crusade http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Sylvanas%20singing-71.htm Gnomish TBC Intro http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Gnomish%20TBC%20Intro-72.htm GNOMISH TBC INTRO "When the The Burning Crusade cinematic intro was released the whole gnomish community was shocked, there where no gnomes included in the intro!" Eb. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Gnomish%20TBC%20Intro-72.htm Fishin in TBC http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Fishin%20in%20TBC-73.htm Introduction When Blizzard started revealing details of the expansion, they promised some fresh fish: "We're still evaluating some ideas for fishing that we're not ready to share yet, but I can tell you that there will definitely be new high-level fish for our anglers to catch in the expansion." - Frank Pearce, Executive Producer, July 2006. And not much more has been known until now. The information on this page is taken from the beta version of The Burning Crusade. It will probably contain spoilers. Most of this information is first-hand - collect by myself. I will continue to update it as more discoveries are made. Last major update 1 December 2006, based on beta 2.0.0-2.0.2 (I can see no changes in 2.0.3). http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Fishin%20in%20TBC-73.htm Pinchy http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Pinchy-74.htm Mr. Pinchy and Magical Crawdad Mr. Pinchy is an exceptionally rare catch from Highland Mixed Schools, first found by Roopert and confirmed by El. Mr. Pinchy is classified as rare and is bound to you on pickup, so be very careful when using automatic loot/re-cast. I caught one after 375 pool catches, and then nothing more from a total of over a thousand catches. Your mileage may vary. And someone will always manage to cast a line and pull Mr. Pinchy straight out. But the "catch rate" seems to be in the order of 0.1%. Since you'll struggle to get more than 50 catches an hour, expect to invest most of a day to catch this. ((Mr. Pinchy is assumed to be a reference to Homer Simpson's pet lobster of the same name in The Simpsons.)) http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Pinchy-74.htm Hyjal Att http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Hyjal%20Att-75.htm World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade - Caverns of Time: Mount Hyjal Caverns of Time: Mount Hyjal will ship with World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade expansion retail launch. The dungeon requires 25 player raid groups. However, not everyone can enter the dungeon. This dungeon requires many pre-requisites http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Hyjal%20Att-75.htm Blue weekly 1 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Blue%20weekly%201-76.htm Blue Weekly - 1: Weelky tracking of important Blue posts All important Blue Posts (Blizzard Posters on official forums) weekly tracked and compiled in the form of patch notes. Week: 2/12/07 - 2/19/07 Raids and Dungeons hotfixes - Players can no longer avoid Grull the Dragonkiller's shatter damage through immunities (source) - Fixed an issue where The Maiden of Virtue would despawn upon a reset of the Karazhan instance (source) - Fixed an issue with players losing control of the chess pieces in Karazhan (source) - The door at the top of the elevator in Tempest Keep: Mechanar should now properly open if players die to Pathaleon the Calculator (source) - Murmur's Touch is properly removed from players when they zone out of Auchindoun: Shadow Labyrinth (source) http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Blue%20weekly%201-76.htm Undocumented 2.0.7 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Undocumented%202.0.7-77.htm Undocumented Changes in Patch 2.0.7 With the new patch 2.0.7, several changes undocumented in the patch notes have been noticed, which we have listed below (feel free to report anything new undocumented in patch notes), most of those changes are related to bosses/instances. General - Reduced spawn rate on Elemental Plateau in Nagrand. Professions - Lots of crafted items got their stats changed (Leatherworking, Tailoring, Blacksmithing, etc...). Cant list them all, since there are too many. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Undocumented%202.0.7-77.htm Illidan is here http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Illidan%20is%20here-78.htm World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade: The Black Temple Originally founded as a Draenei temple, this plot has been conquered and despoiled many times throughout the history of Outland, removing any spiritual grace it may have once held. The Black Temple has been the stage of the Orc Horde's blood curse, a fortress for the then-mortal Ner'zhul, and a prime staging ground for the Burning Legion's campaign of destruction. Most recently, it has been claimed as home by Illidan, where he and his minions make their bid for power over the remnants of the shattered planet. Now, it is up to you to face the malefic forces of Illidan and his minions in hopes of freeing Outland from chaos and tyranny. Black Temple is a 25-person raid dungeon located in Shadowmoon Valley. * Explore an ancient site steeped in Warcraft lore * Gain access to more than a hundred new rare and epic items, including tier-6 armor sets * Choose your path through a nonlinear level-70 raid dungeon, as you make your way to... * Face Illidan himself http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Illidan%20is%20here-78.htm Item Lifetime recovery http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Item%20Lifetime%20recovery-79.htm Blizzard changed the item recovery from 1 item / lifetime, to 2 items. In addition, each 6 months you gain 1 more item recovery back if you used... Which sincerly, is not bad at all :) http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Item%20Lifetime%20recovery-79.htm Tempest Keep exploration http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Tempest%20Keep%20exploration-80.htm Nihilum posted the first Tempest Keep 25man exploration movie http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Tempest%20Keep%20exploration-80.htm Transmutes structure http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Transmutes%20structure-81.htm Transmutes structure (click for full size) http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Transmutes%20structure-81.htm Patch 2.0.10 updated http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Patch%202.0.10%20updated-84.htm Patch 2.0.10 Updated General * Some logic was fixed in the "Natural Remedies" quest so that Pathaleon the Calculator's Image will always spawn during the ritual. * Goliathon and his shardlings can no longer be pulled to nearby areas that have guards. * More fixes implemented in the "It's a Fel Reaver, But With Heart" quest to keep the Scrapped Fel Reaver from breaking. * The Orb of the Blackwhelp and Hallowed Wands can no longer be used in combat, and the transformation will be canceled if the player receives damage. * The Scrap Reaver in Netherstorm repairs reduced from 10,000 health to 8,500 health over 10 seconds. * Battle of the Crimson Watch o Illidari Mind Breaker has been weakened. o Illidari Highlords can now be CC'ed but not Charmed. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Patch%202.0.10%20updated-84.htm Patch 2.0.10 hotfixes http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Patch%202.0.10%20hotfixes-85.htm This Week's hotfixes Patch 2.0.10 hotfixes: - "We're working on a hotfix to fix spawning issues with the Lurker Below. We hope to have this hotfix complete by tomorrow afternoon (or sooner)." Tigole (Source) Note: The Lurker Below is a Kraken like boss in Serpentshrine Cavern. - Nightbane will no longer cast "Bell... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Patch%202.0.10%20hotfixes-85.htm New hotfixes http://warcraft.securityorg.net/New%20hotfixes-86.htm Warcraft hotfixes: Hotfixes 20/03: * A hot fix has been deployed. This fix will not take place until maintenance occurs in each region. This fixes a bug where coil fang ambushers would sometimes evade unnecessarily. 19/03: * The haste effect from the Mongoose encha... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/New%20hotfixes-86.htm Tier 6 bonus http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Tier%206%20bonus-87.htm Tier 6 Armor Sets names and bonuses WoWhead has Tier 6 Armor Sets names and bonuses, according to one (Skosiris) of the WoWhead's administrators these item sets have been extracted from the latest game data files. Keep in mind, those bonuses havent been yet officially confirmed by Blizzard, the only information given by Blizzard on Tier 6 armor sets is the drop location which is Black Temple. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Tier%206%20bonus-87.htm Kharazan Fly Point http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Kharazan%20Fly%20Point-88.htm There is a roumour out there, that Kharazan has a FP.... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Kharazan%20Fly%20Point-88.htm PTR 2.0.12 Patch Notes http://warcraft.securityorg.net/PTR%202.0.12%20Patch%20Notes-89.htm PTR 2.0.12 Patch Notes Drysc posted PTR 2.0.12 patch notes on the forums, its mainly made of bug fixes as you can read below: Mac - Improved memory usage and stability under Mac OS X 10.4.9 using multi-threaded OpenGL. Bug Fixes - Attempting to turn in a guild charter with a signature from a player that formed his own guild will no longer result in an inappropriate error message. - Using the customer support "Auto-Unstuck" will now trigger the one-hour cooldown on the player's hearthstone. - Arenas Players will no longer be able to see their opponents in the Combat Log of an Arena match-up before the game starts. - Battlegrounds Eye of the Storm: Players should no longer be able to exit the bubble before the match starts. - Mechanar The gate at the top of the elevator in Mechanar will now remain open while attempting the gauntlet and after Pathaleon the Calculator is killed. - Caverns of Time: Old Hillsbrad The Escape from Durnholde event will no longer break during the church part of the encounter. - Various localization fixes have been applied. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/PTR%202.0.12%20Patch%20Notes-89.htm Enchanting in TBC http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Enchanting%20in%20TBC-90.htm To be part of those enchanters that “gotta catch’em all”, with TBC additions and the new way to get your Formulas (almost half of the drop ones, are BOP and can’t be seen except by enchanters..). AH will still be our friend for some, but pull out your forks and pikes we are facing a good bunch of ‘em scattered all across outlands with that same 0.1-1.3% average drop rates! *CHEERS*, I like to kill stuff, so I enjoyed farming them, I cant put my seal of certitude on all the locations ill write down, I droped most of them and/or saw a friend did. Thottbot helped me fill the gaps. Feel free to add any precision so we can make the most accurate list. Bare with me, English is not my first language and only in MMOs i have to use it, :D. FYI: I skipped all Trainable ones, for Obvious reasons, we aint at kindergarden here, we are formula thirsty hardcore farmers. :D http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Enchanting%20in%20TBC-90.htm Farming spots in TBC http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Farming%20spots%20in%20TBC-91.htm FARMING SPOTS in The Burning Crusade Motes/Primals of elements and other things have become important now in crafting and as such can easily be worth alot on the AH. The best places to farm these motes are in places only accessable via farming mount. Such areas are the elemental plateau in north-eastern Nagrand or Skettis in south-eastern Terokkar Forest. At Elemental Plateau you will find 'raging' elemen... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Farming%20spots%20in%20TBC-91.htm Twink Guide http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Twink%20Guide-92.htm TWINK GUIDE Best Race: Dwarf, Blood Elf GEAR Head: Lucky Fishing Hat (+100hp) Neck: Honored wsg neck Shoulders: Talbar Mantle Back: Sentry Cloak (+70armor)/Engineer's Cloak(+70armor) Chest: Blackened Defias Armor (+100hp/+4allstats) Wrist: Beetle Clasps (+9stam)/Steel-cla... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Twink%20Guide-92.htm Grinding in Terrokar http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Grinding%20in%20Terrokar-93.htm Guys recently i founded out a place in outlands where , lots of Easy gold to be made , lots of stuff to kill , ultra fast spawn, only one word : Glee. In Skettis in Terrokar forest. (roughly 65,78) for non-coords users, a little bit south-east of Alerrian Stronghold , west of Shadowmoon valey. A flying mount is Required. Mobs are 70-72 (some Elites) , depends of your buisness there. Personally i go there for 2 reasons: Skettis Surgers and Furious Crawdads http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Grinding%20in%20Terrokar-93.htm Patch 2.1.0 - aka fixing http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Patch%202.1.0%20-%20aka%20fixing-94.htm PATCH 2.1.0 PREVIEW Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about the same subjects – subjects that have been addressed in an upcoming patch – so I wanted to let you guys know where things stood. The Rogue Situation We’ve done a tuning pass of many of our dungeons/bosses/encounters to ensure that nothing overly punishing occurs to “melee DPS’ that would lead people to favor ranged DPS over Rogues/DPS Warriors etc. Also, we’ve changed the NPC cleave mechanic so that it’s now a frontal cone ability rather than a 360 degree chain attack. Swe... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Patch%202.1.0%20-%20aka%20fixing-94.htm Black Temple key http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Black%20Temple%20key-95.htm ...1 april news... Blizzard put public how to get the Black Temple key... http://www.wow-europe.com/en/info/basics/btattunement/index.html With this ocasion, the holy resistance gear goes wild http://www.wow-europe.com/en/info/basics/factions/baari/index.html http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Black%20Temple%20key-95.htm Profession Review http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Profession%20Review-96.htm Profession Review: Blizzard Update We have taken the time to put together a brief preview of the Profession changes for the upcoming content patch. This list does not contain all of the upcoming changes, but instead gives a brief look at what is to come. Alchemy - Elixirs now stack in two categories, Battle (Offensive) and Guardian (Defensive) Elixirs. You can only have one of each type of Elixir up at a time. As a result Elixirs now stack with class abilities such as "Arcane Intellect." - Four new defensive elixirs have been added. Two are on trainers, one is in Halaa and one is in Cenarion Expedition. - "Flask of Petrification" can no longer be turn http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Profession%20Review-96.htm Next patch content http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Next%20patch%20content-97.htm End Game Content Preview: Official Infos on the next content patch The next content patch and the opening of the now defiled Black Temple, home of Illidan and his minions has long been known. However, the patch is also introducing a great deal of new solo and 5-person content as well, with new rewards, factions, outdoor bosses, and items. As we’re approaching the release of the patch we wanted to share a glimpse into some of the upcoming content that hadn’t yet been confirmed for this next patch, or hadn’t even been heard of until now. Druid Epic Flight Form The Druid Epic flight form will be available through a series of quests, similar to the Warlock and Paladin Epic mount quests befo http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Next%20patch%20content-97.htm Elixirs preview http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Elixirs%20preview-99.htm In an upcoming patch we will be changing the way elixirs function, allowing a player to only have two elixirs on them at any one time. The change will allow you to use one offensive elixir, and one defensive elixir. All elixirs will be set into one of these two categories. This also means that although elixirs of the same type cannot be used at the same time, they will now stack with class buffs. We’re making this change for a number of reasons. - By allowing players to use any number of elixirs it was necessary that we balance raid and dungeon encounters with the idea that all players in the group had the potential of having all available elixirs on them. In many cases this resul... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Elixirs%20preview-99.htm Tier 6 sets http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Tier%206%20sets-101.htm TIER 6 PREVIEW MOVIE http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Tier%206%20sets-101.htm Druid epic mount http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Druid%20epic%20mount-102.htm Druid EPIC mount quest line http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Druid%20epic%20mount-102.htm New PTR patch http://warcraft.securityorg.net/New%20PTR%20patch-103.htm PTR patch notes update for 5/17/2007: list of changes The full patch notes can be found here. General * Taunts: The taunt system has been adjusted so that Warrior Taunt, Druid Growl, and Paladin Righteous Defense will now grant the player the correct amount of threat even when the creature or its target is crowd controlled. * Dodge Rating: Low level players now calculate dodge from dodge rating at the same rate as level 34 players. * The negative effect of the orc racial ability Blood Fury no longer stacks with other effects that reduce healing (Mortal Strike, Wounding Poison, etc.) * Characters can now speak with Orphan Matron Mercy in Shattrath City during Children’s Week to mentor a draenei (Alliance) or blood elf (Horde) orphan. Shattrath orphans have a whole new line of sight-seeing requ... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/New%20PTR%20patch-103.htm Irc Chat Developper http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Irc%20Chat%20Developper-104.htm Irc Chat Developper with Kalgan and Tigole: Live report Developper Chat is now finished, Patch will go live tomorrow. As i am writing these lines, World of Warcraft Lead Designers Tom Chilton [Kalgan] and Jeffrey Kaplan [Tigole] (they are in charge of game systems, balance and world design) are currently answering various questions on #StraticsHoC channel (server: irc.glowfish.de). http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Irc%20Chat%20Developper-104.htm Undocumented 2.1 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Undocumented%202.1-105.htm Undocumented changes Please bear in mind some of the following may be bugs. Classes You can now block attacks while your shield is in the sheathed position. Previously, Warriors, Shamans and Paladins were vulnerable while using instant-cast abilities that caused their shield to momentarily appear on their back. Druid Base cost of untalented shapeshifting reduced to 35% from 44% and Travel/Aquatic/Flight reduced to 13% from 16% base mana (that includes swift flight form as well). Moonkin Form and Tree Form now have... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Undocumented%202.1-105.htm Patch 2.1.2 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Patch%202.1.2-106.htm A new PTR patch will be available tonight (or early tomorrow) to players, here is what we can expect (Arena Season 2 items and new honor rewards). We expect the PTRs to open up for testing of patch 2.1.2 late tonight. Please note that you should patch your client to 2.1.1 before running the PTR install. World of Warcraft Client Patch 2.1.2 General * Arena and Honor Rewards: As part of the inauguration of Season 2, the costs of all Arena items and Honor items has been reduced. * Improved Mend Pet, Abolish Disease, and Abolish Poison no longer play sounds when there is nothing to dispel. * Players can no longer fail with skinning at maximum skill. * Spellcloth: Creating spellcloth will once again only summon one Angered Nether-wraith. * Some new cooking recipes are available from Kylene in Shattrath City. * A recipe for a superior resilience gem has been added and... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Patch%202.1.2-106.htm Warcraft items database http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%20items%20database-107.htm New Warcraft Items Database http://armory.wow-europe.com/item-search.xml http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%20items%20database-107.htm Patch 2.1.2 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Patch%202.1.2-108.htm Patch 2.1.2 going live Patch 2.1.2 Notes US servers are currently being patched and here are the patch 2.1.2 notes: General * Arena and Honor Rewards: As part of the inauguration of Season 2, the costs of all Arena items and Honor items has been reduced. * Improved Mend Pet, Abolish Disease, and Abolish Poison no longer play sounds when there is nothing to dispel. * Players can no longer fail with skinning at maximum skill. * Spellcloth: Creating spellcloth will once again only summon one Angered Nether-wraith. * Some new cooking recipes are available from Kylene in Shattrath City. * A recipe for a superior resilience gem has been added and is rumored to be held by the residents of Halaa. * Procs: Most procs are set to trigger only from spells that cost mana, but inadvertently disallowed spells that cost a percentage of base mana. That bug has been fixed and so such spells will now trigger many procs they did not pre... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Patch%202.1.2-108.htm 2.1.3 Issues http://warcraft.securityorg.net/2.1.3%20Issues-110.htm List of known issues for the patch 2.1.3 General - Shoulder armor is significantly smaller on Orc Males than previously. - Male Night Elf Off-Hand Weapons are not properly aligned with the hand. - Dwarven Female off-hand equipped items are universally over sized. - Bloodelf male's legs clip into all chairs in the game. Environment - There is a chair in Sunfury Spire which is displaying internal information upon mouseover. - Adamantite Bound Chests and Heavy Fel Iron Chests contain improper loot. Spells, Talents, & Abilities - Critical strike damagereduction percentage gained from resilience rating increases as theattacking player gains more +critical strike damage bonus talents. - The abilities Blazing Speed and Retaliation do not work corre... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/2.1.3%20Issues-110.htm Zulaman http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Zulaman-111.htm E3 2007: Zulaman infos, Voice chat and Guild bank Some fresh infos from E3 2007 (Gaming Event in Los Angeles) on the following subjects Zulaman, Voice Chat and Guild Banks. Zulaman (10 mans instance) - Outside raid zone - 4 animal god bosses (dragonhawk god, bear god, a lynx god and a god of evil) - 2 final bosses after you defeated the four animal bosses: A Witch doctor boss and Zul'Jin himself. - no key or attunements required - Trash mobs who can call for help by beating on near... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Zulaman-111.htm Broom Mount http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Broom%20Mount-112.htm 2.2 Broom Mount preview! http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Broom%20Mount-112.htm 2.2.0 New infos http://warcraft.securityorg.net/2.2.0%20New%20infos-113.htm World of Warcraft PTR Patch 2.2.0 General • Resilience Rating: The reduction to the percent chance to get a critical strike now also reduces the damage dealt by damage over time effects by the same percentage. • Corrected the damage modifier calculation for Resilience when the attacker has bonus critical strike damage. • Power Regeneration: Any effect which triggers a change in your rate of power regeneration (Mana, Rage, Energy, Focus) will now cause an immediate reward of some power at the old rate of increase, and then begin new “ticks” of power at the new rate approximately 2 seconds later. This was done to improve functionality of abilities such as Evocation and Innervate so that they did not have... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/2.2.0%20New%20infos-113.htm Spectral tiger http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Spectral%20tiger-114.htm Spectral Tiger http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Spectral%20tiger-114.htm Wrath of the Lich King http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Wrath%20of%20the%20Lich%20King-115.htm Next Expansion: Wrath of the Lich King http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Wrath%20of%20the%20Lich%20King-115.htm Details of Wrath expansion http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Details%20of%20Wrath%20expansion-116.htm From BlizzCon Panels Northrend will have two points of entry: - Howling Fjord - Borean Tundra What about the Capital City: Dalaran (moved to Northrend) Improvements and additions: - Siege Weapons - Destructible buildings - New Battleground: 15 person battleround, 30-40 minutes estimated time to finish it *Destructible buildings *Siege Weapons - New arena season, gear and map - New, non-instanced pvp (Exterior PvP zone): Lake Wintergrasp Introduction to the Death Knight Class - Designed to fullfil both tanking and DPS roles - Deathknights will tank with 2h or dual wield - Death Knight is a hero class-- can't roll as a level one char... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Details%20of%20Wrath%20expansion-116.htm Lich King Trailer http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Lich%20King%20Trailer-117.htm Expansion: The Wrath of the Lich King Trailer http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Lich%20King%20Trailer-117.htm More infos about Wrath http://warcraft.securityorg.net/More%20infos%20about%20Wrath-118.htm From Blizcon, good news arrived - Moonkin itemization in PvE is being worked on - Priest Ability "Lightwell" will get some scaling from gear - Death Knights will have their own Rune Resource system Mana regen is a flawed mechanic for Mages and Shamans and Hunters, people don't have mana and that's why there are so many Shadow Priests. Real mana regen needed The Spirit stat in general will be improved for WotLK. Will the ability to force groupmates to change tar... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/More%20infos%20about%20Wrath-118.htm BlizzCon professions http://warcraft.securityorg.net/BlizzCon%20professions-120.htm BlizzCon Professions and Items Panel Things to come - Free spell damage for healers - Legendary ranged weapon in the next 25-person raid dungeon. - Zul'Aman (they showed 2 ZA weapons, see below) 1h dagger, 98.6 dps, 21 agility, 40 atp and ignores ~154 armor. Things we want to do more - Improve Professions only items (e.g: alchemists getting specific pots only them can use) - Create Great Leveling Gear: up to lvl 80 gear usable in Northrend - Provide what's missing: Crafting should be able to fill itemization gaps Things to improve - Engineering is going to get some love - Transmute: Change to a daily cooldown - Discoveries: They will make some easier to get - Vendor Recipes: No longer vendor camping, it will be random but not campable New Profession: Inscription - Not Alchemy or Enchanting: no scrolls - Inscribe Spells and Abilities with power: Enhancing your spells and abilities to make them more powerful (e.g: mortal could deal more dmg, kidney shot could last longer) - Create Completely New Items: They can't talk about it but there will be a whole other side to inscription than making spells and abilities more powerful. Coming Soon - Profession Daily Quests - New Crafter Only Gear: More of the best in slot stuff, Jewelcrafter only gems, Alchemist only potions. - Smooth out Progression 275 to 300 gap particularly New Enchant: Executioner -- Zul'Aman - Armor Penetration proc (proc rate similar to mongoose) Use: Learn how to permanently enchant a Melee Weapon to occasionally ignore 840 of your ennemy's armor. Requires a level 35 or higher item. New Cooking Recipes - melee hit food, spell crit food http://warcraft.securityorg.net/BlizzCon%20professions-120.htm Shaman Talent changes http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Shaman%20Talent%20changes-121.htm Shaman Talent changes http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Shaman%20Talent%20changes-121.htm BlizzCon Day 1 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/BlizzCon%20Day%201-122.htm BlizzCon Day 1 WRATH OF THE LICH KING Blizzard announced its new expansion to World of Warcraft today - Wrath of the Lich King. What we know so far: - Level cap will be increased to 80 - New spells and abilities will be added for every class - New talents (up to 51-point tier) will be added for every class - New battlegrounds and arenas will be implemented - Siege weapons and destructible buildings will be a part of PvP (possibly used in PvE - unknown at this time) - New profession: Inscription. Inscription allows the inscriber to permanently enhance the recipient's spells (e.g. by Tigole - Fireball could be a shorter cast time, more direct damage, more DoT damage, etc.) - New (and changeable) hairstyles, new dances - New 10- and 25-man raids - New Hero Class (made available by epic end-ga... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/BlizzCon%20Day%201-122.htm Fun Molten Core 2 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Fun%20Molten%20Core%202-123.htm Remember this is just for fun!:) http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Fun%20Molten%20Core%202-123.htm Death Knight FAQ http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Death%20Knight%20FAQ-124.htm Blue FAQ on the Death Knight Vaneras (Blue Poster) just posted a summary of recently given information about the Death Knight: There are a lot of things still being worked out with the Death Knight class such as specific spell abilities. Unlike a traditional caster type however, a Death Knight's spell power comes from runes that are etched into their blade. Think Warcraft III when you think about the possibilities of abilities for the Death Knight. I say possibilities because things are still in process for the development of the class and there will be (of course) a lot of testing for balance done. Given that this is our first Hero class we're unveiling, you can be sure we're going for the coolest of the cool for this class. Runes and Mana pool Is the Death Knight going to have a mana pool? The pictures from BlizzCon show spells using mana. The runes they inscribe on their weapons are their mana pool (of a sort). As they use their abilities, the runes will be exhausted. After a period of time the runes will refresh. So, they don't have a traditional type of mana pool. You'll most likely see some screenshots of it, but the Death Knight (at current) has three different types of runes that they can inscribe on their weapon: Blood, Frost, and Unholy. Runes can only be inscr... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Death%20Knight%20FAQ-124.htm Naxxramas at lvl 80 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Naxxramas%20at%20lvl%2080-125.htm Naxxramas 25man in Northrend: Tigole interview Tigole in a Q/A interview for mmo-gamer, answered about taking Naxxramas to Northrend and retune it for 25 man raid size lvl 80: Q: On the subject of raids, I obviously don’t know the exact numbers, but there are rumors floating around on the internet that only something like under two percent of players in WoW actually make use of the end-game raiding content. How do you respond to the notion that you are catering to a small, vocal minority, while ignoring the large majority of casual players? A: I think that’s kind of a misconception that we’re only creating content for a small group of players. First of all, our statistics show that our most popular instance is Karazhan, that’s getting done by more players right now—each day we get statistics that show what our most popular insta... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Naxxramas%20at%20lvl%2080-125.htm Utgarde Keep Preview http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Utgarde%20Keep%20Preview-126.htm Utgarde Keep Preview, Tigole interview by Curse Utgarde Keep Preview Gameriot published a short footage of Utgarde Keep which is the first dungeon appearing in Wrath of the Lich King. It will be found in the starting zone, Howling Fjord, and intended to be completed by 5 level 70's. This footage is probably featuring the first of four Wings (only that wing was available for play at BlizzCon 07). http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Utgarde%20Keep%20Preview-126.htm 2.2 and voice chat http://warcraft.securityorg.net/2.2%20and%20voice%20chat-127.htm Voice chat in-game Voice Chat - The new Voice Chat feature is now available in game. Players will need to go into the options menu under Sound & Voice to activate it. Volume sliders are available for the microphone, speakers, and game-audio fade (which automatically lowers the game audio when a voice communication is received), as is a "push-to-talk" setting. Right-clicking on a player's name now includes the option to mute or unmute that player. Muting another player blocks all voice chat from him or her; the ignore feature now blocks both voice chat and text chat from that player. Voice chat is currently available only for parties, raids and custom channels; there is no cross-server battleground voice chat at this time. Please be aware, that this is a brand new feature and although it has been tested by Blizzard QA there are still many outstanding issues and we expect to find many more as we roll it out to a larger test group. Please be diligent in reporting bugs either via this forum or the in-game feedback tool, and be patient with us while we work out the kinks in this new system. In order to facilitate additional testing, a second PVP server has been brought online, and the server population limits have been increased to lessen queues. Updates: Known issue: the new build has known issues with Voice Chat not working on PowerPC-based Macs but should work correctly on an Intel Mac. We will fix the PowerPC build for an upcoming update on PTR, and we're sorry for any inconvenience. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/2.2%20and%20voice%20chat-127.htm More in 2.2 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/More%20in%202.2-128.htm 2.2 PTR notes update, Arena Season 3 and future contents 2.2 PTR patch notes update The 2.2 PTR patch notes have been updated, here are the changes: * Voice Chat - The new Voice Chat feature is now available in game. Players will need to go into the options menu under Sound & Voice to activate it. Volume sliders are available for the microphone, speakers, and game-audio fade (which automatically lowers the game audio when a voice communication is received), as is a "push-to-talk" setting. Right-clicking on a player's name now includes the option to mute or unmute that player. Muting another player blocks all voice chat from him or her; the ignore feature now blocks both voice chat and text chat from that player. * Chat Channels- New Chat Channel controls and functionality are now available under the chat tab in the Social Window of the interface. The interface will now show the channels players are in or are available, depending on the area of the world they are in, along with new private channel controls. * A new feature for reporting players as being AFK in battlegrounds by right cli... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/More%20in%202.2-128.htm 2.2 PRT notes http://warcraft.securityorg.net/2.2%20PRT%20notes-129.htm 2.2 PTR patch notes update: New changes Professions Jewelcrafting *A new recipe for Steady Talasite is now available from the Halaa vendors, at the cost of research tokens. This superior green gem grants resilience and stamina. Blacksmithing * Added a new recipe for Ragesteel Shoulders that drops from an unk... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/2.2%20PRT%20notes-129.htm More Lich informations http://warcraft.securityorg.net/More%20Lich%20informations-130.htm Voice Chat FAQ: Blue Post Nethaera just posted a FAQ about their new ingame feature: Voice Chat Q: What is the new voice chat feature in World of Warcraft? A: The voice chat feature is the proprietary in-game voice communication system for World of Warcraft. It allows World of Warcraft players to communicate with each other using a simple-to-use interface that is seamlessly integrated with the game. Q: Is the voice chat feature free? A: There is no additional charge to use the voice chat feature; it is included with your monthly subscription fee. Q: How does the voice chat feature work? A: The voice chat feature is fully integrated within World of Warcraft. You can enable voice chat by acce http://warcraft.securityorg.net/More%20Lich%20informations-130.htm More Lich informations http://warcraft.securityorg.net/More%20Lich%20informations-131.htm Games Convention informations General - The art for the expansion will look more like classic Warcraft (gothic fantasy), and less like Outlands art (high fantasy). (4) - WotLK will have "just as much" 5-man instances as TBC and more 10-main instances due to the popularity of Karazhan. (4) - The world map is rough and players can expect the map to change and new things on the map will be revealed over time. - When asked about class balance, they said they had no plans for any major changes to classes. (4) - Future hero classes could be Demon Hunter, Arch Mage, and Blademaster. (1) Leveling - Current plans are for a pre-expansion change to the experience curve and gain. - Levels between 20 and 60 are going to have the experience required per-level reduced, and the experience rewarded by quests is being increased by around 30%. (3) Heroic Badges - In addition to the new items added in 2.3 to the heroic badges vendor, Blizzard might add new armor sets to that vendor. (3) Flying Mount Level - From a design standpoint, we don’t want people to just fly over continent and skip things when they are leveling up. Instead we want people to explore and experience the environment around them when they first reach the shores of Northrend. You will walk (or ride) from one quest to another as the zones unfold before you instead of just flying over it without batting an eye. At some point though you will definitely be able to fly in Northrend. We are currently thinking around level 78, but haven’t made a final call on this yet. Dustwallow Marsh - A new goblin town with seve... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/More%20Lich%20informations-131.htm Games for Windows http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Games%20for%20Windows-132.htm This month's Games for Windows magazine has several unheard-of informations, you can read about them below: General - There is concept art of Dalaran and The Nexus - both look pretty cool. The Nexus looks like this huge purple beam of magic shooting towards the sky, with rings surrounding it that look like little islands you could probably land on with a flying mount. - Metzen says he doesn't want the end of Arthas' story to be predictable, as he says a "Yeah, that's pretty much what I expected" type of feeling. - Metzen feels the Burning Crusade never really had an "ending" moment. Killing Illidan wasn't it because he didn't like the Legion either. So Sunwell will be it - The Blood Elves are trying to reinvigorate the Sunwell using energy ported from Netherstorm (i.e. the Mana Forges), but supposively rebuilding the Sunwell is an excuse to summon Kil'jaeden. - There is that quote that someone posted earlier in the forums that Kil'jaeden is not fully summ... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Games%20for%20Windows-132.htm Free month and mount http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Free%20month%20and%20mount-133.htm Blizzard started a new "bring-back-your-friend" strategy, offering 1 free TBC month: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/account/resurrect-a-friend.html (and a cute spectral mount) http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Free%20month%20and%20mount-133.htm Alterac Valley changes http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Alterac%20Valley%20changes-134.htm Alterac Valley changes There are quite a few changes coming, all of which we hope will culminate into making players want to participate, and ultimately win the battleground. Obviously as most people know we have the anti-afk reporting measure, by which you can right click on someone in the battleground and mark them as AFK. With enough reports they receive a debuff that keeps them from earning honor in that battleground, and only by entering combat can they remove that debuff. It's going to help, but it's certainly not enough on its own. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Alterac%20Valley%20changes-134.htm Draeneii dance Tunak http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Draeneii%20dance%20Tunak-135.htm Draeneii dance source Daler Mehndi - Tunak Tunak Tun (.mp3 download) And Original http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Draeneii%20dance%20Tunak-135.htm Patch 2.2 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Patch%202.2-136.htm Patch 2.2 notes General Brewfest has begun and members of the Horde and Alliance can enjoy a multitude of activities, quests, items, and even Ram Racing. As Brewfest is about beer and food, revelers can sample the best beverages available in the world. Hallow’s End: Observed by both the Horde and the Alliance, Hallow's End is the celebration of the break between the Forsaken and the Scourge. Adventurers can speak to innkeepers to get silly masks to wear during their adventures, and much more. This is just one way to celebrate Hallow's End. New Holiday World Event: The Headless Horseman has been seen terrorizing local villages. World Environment Added a new graveyard to the Southern Barrens. Added a new graveyard to the Western Plaguelands. Added a new graveyard to the Alterac Mountains. Added a new graveyard to the Searing Gorge. Added a new graveyard to the Badlands. Added two new graveyards to Tanaris. Added two new graveyards to Winterspring. Added two new graveyards to Stonetalon. Added two new graveyards to Un'Goro. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Patch%202.2-136.htm More 2.2 changes http://warcraft.securityorg.net/More%202.2%20changes-137.htm More 2.2 patch changes World of Warcraft Client Patch 2.2.0 The latest patch notes can always be found at http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/patchnotes/ General - Voice Chat - The new Voice Chat feature is now available in game. Players will need to go into the Options menu under Sound & Voice to activate it. Volume sliders are available for the microphone, speakers, and game-audio fade (which automatically lowers the game audio when a voice communication is received), as is a “push-to-talk” setting. Right-clicking on a player’s name now includes the option to mute or unmute that player. Muting another player blocks all voice chat from him or her; the ignore feature now blocks both voice chat and text chat from that player. For the Voice Chat F.A.Q. visit the following links: http://forums.worldofwarcraft....15291&sid=1 http://forums.worldofwarcraft....12664&sid=1 - Chat Channels- New Chat Channel controls and functionality are now available under the Chat tab in the Social window of the interface. The interface will now show the channels players are in or are available to them, depending on the area of the world they are in, along with the addition of new private channel controls. - A new feature for reporting players as being AFK in battlegrounds by right clicking has been added. When enough reports are registered, a 60 second debuff will begin to count down. Once the timer is up a new debuff will appear that will prevent the player from gaining any honor while it is on. This debuff can be negated as soon as the player engages in PvP combat. - Haste: Haste has been rebalanced. It has returned to the ratios from the launch of Burning Crusade. Melee attacks and spell casts will now benefit at identical rates from haste. This change results in a reduction in the benefit of haste for melee attacks and an increase in the benefit for spellcasters. - Troll Berserk: The spell haste on this ability was incorrectly too high and has been corrected. - Resilience Rating: The reduction to the percent chance to get a critical strike now also reduces the damage dealt by damage over time effects by the same percentage. - Daze: Defense skill will no longer reduce the chance players have to receive the Daze effect when attacked from behind by enemies. - Area Spells: In some cases guards in neutral areas would not aggro against pvp attacks from area spells. That is now fixed. - Corrected the damage modifier calculation for Resilience when the attacker has bonus critical strike damage. - Power Regeneration: Any effect which triggers a change in your rate of power regeneration (Mana, Rage, Energy, Focus) will now cause an immediate reward of some power at the old rate of increase, and then begin new “ticks” of power at the new rate approximately 2 seconds later. This was done to improve functionality of abilities such as Evocation and Innervate so that they did not have wasted “ticks”. - Mac Movie Capture: the Mac client can now capture in-game video to QuickTime movie files using a configurable choice of codec, resolution, and frame rate. Two new entries have been added to the Key Bindings dialog for start/stop recording and for cancellation of a recording. For more detailed configuration options please see the Mac Options panel in game. Mac OS X 10.4.9 and QuickTime 7.1.6 or better are required. Not all machines have enough performance to smoothly capture video at high frame rates; end user experimentation will be required to find appropriate settings for each system. - Pets are now affected by Paladin greater blessings. - Kill Triggered Effects: Effects that trigger from killing your target will no longer trigger from killing your pet. - Non-combat pets may not be selected as the target for spells or abilities. - Non-combat pets now have the tag “Companion” instead of “Minion”. - Being attacked by guardians, such as summoned Treants, will no longer automatically cause neutral guards to attack you. - Meeting Stones can no longer be used to summon players that do not meet the level requirements. - Damage and health leech effects always affect flying players even if they are immune to the rest of the spell’s affects while in flight. - Troll Berserk: The spell haste on this ability was incorrectly too high and has been corrected. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/More%202.2%20changes-137.htm Patch 2.2 undocumented http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Patch%202.2%20undocumented-138.htm Undocumented 2.2 Patch Notes As in every patch, there are always changes omitted from the official patch notes, Viral of Stormrage, together with the wow community made a compilation of these undocumented changes, which one can be seen below: World - New music added to Honor Hold as well as the inns of Ironforge, Stormwind, and Ratchet - Cho Threadstrong has new sayings he shouts at the fruit vendor (poor fruit vendor) - Griftah unceremoniously ousted from Shattrath. Now sadly selling his fine wares (at unreasonably cheap prices!) in Terrokar Forest, just outside of the city's south-eastern tunnel at 36, 30 (Thanks, Meadows) - Flavor text added to goblins at zeppelin flight points - Chests in Tempest Keep: Mechanar have had their spawn locations change slightly making it impossible (or more difficult...never underestimate a players's tenacity) to solo - Boats received new music (again? confirm?) Character Models, Animation, & Spell Effects - Orc shoulders and off-hand weapons fixed (possible overcompensation for previous bug?) - Male night elf shoulders arc differently (possible bug? No one seems to mind) - Cyclone graphic changed to, and I quote, "look more awesome." Awesomeness confirmed - Evocation's graphic effect updated, seems to be a blue version of the confirmed-awesome cyclone update - Windfury finishes the updated cyclone trilogy, now larger and darker; fans are divided! - Prayer of Mending received a new animation - Hurricane visually seems more selective, targeting victims with bolts of lightening bolts followed by loud booms - Nethermine Ravager's rock shell ability received a new spell effect - Druid Moonkin form has a new bandaging/crafting/using animation - Undead epic horse mount trails longer flames - Murloc Suits can now /kneel, /laugh, /point, /sit, /talk, and /cheer - Shaman ghost wolf no longer holds weapons or shield while attacking - Weapons while in moonkin form appear to have shrunk - Mass Dispel no longer has a graphic, just shows the dispel animation on anything in the area - New, flashier graphic for Blessing of Protection and Blessing of Freedom - Thunderfury' proc does the same thing as Evocate, Cyclone and Windfury (consider it an epilog) - Spectral Tiger Mount (and Swift Spectral Tiger) updated with brighter armor and fewer seems - The Astromages inside of the Mechanar had their fire aura effect changed in appearance. Much taller now and has a different graphic surrounding them - Druid basic flight form flaps it's wings slower now http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Patch%202.2%20undocumented-138.htm New trinkets and stuff http://warcraft.securityorg.net/New%20trinkets%20and%20stuff-139.htm New PvP Trinkets, Paladin Changes, DK Interview: Blue Posts, Interview, Lore Daily Blue (Blue Notes that matter) New PvP Trinket in 2.3 There are a few new pvp oriented trinkets for 2.3. All versions of the trinket have a click effect to gain 1750 max health (kind of like the old lifegiving gem effect), along with a passive effect (your choice of 47 spell damage, 40 spell crit rating, 80 attack power, 40 melee crit rating, or 88 healing). Any resilience? Nope, we did the clicky max health instead of resilience in this case (some players are at or nearing the resilience cap already). Actually, they cost badges of justice, which will also be available off Kara and Zul Aman bosses. They're open to all classes. The click effects share a cooldown though, so you won't be able to stack that effect. We like to encourage players to mix it up a little to a reasonable extent. Obviously, I can't argue that you personally will have more total fun if you also do a little PvE to go along with your PvP, but we do feel that for most players it adds up to a better overall play experience. That being said, you certainly can tank heroics in s2 gear. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/New%20trinkets%20and%20stuff-139.htm AV Changes in 2.3 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/AV%20Changes%20in%202.3-140.htm Alterac Valley Changes for Patch 2.3 As a continuing part of our improvements, we will be implementing the following changes in the next patch. Strategy can be an important element of any battleground. We want to emphasize this in Alterac Valley more and give players additional meaning to both defending and attacking. To push the strategic element of the battleground to the next level we have changed how players maintain their reinforcements or deprive the other team of theirs. Each team will have a starting reinforcement count. Reinforcements can be lost in significant amounts if a tower is destroyed or if Captain Galvangar or Belinda Stonehearth is killed. For each team member death, an additional reinforcement will be lost. On the death of General Drek’Thar or Vanndar Stormpike, all reinforcements are lost and the team is defeated. At any point in time, if a team is reduced to zero reinforcements, the opposing team will win the battle. Defending your own teammates, towers, and key NPCs will be an important aspect of maintaining team resources and achieving victory in Alterac Valley. Warmasters can be the boon or the bane of any team. They are an important element for the defense of your general or the defeat of the opposing general. Warlords and their general will be more closely linked in the next patch. Pulling one is a guarantee the other will come as well. Each team begins with four Warmasters. Destroying a tower will eliminate the associated Warmaster. Unlike the current game play, however, destroying the enemy tower will not add a Warmaster to your own side. We will be changing the pace of the battle slightly with a reduction in the time needed to control a tower or graveyard. Where it currently takes five minutes to gain control, the time will be reduced to four minutes. The honor for capturing a tower will also be increased. Graveyards can be an important resource for getting your teammates back into the battle more quickly. Currently, players can sometimes be sent to their starting tunnels far from the battlefront. This can often be an inconvenient location to respawn and more out of the way from the action than we would like, to correct this, players will instead respawn at a team-controlled graveyard. Should the team not have a graveyard under their control, they will respawn in the starting tunnel. Players will only be awarded bonus honor during the battle for destroying enemy towers and slaying the enemy Captain. Once the battle is concluded, bonus honor will be awarded for intact towers, a surviving Captain, and for victory in battle. The bonus honor awarded should be similar to previous totals, but will reward players for taking more active roles in Alterac Valley toward defending or attacking key locations and NPCs. Lastly, we are changing NPC interactions within Alterac Valley. We have reduced the number of elite NPCs in Stormpike and Frostwolf holds as well as sent all Commanders and Lieutenants out of Alterac Valley. They are currently in search of other battle opportunities. This should reduce the amount of NPCs that players will have to fight and place more focus on PvP combat over key locations on the map. Strategy is the name of the game in Alterac Valley, and these changes will bring out the need for more teamwork and coordination from both the Horde and the Alliance as they vie for domination of this battleground. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/AV%20Changes%20in%202.3-140.htm 2.3 Patch notes http://warcraft.securityorg.net/2.3%20Patch%20notes-141.htm 2.3 PTR Patch Notes Last Update: Patch Notes have have been updated with additional changes for all classes. Notes for US PTR: - PTR will be available to the public after 6PM Pacific time. - There are No Pre-mades for 2.3 - All previous PTR characters were wiped. - There are no equipment vendors (McWeaksauce Brothers) on the 2.3 PTR - There will only be TWO PTR servers, no PVP II - The PTR Authentication server was updated on Monday October 8th. If your account was not valid prior to the authentication update you will not be able to participate in the 2.3.x PTR phase. If your password was changed after October 8th then you may be able to use your old password on the PTR. - The new Guild Banks feature is currently turned off on the PTR, it will be activated later. World of Warcraft Test Patch 2.3.0 Zul’Aman Zul'Aman is a 10-player, level 70 outdoor instance located in the Ghostlands. Players will be able to confront six new bosses including the Forest Troll Warlord Zul'jin. Guild Banks Introduced The Guild Bank is a shared repository for an entire guild and will be accessible through new NPC’s called guild bankers. The Guild Bank will allow players with the appropriate permissions to store items and money for use by the rest of the guild. Permissions to withdraw and deposit money and items are controlled by the guild leader through the guild controls menu. The Guild Bank is divided up into separate tabs so that the guild leader may restrict access or group items into distinct categories. - Up to 6 purchasable tabs each containing 98 item slots - Permissions to view/deposit/withdraw per tab - You may use your Guild Bank withdraw limits to pay for item repairs (now enabled on all merchants) - Transaction logs of the last 50 actions in the bank vie[...] http://warcraft.securityorg.net/2.3%20Patch%20notes-141.htm Sinister Squashling http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Sinister%20Squashling-142.htm Headless Horseman drops now a pet "Sinister Squashling": http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Sinister%20Squashling-142.htm Best Guild Invite ever http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Best%20Guild%20Invite%20ever-143.htm http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Best%20Guild%20Invite%20ever-143.htm Utgarde Keep informations http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Utgarde%20Keep%20informations-144.htm UTGARDE KEEP in Wrath of the Lich King Location: Howling Fjord Players: 5 Wings: Utgarde Keep, Utgarde Pinnacle Level Range: 70-72 (Utgarde Keep), 80 (Utgarde Pinnacle) Enemies: Vrykul, Proto-Dragons, Scourge Theme: Vrykul Fortress resh from your many victories in Outland, you have heeded the call. Brave adventurers are needed to battle the massing Scourge in Northrend. The towering, ominous Utgarde Keep is a sight impossible to miss for players arriving in Howling Fjord, and likely the first dungeon experienced in Northrend. The design process behind Utgarde Keep, and the other dungeons of Wrath of the Lich King, has evolved from years of experience developing for World of Warcraft. How exactly do you dream up a dungeon? When Blizzard started working on Utgarde Keep, they knew from the start that we wanted some sort of “impenetrable fortress in the side of a mountain.” In considering the continent of Northrend’s history and geography they pretty quickly found a source of inspiration for Utgarde Keep, and to an extent the entire region of Howling Fjord, in a combination of elements from Norse mythology. One of their goals was to make the starting areas feel more “human.” The presence of the Vrykul, the imposing half-giant warrior race native to the region, and the architecture connected to them helped achieve exactly that. Utgarde’s design ties closely into the creation of Howling Fjord as a whole. Less high-concept than the otherworldly and wildly diverse regions of Outland, Blizzard want the zones in Northrend to follow a geographic theme that’s more consistent with the familiar geography of Azeroth. Many of Northrend’s regions originally appeared in Warcraft III -- such as Howling Fjord, one of the two starting areas and also where Utgarde Keep is prominently located. Howling Fjord’s Azerothian feel stands in sharp contrast to the stark, alien beauty of Hellfire Peninsula, and this should help players establish an immediate connection to the expansion’s new environments. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Utgarde%20Keep%20informations-144.htm Engineering gas clouds http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Engineering%20gas%20clouds-146.htm Gas clouds visible on mini-map now http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Engineering%20gas%20clouds-146.htm Patch 2.3 notes http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Patch%202.3%20notes-148.htm World of Warcraft Client Patch 2.3.0 The latest PTR patch notes can always be found at http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/patchnotes/test-realm-patchnotes.html The latest patch notes can always be found at http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/patchnotes/ The Gods of Zul'Aman The stronghold of Zul'Aman has stood for millennia as the Amani trolls' seat of power and bastion of the fearless, cunning warlord Zul'jin. Zul'jin has spent several years plotting behind Zul'Aman's walls. Furious at the Horde for allowing his hated enemies, the blood elves, to join its ranks, he eagerly embraced a scheme that the witch doctor Malacrass recently proposed: to seal the power of the animal gods within the bodies of the Amani's strongest warriors. Now Zul'Aman's army grows more powerful by the day, hungry to exact vengeance in the name of its fearless leader, Zul'jin. Guild Banks Introduced The Guild Bank is a shared repository for an entire guild and will be accessible through Guild Vault objects near existing banks. The Guild Bank will allow players with the appropriate permissions to store items and money for use by the rest of the guild. Permissions to withdraw and deposit money and items are controlled by the guild leader through the guild controls menu. The Guild Bank is divided up into separate tabs so that the guild leader may restrict access or group items into distinct catego.... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Patch%202.3%20notes-148.htm Patch 2.3.2 notes http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Patch%202.3.2%20notes-149.htm 2.3.2 PTR Patch Notes (Undocumented changes in green) http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/patchnotes/test-realm-patchnotes.html World of Warcraft PTR Patch 2.3.2 General * /timetest is a command that can be run to provide information on game performance. /timetest 0 turns the command off. When the command is issued, the next time a player uses a flight master to travel, certain statistics will be measured and displayed at the end of that flight. All weather effects and spawns are shutdown during the test. * Quest givers with blue question marks no longer show up on the minimap. * NPC's who you have completed a quest for will display a question mark on mouseover rather than an exclamation point. * The bank controls for the guildmaster level of a guild is now grayed out. A guildmaster always has full access to a guild bank and this cannot be changed. * A "Withdraw-Repair Only" button has been added to the guild bank controls. If this is set for a guild rank, then that rank cannot actually withdraw funds from the guild bank, but they can still use that daily amount of money for repairs. * You will now automatically stand up when attacked, even if the attack doesn’t land. Druids * Ravage damage buffed: Ravage the target, causing 385% damage plus 514 to the target. Hunters * Aspect of the Viper: The hunter takes on the aspects of a viper, regenerating mana equa... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Patch%202.3.2%20notes-149.htm Feast of Winter Veil http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Feast%20of%20Winter%20Veil%20-150.htm Feast of Winter Veil As a reminder Winter Veil festivities are starting today and run through until the 2nd of January. Here are some of the new features: - The Preserved Holly that players can get from completing special holiday quests can now be used on flying mounts. This will temporarily turn their flying mount into a flying reindeer that trails sparkles as it flies through the air - Handful of Snowflakes – this is a new item you can obtain by /kiss –ing a Winter Reveler NPC. It will create a light snowfall above any targeted player. - Burning Crusade Holiday Bosses – as in past years, certain bosses will be dressed in a festive fashion and will drop seasonal hats when defeated. The holiday versions of the bosses will begin on Dec. 25 and end on Jan. 2. These bosses include: • Grand Warlock Netherkurse (Shattered Halls) • Grandmaster Vorpil (Shadow Labyrinth) • Exarch Maladaar (Auchenai Crypts) • Captain Skarloc (Durnholde Keep) • Nethermancer Sepethrea (Mechanar) • High Botanists Freywinn (Botanica) - Mechanotoy – This is a new gift that can be obtained from under the Winter Veil tree in Ironforge and Orgrimmar. It lets you summon a Mechanotoy non-combat pet to follow you around. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Feast%20of%20Winter%20Veil%20-150.htm Phoenix Mount sold for 190000g http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Phoenix%20Mount%20sold%20for%20190000g-152.htm On December 26th, 2007 the phoenix mount summoned through using Ashes of Al'ar appeared on the Molten Core server in China. Soon after its appearance, the phoenix mount was bought by a player at 190,000 wow gold (approximately 700 us dolars). http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Phoenix%20Mount%20sold%20for%20190000g-152.htm New patch for Warcraft http://warcraft.securityorg.net/New%20patch%20for%20Warcraft-154.htm Weekly Maintenance, Patch 2.3.2 This Wednesday there will be an extended maintenance to apply patch 2.3.2. Please note that all european realms will be offline from 03:00 until 11:00, Paris time (CET). Thanks you for your patience and understanding. General * /timetest is a command that can be run to provide information on game performance. /timetest 0 turns the command off. When the command is issued, the next time a player uses a flight master to travel, certain statistics will be measured and displayed at the end of that flight. All weather effects and spawns are shutdown during the test. * Effects triggered from being critically hit: Many abilities and talents were changed in 2.3.0 to allow them to trigger from critical strikes that occurred while the player benefitting from them was sitting. * Quest givers with blue question marks no longer show up on the minimap. * NPC's who you have completed a quest for will display a question mark on mouseover rather than an exclamation point. * The bank controls for the guildmaster level of a guild is now grayed out. A guildmaster always has full access to a guild bank and this cannot be changed. * A "Withdraw-Repair Only" button has been added to the guild bank controls. If this is set for a guild rank, then that rank cannot actually withdraw funds from the guild bank, but they can still use that daily amount of money for repairs. * You will now automatically stand up when attacked, even if the attack doesn’t land. * Boat and zeppelin vendors and NPCs are are back on duty. * Reduced network latency by disabling the Nagle algorithm. PvP * Warmasters/marshals in Alterac Valley now increase each other’s maximum health and dam... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/New%20patch%20for%20Warcraft-154.htm 2.3.2 Problems http://warcraft.securityorg.net/2.3.2%20Problems-155.htm 2.3.2 Known Issues List General - Dwarven racial Find Treasure is deactivated on death. -Undead Males main hand weapon is appearing larger than previous builds. -Equipping a thrown weapon while in the middle of an Auto-Shot will cause animation issues. - The Gnome racial ability Escape Artist does not remove the Unstable Cloud debuff. - Deleted characters take up space in an arena team. Environment -Inappropriate tooltip is displaying when a player hovers over Shartuul's Transporter on a flying mount. -Relogging on the flight path from Southshore, Hillsbrad Foothills to Ironforge, Dun Morogh in the entrance to Ironforge causes players to fly through a wall. -The flight path from Stormwind to Rebel Camp, Stranglethorn Vale clips through a tree outside of Stormwind. -Alliance flight path between Booty Bay and Stormwind goes through a tree. -There is a Feralfen Idol that is sunk into the floor in Feralfen Village, Zangarmarsh. -There is a tin vein in Hillsbrad Foothills that is unreachable. -There is a section of water that is clipping oddly into one of the waterfalls in Hatchet Hills outside of Zul'Aman. -The message "Zul'Aman Exterior InvisMan gains Cosmetic - Flame Patch X.X" appears in the combat log whenever a troll hut is burning in Hatchet Hills. -There is a leanto in Agama'gor, The Barrens that has no tooltip appearing but will be highlighted when moused over it. -Players can wall jump a portion of the hallway to Gruul in Gruul's Lair to reach a overhanging log beam where they can evade the mobs. -Charge, Intercept, Intervene , and Feral Charge are displaying odd behavior when being used at 10 yards vertical range. Quests -There is a typo in the Quest Description Text of the Dustwallow Marsh quest "Thresher Oil". -There is a punctuation error in the acceptance text for the quest "Inspecting the Ruins" . -The quest description of "Super Hot Stew" does not state exactly how many ingredients are needed to create a Demon Broiled Surprise . -Splintertree Raiders do not respawn with Toerk if Duriel Moonfire and her guards are killed while the Raiders are still alive. -The quest description text for "The Corpulent One" refers to it being a group quest. -The quest "Bark For Drohn's Distillery" is unattainable if the player has certain quests in his/her quest log. -Quest Items are not lootable from chest objects when their tap list is issued on creation, and the object is summoned in via a pet. - After applying the Healing Salve to a Debilitated Mag'har Grunt (16847) for the quest "Adminis... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/2.3.2%20Problems-155.htm More issues http://warcraft.securityorg.net/More%20issues-156.htm More World of Warcraft patch issues Mage - Frostbolts are not proccing judgement of wisdom. It appears that frostbolt is the only spell currently affected by this issue right now. (src) Warrior - Offhand Whirlwind Crits do not proc Flurry or Rampage. UI - We confirmed the combat log is not showing resists/failures correctly on subsequent ticks of abolish poison. The resistance (vile poisons) is still being applied it's just not showing up correctly in the log (it's working correctly its just not telling you that it is). We are working on a fix for the log and it should be in a future patch. Alterac Valley: Capping Snowfall Graveyard takes more time than intended We are aware of this issue and it will be fixed in an upcoming patch. Hunter: New Volley graphics temporarily reverted The new graphic was causing performance problems and had to be temporarily reverted. The new graph.... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/More%20issues-156.htm Guild bank will sell items http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Guild%20bank%20will%20sell%20items-157.htm Soon we can sell items from guild bank to members We've been exploring ideas about letting guild masters set prices for items from the guild bank. We hope to get some cool guild bank improvements in over time. Interview with Tyram, a golden player (who reached the gold cap) You might have heard/read about it yesterday on several sites, a german player "Tyram" reached the Gold limit which is 214.748 gold, 36 silver and 46 copper. A gamemaster admitted that him and the EU gm team are amazed that a single player managed to reach it, he also confirmed the gold cap. Lifeblood of Spinebreaker server posted (WoW Forums) that the gold cap made perfect sense. Since the maximum limit is 2 to the power of 31, it is a signed int32 - a type of coding used by most developers. All in all, the total amount is plus or minus 2,147,483,647 copper. Unowiel from WoWszene.de interviewed that particular player "Tyram": Unowiel: Please introcude yourself to the community! Whats your name, how old are you and where are you from? Tyram: My name is Christian, I am 28 years old and im from Hamburg. Unowiel: Since when do you play WoW and how many hours do you approximately play each week? Tyram: I am playing WoW sinc... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Guild%20bank%20will%20sell%20items-157.htm 2.4 Patch revealed http://warcraft.securityorg.net/2.4%20Patch%20revealed-158.htm Patch 2.4 The Sunwell Isle The Aldor and the Scryers have made their way to the Sunwell and finally put their petty squabbles aside to form the Shattered Sun Offensive against the demonic forces of Kil'jaeden and the corrupt Blood Elves led by Kael'thas Sunstrider. Shattered Sun Offensive representatives can be found in Shattrath recruiting Horde and Alliance alike for the battle for the Sunwell Plateau and the Magister's Terrace. General - Silence and Interrupt effects are now subject to diminishing returns. - The Sunwell Plateau is a 25-player, level 70 raid instance located on Sunwell Isle. Players will be able to face the demon lord Kil'jaeden himself. - The Magister's Terrace is a 5-player, level 70 dungeon located on Sunwell Isle. Players will be able to finish the fight with Kael'thas and his corrupt Blood Elves. - The Backpack has been redesigned. It will now start as a 10 slot bag, but it will gain 2 slots every 10 levels. New characters will be given an additional 6 slot bag. Existing characters below level 30 may have items moved to their mailbox that no longer fit in their Backpack. Players affected by this should also find a 6 slot bag in their mailbox. - Abilities and items with aura effects will no longer reach as far vertically as they do horizontally. - Several new emotes have been added to the game. Players that wish to make use of these emotes should use the "/emotelist" command. - Random-stat items that provide bonus healing will now properly provide approximately 1/3 bonus spell damage. - The troll Berserking racial no longer requires mana, energy or rage to use. - The gnome Escape Artist racial cooldown has been increased to 2 min, from 1 min 45 sec, but now provides a 5 sec immunity to movement impairing effects. - The human Perception racial cooldown has been reduced to 2 min, from 3 min, but the duration has been reduced to 12 sec, from 20 sec. - The human Diplomacy racial now also increases healing received by 3%. PvP - Additional bonus honor is now rewarded on a Battleground Holiday. - Picking up and dropping the Flag in a Battleground now has a distinct visual and auditory effect. - Warriors will now be able to use Commanding Shout and Battle Shout for free for a few seconds after being resurrected by a Spirit Guide in a Battleground. - The points awarded from capturing the flag in Eye of the Storm has been increased. - During a period of excessive arena queue times the matching system will loosen its requirements, effec... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/2.4%20Patch%20revealed-158.htm Warcraft bugs in 2.3.3 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%20bugs%20in%202.3.3-159.htm 2.3.3 Known Issue List updated Hortus changed the 2.3.2 Known issues thread to 2.3.3 and made some additions. We will only list the new additions, the full listing can be read on official forums. General - Male Blood Elves do not blink. - The Gnome racial ability Escape Artist does not remove the Unstable Cloud debuff. Environment - The chests in Zul'aman can be looted by other players who were not in tap list. - Burning troll huts on Hatchet Hills are not dealing any fire damage. - Wooden spikes jutting from pillars in Circle of Blood arena are causing line of sight issues. - There is a floating tree root northwest of Garadar in Nagrand. - The Legion Ring boundary markers occasionally disappear. Quest - The level range of the quest, Bring the Light is inconsistent with the level range of the Razorfen Downs dungeon. - The quest "Delivery to Tranquillen" cannot be accepted if you have "Suncrown Village" in your quest log. - Cipher of Damnation shows place holder icon on the castb... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%20bugs%20in%202.3.3-159.htm Loot generation is random http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Loot%20generation%20is%20random-160.htm Loot generation clarified by Drysc Loot is generated upon creation. As soon as you step into an instance, or a mob is created in the world, the loot that's going to drop has already been determined. What are the variables in the random generator's kernel, is it based on some attribute of the players in the raid, or the raid leader? Heh no, I believe it uses a time stamp to seed the generator. So, there's nothing you can influence within the game that would alter or coerce the generator. So what you are saying is that we've killed Curator at the exact same second each week for the last 7 weeks, to acco... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Loot%20generation%20is%20random-160.htm Warlock summon restrictions lifted http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warlock%20summon%20restrictions%20lifted-161.htm In 2.4 the summoning restrictions are FINNALY lifted! Warlocks can summon now in Netherstorm, and more important they can summon the members inside instances without beeing needed to go outside. Of course will start a frenzy of swapping characters and alts based on encounters, but this is a change what all players waited for long long long time. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warlock%20summon%20restrictions%20lifted-161.htm Alterac Valley in 2.4 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Alterac%20Valley%20in%202.4-162.htm Alterac Valley changes in 2.4 *Alterac Valley will see a few very significant improvements in the next patch and we wanted to share the details of what we have planned. The first change will be to move the Horde's starting tunnel back to a more equal distance from the first objectives, which will help evenly distance the starting points for each side across the terrain when the battle commences. In addition, the General and Warmasters for each faction will receive a stacking buff from each other that boosts their health and damage. The more of them that are still in the battleground, the more dangerous they will all be. This will put a greater focus on destroying (and defending!) the towers that remove the Warmasters as players work toward defeating the appropriate General and conquering the land. Also Balinda Stonehearth has been studying her spellbooks to become a more challenging opponent to the Horde and will do more damage with her spells. The additional health we recently added to Balinda and General Vanndar Stormpike will no longer be needed with these improvements and will be changed back to their previous amounts with the patch. With these improvements teamwork and strategy will be more important than ever from beginning to end as the Alliance and Horde battle for victory in Alterac Valley. We'll see you on the battlefield. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Alterac%20Valley%20in%202.4-162.htm World of Warcraft PTR Patch 2.4.0 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/World%20of%20Warcraft%20PTR%20Patch%202.4.0-163.htm World of Warcraft PTR Patch 2.4.0 The Sunwell Isle The Sunwell Isle is now available for play. This area includes a new quest hub and 5-player and 25-player instances. Join the Shattered Sun Offensive in shutting down Kael’thas’ nefarious operations. This new force is comprised by both the Aldor and Scryers and is led by the Naaru. Players will take part in claiming Sun’s Reach and setting up a larger base of operation to stop Kael’thas and the Legion. Combat Log Improvements The combat log has undergone improvements that allow more robust combat filtering including the ability to define custom colors for enemies and friends as well as combat filtering for self and others. General The combined forces of Shattrath have launched an attack on the Isle of Quel’Danas, to confront Kael’thas and the Legion at the Sunwell and surrounding areas. Players will now be able to gain reputation with the Shattered Sun Offensive and participate in a new set of daily quests. A representative of the Keepers of Time has been spotted at the World’s End Tavern in Shattrath. Players in good standing with the faction will be granted ease of passage to the Caverns of Time. Characters will now retain talented spell ranks so when they retalent they do not have to relearn the spells from trainers. Spell Haste: Spell haste now reduces the global cooldown on spells, down to a minimum of 1 second. This change does not apply to melee and ranged abilities. Item Cast Spells: Many spells cast by items were being cast as if the caster were the same level as the item. Most of those will now cast at the player’s level, giving them a reasonable chance to miss, be dispelled, or be resisted. Resilience: Now reduces the magnitude of mana draining effects by the same amount that it reduc... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/World%20of%20Warcraft%20PTR%20Patch%202.4.0-163.htm New badge items in 2.4 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/New%20badge%20items%20in%202.4-164.htm 2.4 will be the raid killer patch if this items will not be removed from game... Getting items which are better even some Mount Hyjal and Black Temple(see the new Crossbow vs Supermus Legionkiller) for few badges, will make raiding useless and completly pointless, except peeking at new graphics(and that you can do easier on Youtube if you really want... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/New%20badge%20items%20in%202.4-164.htm Epic gems http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Epic%20gems-167.htm 2.4 Epic gems at vendor for badges for justice http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Epic%20gems-167.htm World of Warcraft professions news http://warcraft.securityorg.net/World%20of%20Warcraft%20professions%20news-168.htm News for Professions in 2.4 World of Warcraft Alchemy Four new Alchemist Stones have been added to the game. Materials - Sorcerer's Alchemist Stone - Redeemer's Alchemist Stone - Guardian's Alchemist Stone - Assassin's Alchemist Stone Blacksmithing The following plans drop from Trash Mobs in Sunwell Plateau. Plans: Hard Khorium Battleplate Plans: Hard Khorium Battlefists Plans: Sunblessed Breastplate Plans: Sunblessed Gauntlets Cooking Recipe: Charred Bear Kabobs Recipe: Juicy... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/World%20of%20Warcraft%20professions%20news-168.htm Lych King Expansion http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Lych%20King%20Expansion-169.htm Another screenshot from Wrath of Lych King http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Lych%20King%20Expansion-169.htm Warcraft Paris 2008 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%20Paris%202008-170.htm World of Warcraft Paris 2008 On 20 March 2008, you can buy the tickets for Warcraft Worldwide Invitational two-day event in Paris. Tickets are availble [here] What is the 2008 Blizzard Entertainment Worldwide Invitational? The Worldwide Invitational is a two-day event bringing together the company and gamers in a convention atmosphere, featuring: A chance to try World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King and StarCraft II Discussion panels with Blizzard developers Artist and developer signings Competitive and casual player tournaments Costume, dance and other player contests with great prizes Live musical performances Merchandise; a silent auction; and much more... When and where is the 2008 Blizzard Entertainment Worldwide Invitational? Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th of June 2008. Hall 5 of the Porte de Versailles Exposition Center, Paris, France. As the 2008 Blizzard Entertainment Worldwide Invitational approaches, we're excited to reveal more information about what we have in store for attendees. Here are some of the exclusive Worldwide Invitational items contained in the goody bag that you will receive when you pick up your ticket at the event. Beta Key In addition to other exclusive goodies and welcome presents, your goody bag will also contain an access code for the beta test of an upcoming Blizzard game. Enter the code on our website and sign up to be contacted when the beta test is ready for you to join. While beta tests give us a chance to fine-tune our work, they also allow participants to try out and give feedback on a Blizzard title before it becomes available to the general public. Exclusive World of Warcraft in-game pet Each Worldwide Invitational goody bag will include a code that can be redeemed for an in-game pet for your favorite World of Warcraft character. This in-game pet – exclusively created for Worldwide Invitational attendees – will not only be a loyal companion for your continuing adventures, but also serve as a reminder of your time at the 2008 Blizzard Entertainment Worldwide Invitational. We will announce more goody bag contents soon, so make sure to stop by again! We look forward to seeing you at the show! http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%20Paris%202008-170.htm Warcraft 2.4 Sunwell page http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%202.4%20Sunwell%20page-171.htm World of Warcraft - Sunwell 2.4 http://worldofwarcraft.com/info/underdev/index.xml Brace yourself for the Fury of the Sunwell, the next content patch for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. You have traveled through the Dark Portal and braved the perils of Outland; you faced off against the might of the Burning Legion itself, and you prevailed. Now the journey that began with the arrival of the draenei on Azeroth and the blood elves' inclusion into the Horde is about to come full circle as a mighty army gathers to purge evil from one of Azeroth's most important loci of power: the ancient, magical Sunwell. Explore the mystical grounds of the new 5-person dungeon, Magisters' Terrace, where one of the Burning Crusade's most notorious villains is preparing to make his desperate last stand. Lead your raid group straight into the heart of the Sunwell Plateau to confront the most terrifying and deadly agents of the Burning Legion. But beware, for your enemies will not go down without a fight. Expect the demons to send in their most ferocious, brutal, and powerful officers. Your greatest challenge yet awaits. The new dungeon and raid content is not the only new addition of this upcoming patch. More than a dozen new daily quests will provide fresh new challenges, and a brand-new faction stands ready to reward you. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%202.4%20Sunwell%20page-171.htm Warcraft 2.4.1 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%202.4.1-173.htm World of Warcraft Patch 2.4.1 - Tranquilizing Shot no longer incorrectly restricts use of other Hunter abilities in specific situations. User Interface - Combat Log + Only the last 300 combat log entries are now stored. + Filter settings are now properly saved. + Changing zones will no longer reload the entire log Bug Fixes - Fixed a sound engine error that was causing lock-ups on exit. - Fixed a shader error that was causing kernel panics on Mac PowerPCs. - Fixed a bug on Mac that was preventing the intro Cinematics from playing. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%202.4.1-173.htm World of Warcraft Arena Tournament http://warcraft.securityorg.net/World%20of%20Warcraft%20Arena%20Tournament-175.htm Register for the 2008 World of Warcraft Arena Tournament! Instantly create up to three new level 70s with full sets of PvP gear per realm Prove your skills in 3v3 Arena team combat Qualify for live tournaments with a chance to win cash prizes The registration fee is $20 per account for each six-week online qualifying round (played out on the tournament realm) http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/pvp/tournament/index.xml What Is the 2008 World of Warcraft Arena Tournament? We invite the most dedicated and skilled Arena combatants around the world to enter the new World of Warcraft Arena Tournament. Your glorious victories in the tournament will not only grant recognition and renown for your prowess, but they'll earn your team a chance to win cash prizes as well. Within a structured format comprising two six-week-long qualifying rounds, players will battle on special tournament realms purely dedicated to the competitive format of 3v3 Arena matches. The characters used on these realms are new level 70s that you create, decked to the brim with PvP armor and weapons. The top teams from each qualifier will battle in regional live events, culminating in the global finals, which will feature a total prize pool of $120,000 -- $75,000 of which will go to the grand-prize-winning team! Tournament registration is open to any active World of Warcraft account. Registration costs one payment of $20.00, which grants one World of Warcraft account access to the tournament realms for the duration of the six-week tourney. Players will be able to create up to three new characters on these realms, instantly level them to 70, and deck them out with a full set of PvP gear. Then form your new 3v3 team and enter the Arenas, where a whole new level of competitive play awaits you. Good luck! http://warcraft.securityorg.net/World%20of%20Warcraft%20Arena%20Tournament-175.htm Nihilum and SK Sunwell fight http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Nihilum%20and%20SK%20Sunwell%20fight-176.htm Nice video about SK and Nihilum :) http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Nihilum%20and%20SK%20Sunwell%20fight-176.htm 15 Badges of Justice per gem http://warcraft.securityorg.net/15%20Badges%20of%20Justice%20per%20gem-177.htm Is confirmed that after alchemy is done, the epic gems will cost 15 BoJ http://warcraft.securityorg.net/15%20Badges%20of%20Justice%20per%20gem-177.htm Warcraft Patch 2.4.2 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%20Patch%202.4.2-178.htm PTR Patch 2.4.2 Notes Update The patch notes have been updated on the official site, here are the new changes (some of them have been moved from Bug Fixes to the proper class category): Druids • Talent: Primal Fury (Rank 2) will now be properly unlearned when it is untalented. • Talent: (Restoration)- Natural Perfection will no longer proc by normal melee attacks. Hunters • Aspect of the Viper: This ability now grants an additional amount of mana each 5 seconds equal to 35% of the hunter’s level. • Boar Charge: This ability will no longer make Growl cast immediately after it generates excessive threat. • The pet ability Growl will no longer scale with pet Attack Power. • Scare Beast: The range on this spell has been increased to 30 yards and it is now instant cast. Mages • Polymorph: Mounted creatures will no longer remain mounted while polymorphed. • Mage Armor no longer reduces the duration of beneficial magic buffs. • Molten Armor will now do damage while a damage absorption shield is active. Paladins • Flash of Light and Holy Light will now work properly with castsequence macros. • Seal of the Crusader: This ability now increases the damage dealt by Crusader Strike by 40%. • Crusader Strike (Retribution) will now properly rece... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%20Patch%202.4.2-178.htm Lich king Vehicle combat http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Lich%20king%20Vehicle%20combat-179.htm http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Lich%20king%20Vehicle%20combat-179.htm Screenshot from Lich King http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Screenshot%20from%20Lich%20King-180.htm http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Screenshot%20from%20Lich%20King-180.htm Wrath of Lich King preview http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Wrath%20of%20Lich%20King%20preview-181.htm http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Wrath%20of%20Lich%20King%20preview-181.htm Zul Aman bear mount http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Zul%20Aman%20bear%20mount-182.htm You can get your bear mount just until Lych is released Blizzard support announced today the removal of bear mount when Lych will be released from Zul'Aman, to avoid farming and prestige of this rare mount. The same thing will happen with Hand of Ad'al and Champion of Naaru. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Zul%20Aman%20bear%20mount-182.htm Blizzcon 2008 Announced http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Blizzcon%202008%20Announced-183.htm Blizzard Entertainment gaming convention returns to Anaheim Convention Center 10-11th October MARLOW, UK – 12th May, 2008 – Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. today announced plans for its third BlizzCon™ gaming convention, to be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California on 10 and 11 October. BlizzCon is a celebration of the global player communities surrounding Blizzard Entertainment®’s Warcraft®, StarCraft®, and Diablo® franchises. In response to the demand to accommodate more attendees, this year’s event has expanded from two convention halls to three. “Whenever we’ve been able to meet and interact with Blizzard gamers from around the world, it’s been a great experience for us,” stated Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “We’re looking forward to seeing even more of our players at this year’s BlizzCon and delivering another entertaining and informative event for them.” http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Blizzcon%202008%20Announced-183.htm WoW 2.4.2 Patch http://warcraft.securityorg.net/WoW%202.4.2%20Patch-184.htm WoW 2.4.2 Unofficial Changes New PvP epic trinket added to the game (it costs 40k honor) - Medallion of the Alliance Fishing changes - Bloated Giant Sunfish now contain 1-4 Lightning Eel, 1-2 Luminous Bluetail, 3-5 Seaweed, "Mostly Digested Fish" (grey fish-bones), plus odd herb, ore and scroll as before (but less commonly, because of the new drops). This means Luminous Bluetail are no longer caught directly by fishing - they can only be found within Bloated Giant Sunfish. However, Luminous Bluetail now share cooldown with warlock healthstones and not mana/healing potions. (via elsanglin) New competition tabard added to the game. (Screenshot) Renataki's Charm of Trickery on use effect changed, from 40 energy to 20 energy (level 70). (New stats). Borderland Fortress Grips and Naturalist’s Preserving Cinch have had their stats changed. 2 new portal spells (Locations: Theramore and Stonard) for mage. You get them from a portal trainer in the respective destination and the level requirements for the new teleports and portals is 35. (Screenshot) The three gates of Sunwell Plateau are open on PTR realms, however you can't zone in for now. (Screenshot) Added new items section + information update on *mount sp... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/WoW%202.4.2%20Patch-184.htm Wrath of Lich King new info http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Wrath%20of%20Lich%20King%20new%20info-185.htm http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Wrath%20of%20Lich%20King%20new%20info-185.htm Lich King Alpha http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Lich%20King%20Alpha-186.htm World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King: Friends and Family Alpha Welcome to the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Friends and Family Alpha. The list below contains information on the current available content for testing and general information. This information is subject to change. General * The continent of Northrend is now available! To travel there, visit one of four transportation masters in either Orgrimmar, Undercity, Theramore,or Menethil Harbor. * Transportation between Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra can be found at the Tuskarr villages in those zones. * NPC Transportation Locations o Horde: + Undercity to Vengeance Landing (Howling Fjord) + Orgrimmar to Warsong Hold (Borean Tundra) o Alliance: + Menethil Harbor to Valgarde (Holwing Fjord) + Theramore Valiance Keep (Borean Tundra) World Environment Zones * The following zones are available for testing: Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, and Grizzly Hills Dungeons * The following dungeons are available for testing: o Howling Fjord: Utgarde Keep (70-72) o Howling Fjord: Utgarde Pinnacle (80) o Borean Tundra: The Nexus (70-72) o Grizzly Hills: Drak’Tharon Keep (74-76) Classes * All Classes are available for play. Spells and talents will be available for testing past 70 for the following classes: Druid, Mage, Priest, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior * The Death Knight Hero class is now available for play. o Creating a new Death Knight will start you at level 55 in Eastern Plaguelands. o No starting quests are implemented though Death Knight abilities will be available for testing. o Several Death Knight talents, although they will appear on the talent pane, are not yet implemented. Professions * The following tradeskills are available to train up to 450: First Aid, Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Lich%20King%20Alpha-186.htm Warcraft Cribs http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%20Cribs-187.htm http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%20Cribs-187.htm Wrath of Lich King talents http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Wrath%20of%20Lich%20King%20talents-188.htm Deathknight spells: Army of the Dead - Summons an entire legion of your best Ghouls to fight by your side. Death and Decay - 88/106/167/211 shadow damage + (3.9% AP damage) inflicted every 2 sec to all targets in the effected area for 8 seconds. Has a chance to cause affected targets to cower in fear. Chromatic Rune Mastery - Whenever a Blood, Frost or Unholy Rune activates, it has a 6% chance of converting into a Chromatic Rune. This Rune counts as a Blood, Frost or Unholy Rune. Lasts 10 sec. Degeneration (Rank 3, Level 76) - Instantly attack the target, dealing 60% weapon damage and inflicting a disease dealing 91/154/182 damage over 15 sec. This disease will corrupt an existing heal over time spell, removing it and dramatically increasing the damage dealt. While afflicted by this disease, other heal over time effects on the target will have no effect. Dancing Runeblade - Summons a second Runeblade that fights on its own for 1 sec per 10 Runic Power, doing the same strikes that you do. Hungering Cold - A wave of cold leeches all heat from the earth, freezing all enemies in the cone-shaped area, and causing 10 damage per Runic Power. The frozen terrain persists for 1 sec per 10 Runic Power and will freeze enemies that attempt to cross it. Unholy Blight - A creeping swarm of unholy insects surrounds the caster for a 10 yard radius. All enemies caught in the swarm take 120 damage and are plagued with a disease that can stack up to 3 times. Lasts for 1 sec per 10 Runic Power. Corpse Explosion - "Target a corpse, causing it to explode for 12 damage per 10 Runic Power to all enemies within 10 yards." Icebound Fortitude - Consumes all available Runic Power, causing the Death Knight to become immune to Stun effects and increasing armor by 50% for up to 12 sec. Does not remove existing Stun effects. [60 sec cooldown] Death Strike (Rank 1) - A deadly attack that deals weapon damage. If the target dies within 3 seconds and yields experience or honor, Death Strike heals the Death Knight for 405. Deathknight talents: Black Ice - Increases your Frost and Unholy spell damage by 1/2/3/4/5%. Dirge - Whenever you kill a diseased target that yields experience or honor you have a 1/2/3/4/5% chance of the corpse riding as a free Ghoul. You can have a maximum of 2 Ghouls at one time. Spell Deflection - Reduces all spell damage taken by 3/6/9/12/15% for 10 sec following a successful parry. Bladed Armor - You gain 4/8/12/16/20 attack power for every 1000 points of your armor value. Mark of Blood (Blood Tree) - "Place a Mark of Blood on an enemy or ally. Whenever the marked target is healed, all party members receive a 5% of that healing. If a marked target that grants experience or honor is killed, all party members are healed for 10% of their total health. Each person can be healed for a maximum of 3000 per Mark." Butcher - Whenever you kill an enemy that grants experience or honor, you generate Runic Power. In addition, Runic Power takes longer to decay outside of combat. Bone Armor (Rank 1) - "The caster is surrounded by 4 whirling bones. Each bone reduces the damage from the next spell or melee attack by 40% but is then consumed. Lasts 5 min." [Power type: 5, power cost: 25, cooldown: 30 sec] Chromatic Rune Mastery - "Whenever a Blood, Frost or Unholy Rune activates, it has a 2/4/6% chance of converting into a Chromatic Rune. This Rune counts as a Blood, Frost or Unholy Rune. Lasts 10 sec." Rage of Rivendare - You do 2/4/6/8/10% additional weapon damage to diseased targets. Tundra Stalker - "You deal 2/4/6/8/10% more melee damage to targets under the effects of Icy Touch, Chains of Ice, Howling Blast or Hungering Cold." Deathchill (Rank 1, Level 56) - "Launches an Icy Touch at every enemy within 40 yards, dealing 4 damage per Runic Power to each target and causing a high amount of threat." [0 power cost, cooldown: 60 sec] Wandering Plague - "When the diseases you inflicted upon an enemy target cause damage, there is a 5/10/15% chance the disease will instead damage all enemies within 8 yards. This damage will not cancel spells normally cancelled when targets take damage." Improved Corpse Explosion - "While Corpse Explosion is active, corpses have a 10/15/20/25/30% chance to explode for increased damage." Crypt Fever - "Diseases caused by you or your Ghouls also reduce an enemy's attributes by 5/10/15% per disease." Ravenous Dead - "Increases the Strength of you and your ghouls by 1/2/3/4/5% and reduces the cooldown on Raise Dead by 30 sec." Pestilence - "When an enemy that grants experience or honor dies while suffering from one of your diseases, its corpse has a 10/20/30% chance of producing 1/1-3/3-5 Blood Worms. Blood Worms attack your enemies, healing you for the amount of damage they deal for 15 sec or until killed." Sudden Doom - "Your Blood Strikes have a 4/8/12/16/20% chance to make your next Death Coil consume no Runic Power if cast within 8 sec." Scent of Blood - "After being struck by a ranged or melee critical hit, you gain the Scent of Blood effect, causing your melee hits to steal life from the enemy for the next 6 sec." Improved Icebound Fortitude - "Increases the duration of your Icebound Fortitude. In addition your Icebound Fortitude will dispel any damage over time effects and replace them with heal over time effects." Talent tree - http://war-tools.darlinganime.com/index.php?i=deathknight Rogue spells/talents DO NOT EXIST YET. The oft-posted fake ones are not in the DBC at all. The patch notes themselves note the exclusion of new rogue skills Warrior abilties: Shield Break (Level 75, 15 rage, 1m cooldown) - Break down the enemy's defenses, disarming any shield they have equipped or reducing the chance the enemy will block by 3% for 10 sec. Bloodbath (Rank 1) - Wound up to 5 enemy targets within 8 yards, causing 244 to 256 damage and causing them to Bleed for 250 damage over 15 seconds. If the target becomes Enraged, the Bloodbath bleed effect causes four times the normal damage. Warrior talents: Titan's Grip - "Allows you to equip two-handed axes, maces and swords in one hand, but you attack 28/26/24/22/20% slower then normal." (Fury) Strength of Arms - "Increases your Strength and total health by 1/2/3/4/5%." (Arms) Shockwave - "Sends a wave of force in front of the warrior, causing 25% AP damage and stunning all enemy targets within 10 yards in a frontal cone for 4 sec. This ability causes a high amount of threat." [20 rage, 45 sec cooldown] (Protection) Sword and Board - "When your Devastate and Shield Slam abilities deal damage they have a 2/4/6/8/10% chance of refreshing the cooldown of your Shield Slam ability and reducing its cost by 100% for 5 sec." (Protection) Safeguard - ,"Reduces damage taken by the target of your Intervene ability by 20/40/60% for 6 sec. In addition, your Charge, Intercept and Intervene abilities have a 33%/66%/100% chance to remove all movement impairing effects when used." (Protection) Trauma - "Your normal melee critical strikes increase the effectiveness of Bleed effects on the target by 15/30% for 15 sec." (Arms) Bladestorm - "Instantly Whirlwind all nearby targets and for the next 4.5 sec you will perform a whirlwind attack every 1.5 seconds. While under the effects of Bladestorm, you can move but cannot perform any other attacks or abilities but you do not feel pity or remorse or fear and you cannot be stopped unless killed." [25 rage, cooldown: 90 sec] (Arms) Furious Resolve - "Reduces threat caused by attacks in Battle and Berserker Stance by 4/7/10% and increases your total Stamina by 1/3/5%." (Fury) Bull Rush - "Increases the duration of the Stun effect of your Charge and Intercept abilities by .4/.7/1 seconds." (Arms) Unrelenting Assault - "Reduces the cooldown of your Overpower and Revenge abilities by 1/2/3 seconds." (Arms) Bloodsurge - "Your Bloodthirst critical hits have a 33/66/100% chance of reducing the swing time of your next Slam by 100% for 5 sec." (Fury) Critical Block - "Your successful blocks have a 10/20/30% chance to block double the normal amount." (Protection) Stalwart Protector - "You gain 1/2 rage every time you parry or dodge an attack." (Protection) [note: that's a two point talent granting 1 or 2 rage, not half a point] Talent Tree - http://war-tools.darlinganime.com/index.php?i=warrior Mage spells: Shatter Shield (1200 mana, instant, 30sec cd, Level 80) - "Instantly shields you, absorbing 2000 Physical damage. Lasts 1 min. When the shield is destroyed, all enemies within 10 yards are frozen for 8 sec." Frostfire Bolt (Rank 1, Level 75) - "Launches a bolt of frostfire at the enemy, causing 629-732 Fire damage, slowing movement speed by 40% and causing an additional 57 Fire damage over 9 sec. If the target is more vulnerable to Frost damage, this spell will cause Frost instead of Fire damage." Mage Armor(Rank 6) - "Increases your resistance to all magic by 40 and allows 30% of your mana regeneration to continue while casting. In addition, the duration of all harmful Magic effects used against you is reduced by 50%." Food: Sweet Potato Pie (75), Strudel (79) Water: Rain Water (74), Crystal Spring Water (78) Gem: Mana Sapphire (77, 3412 mana) Mage talents: Arcane Barrage (Rank 3, Level 80, 610 mana, instant, 3 sec cooldown) - "Launches several missiles at the enemy target, causing 936-1145 Arcane damage." (Arcane) (Rank 1, 60, 335 mana, 385-470) (Rank 2, 70, 405 mana, 709-866) Burnout - "Increases your spell critical damage bonus with all Fire spells by 5/10/15/20/25% but every time you critical with a Fire spell you lose an additional 1% of your total mana." (Fire) Chilled to the Bone - "Increases the damage caused by your Frostbolt and Ice Lance spells by 1/2/3/4/5% and reduces the movement speed of all chilled targets by an additional 2/4/6/8/10%." (Frost) Deep Freeze - Stuns the target for 5 sec. Only usable on Frozen targets. [30 sec cooldown] (Frost) Netherwind Presence - "Gives your Arcane Missiles, Arcane Barrage, Arcane Blast, Fireball, Frostbolt and Frostfire Bolt spells a 1/2/3/4/5% chance to cause the next Arcane Blast, Fireball, Frostbolt or Frostfire Bolt to be instant." (Arcane) Despite the similar name and effect, this is not the same as the tier 2 bonus. Talent Tree - http://war-tools.darlinganime.com/index.php?i=mage Druid spells: Typhoon (Rank 1) - "You summon a violent Typhoon that does 530 Nature damage when in contact with hostile targets, knocking them back 5 yards." Nourish- "Heals a friendly target for 1550 to 1800. Heals for an additional 387.5 to 450 if Rejuvenation is on the target." Druid talents: Living Seed - "When you gain a critical effect from your Swiftmend, Regrowth, Nourish or Healing Touch spell you have a 20/40/60/80/100% chance to plant a Living Seed on the target for 15% of the amount healed. The Living Seed will bloom when the target is next attacked. Lasts 15 sec." (Restoration) Spark of Nature- "Increases the critical effect chance of your Swiftmend and Nourish spells by 5/10/15%." (Restoration) Improved Tree of Life- "Increases your Armor while in Tree of Life Form by 120/240/360%, and increases the effect of your Bark's Blessing by 1/3/5%" (Restoration) Nature's Fury - "Converts 2/4/6/8/10% of your bonus healing into bonus spell damage. In addition, your Wrath and Starfire spells have a 20/40/60/80/100% chance of applying the Nature's Fury debuff on the target. The Nature's Fury debuff increases Nature and Arcane damage done to the target by 2%. Lasts 10 sec. Stacks up to 3 times." (Balance) Starfall (Rank 1, Level 80, 866 mana, instant, 3 min cooldown) - "You summon a flurry of stars from the sky on all targets within 30 yards of the caster, each doing 500 Arcane damage, and an additional 170 Arcane to all nearby targets within 10 yards. Maximum 20 stars. Lasts 10 sec." (Balance) Infected Wounds - "Your Shred, Maul and Mangle attacks have a 20/40/60/80/100% chance to cause an Infected Wound in the target. The Infected Wound reduces the movement speed and casting speed of the target by 10%. Stacks up to 5 times. Lasts 12 sec." (Feral) Berserk - "Removes all Stun, Fear, Snare and Movement Impairing Effects and increases your energy regeneration rate by 100% while in Cat form, and increases your total health by 20% while in Bear form. After the effect ends, the health is lost. Effect lasts 20 seconds." (Feral) Flourish (Rank 1, Level 80, 450 mana, instant) - "Heals friendly party or raid members within 10 yards of the target for 665 over 7 sec. The healing is applied quickly at first, and slows down as the Flourish reaches its full duration." (Restoration) Improved Moonkin Form - "Your Moonkin Aura also causes affected targets to have a 33/66/100% chance to gain 100% spell haste when they critically hit with spells for 10 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every few seconds." (Balance) Replenish - "Your Rejuvenation and Flourish spells have a 4/7/10% chance to restore 10 Energy, 4 Rage, 2% Mana or 10 Runic Power per tick." (Restoration) Gale Winds - "Increases damage done by your Hurricane and Typhoon spells by 25/50%, and increases the range of your Cyclone spell by 10/20%." (Balance) Owlkin Frenzy - "Attacks done to you while in Moonkin form have a 5/10/15% chance to cause you to go into a Frenzy, increasing your spell haste by 25% and increasing your damage by 10%. Lasts 10 sec." (Balance) Eclipse - "When you critically hit with Starfire, you have a 20/40/60% chance of increasing damage done by Wrath by 10%. When you critically hit with Wrath, you have a 20/40/60% chance of increasing your critical strike chance with Starfire by 10%. Effect lasts 12 sec." (Balance) Tree of Life - "Shapeshift into the Tree of Life. While in this form your movement speed is reduced by 20% and you can only cast Swiftmend, Innervate, Nature's Swiftness, Rebirth, Barkskin, Nourish, poison removing and healing over time spells, but the mana cost of these spells is reduced by 20%. Your heals also grant friendly targets your Bark's Blessing, increasing healing done to them by 25% of your total Spirit. Bark's Blessing lasts 8 sec." (Restoration) [Changed in] Reinforced Hide - "Reduces all spell damage taken by 4/7/10%, and increases your Armor contribution from items by an additional 4/7/10%." (Feral) Talent tree - http://war-tools.darlinganime.com/index.php?i=druid Priest spells: Divine Hymn (instant, 10m cooldown) - "You recite a holy hymn, granting your party protection from attackers. Any attacks done to you or your party will cause the attacker to be afflicted by sleep for 20 sec. Divine Hymn will last 10 sec." Mind Sear (level 75, channeled, 545 mana) - "Causes an explosion of shadow magic around the enemy target, causing 481-519 Shadow damage every 1 sec for 5 sec to all targets within 10 yards." Priest talents: Improved Shadowform - "Your Fade ability now has a 50/100% chance to remove all movement impairing effects when used while in Shadowform, and gives you a 25/50% chance to avoid interruption caused by damage when casting any Shadow spell while in Shadow form." (Shadow) Psychic Horror - "Causes your Psychic Scream spell to have a chance to Fear the target in horror for 4 sec." (Shadow) Dispersion (51pt shadow, 5m cooldown) - You disperse into pure shadow energy, reducing all damage taken by 90%. You are unable to attack or cast spells, but you regenerate 6% health and mana every 1 sec for 6 sec. (Shadow) Persecution - "Gives your Holy damage spells a 4/7/10% chance to Incapacitate the target for 3 sec." (Discipline) Rapture - "Causes your party members to gain mana equal to 0.5/1/1.5/2/2.5% of the healing done by your Greater Heal, Flash Heal and Penance spells." (Discipline) [spell applies dummy aura - serverside script] [Values might be inaccurate] Divine Providence - "Increases the amount healed by Circle of Healing, Binding Heal, Prayer of Healing and Prayer of Mending by 2/4/6/8/10%." (Holy) Guardian Spirit (51pt holy, instant, 3m cooldown) - "Calls upon a guardian spirit to heal and watch over the friendly target. The spirit heals the target for 624 every 2 sec, and also prevents the target from dying by sacrificing itself. Lasts 10 sec." (Holy) Growing Pains - "Converts 4/8/12/16/20% of your bonus healing into bonus spell damage. In addition, your Mind Flay has a 20/40/60/80/100% chance to refresh the duration of your Shadow Word: Pain on the target." (Shadow) Serendipity - "If your Greater Heal or Flash Heal spells heal the target for less than 50% of its intended effect, you have a 33/66/100% chance to be refunded the mana cost of the spell. This effect has a 10 second cooldown." (Holy) Aspiration - "Reduces the cooldown of your Inner Focus, Power Infusion and Pain Suppression spells by 10/20%." (Discipline) Divine Aegis - "Critical heals create a protective shield on the target, absorbing 20/40/60% of the amount healed. Lasts 12 sec." (Discipline) Grace - "Your Flash Heal, Greater Heal, and Penance spells bless the target with Grace, reducing damage done to the target by 1/2/3%, and increasing healing done to the target by 1/2/3%. This effect will stack up to 3 times." (Discipline) Dark Spirit - "Increases your Shadow damage by up to 10/20/30% of your total Spirit." (Shadow) Test of Faith - "Increases healing by 5/10/15% and spell critical effect chance by 4/7/10% on friendly targets at or below 50% health." (Holy) Talent tree - http://war-tools.darlinganime.com/index.php?i=priest Warlock spells/talents Fel Armor(Rank 4) - "Surrounds the caster with fel energy, increasing spell damage by up to 180 and allows 30% of your mana and health regeneration to continue while casting." Demon Armor(Rank 8) - "Protects the caster, increasing armor by 950, and increasing the amount of health generated through spells and effects by 20%." Haunt (Rank 1, Level 80, 650 mana, 30 sec cooldown) - You send a corrupted soul into the target, doing 800 damage over 2 sec. Haunt will continue to travel between targets who suffer from your Corruption spell. After traveling from up to three targets, the corrupted soul will return to you, healing you for 50% of the total damage done. Shadowflame (Rank 1, Level 75, 745 mana, instant, 15 sec cooldown) - Targets in a cone in front of the caster take 934-1020 Shadow damage and an additional 492 Fire damage over 8 sec. Warlock talents: Everlasting Affliction - Your Corruption, Siphon Life and Seed of Corruption spells gain an additional 4/8/12/16/20% of your bonus spell damage effects, and your Drain Life and Shadow Bolt spells have a 20/40/60/80/100% chance to reset the duration of your Corruption spell on the target. Atrocity - "You devastate the area, causing Corruption (Rank 8) to all targets within 15 yards. In addition, your Corruption spell will do 434 Shadow damage to the target when it finishes its duration." Love Struck - "While the Succubus is active, physical attacks done to you or your Succubus have a chance to heal you or your Succubus instead of doing damage. The healing caused by Love Struck will not exceed 50% of the Warlock or Succubus' total health. This effect has a 6 second cooldown." Demonic Pact - "Increases your Spirit by 1/2/3/4/5% while your Demon is active. In addition, your pet attacks have a 7/14/21/28/35% chance to increase your party's total Health and Damage by 1%. Stacks up to 3 times. Lasts 10 sec." Metamorphosis - "You transform into a Demon, with full health and mana. While in Demon Form, you gain Demonic abilities and your armor is increased to 360%, but your pet no longer is summoned." When leaving Demon Form, your health and mana is returned back to normal and your pet is re-summoned. Lasts 45 sec. [5 min cooldown] Decimate - Your next Shadow or Fire spell is instant cast, and does damage in the form of Chaos damage, ignoring all resistances, absorption, and immunity mechanics. After the end of the Decimated cast, you become exhausted, disabling you from casting a spell of the same school for 3 sec. Eternal Flames - Your Searing Pain and Incinerate spells have a 20/40/60/80/100% chance to refresh the duration of your Immolate spell on the target, and increases the critical strike damage of your Destruction spells by an additional 2/4/6/8/10%. Empowered Imp- Increases the damage done by your Imp by 5/10/15%, and all critical hits done by your Imp have a 20/40/60% chance to increase your spell critical hit chance by 100%. This effect lasts 8 sec. Molten Core - Your Shadow spells and damage over time effects have a 4/7/10% chance to increase the damage of your Fire spells by 10% for 6 sec. Backdraft - Increases the critical chance of your Conflagrate, Immolate and Shadowflame spells by 4/7/10%. Torture - After you critically strike with a Shadow spell, your next Searing Pain or Immolate spells have a [broken]% chance to become instant cast. This ability has a 20 second cooldown. Eradication - Your Corruption, Siphon Life, and Curse of Agony ticks have a 5/10/15% chance to increase your spell casting speed by 20% for 8 sec. This effect has a 10 second cooldown. Fel Synergy - Your Summoned Demons share an additional 5/10% of your Armor, Intellect and Stamina, and you have a 50/100% chance to heal your pet for 15% of the amount of damage done by you. Demonic Empathy - When you or your pet is critically hit, the other has a 33/66/100% chance to have their casting or attack speed increased by 30% for 8 sec. Warlock Talent tree - http://war-tools.darlinganime.com/index.php?i=warlock Paladin Martyr - "Redirect all harmful spells directed at friendly targets to yourself for $d." Unsure Mark of Divinity - "Marks the target with Divinity, causing 30% of all of your healing to also heal the target." (possibly priest or dk) Changes to existing spells & talents. General: Intellect, Spirit and Stamina buff scrolls now provide buffs equal to their equally levelled class spells. Many existing mob abilities now have more descriptive tooltips when linked. Druid Entangling Roots can now be used indoors as well. Base damage of Maul, Rake and Ravage has been increased. Demoralizing Roar now removes more attack power than before. Soothe Animal is now instant cast. Tiger's Fury no longer costs energy, but now has a 30 second cooldown. Hurricane cooldown has been removed. Frenzied Regeneration now only has one rank. Frenzied Regeneration will now restore 0.1% of your max health per rage instead. Ferocious Bite's damage for extra energy now scales with attack power. Nature's Grasp can now be used indoors as well. Nature's Reach now reduces threat generated by your Balance spells by 15/30% in addition to it's old effect. Brambles now gives your Thorns and Treants a 5/10/15% chance to daze the target for 3 seconds when dealing damage in addition to it's old effect. Omen of Clarity is now a passive effect instead of a self-cast buff. Feral Charge is now available in Cat Form as well. Improved Mark of the Wild has been reduced to a 2 point talent, increasing the effect of Mark of the Wild by 20/40%. Nature's Focus has been reduced to a 3 point talent, now reducing chance to be interrupted by 23/46/70%. Subtlety has been reduced to a three point talent, now reducing threat and reducing the chance your spells will be dispelled by 10/20/30% Improved Tranquility now reduces the cooldown of your Tranquility spell by 25/50% in addition to it's old effect. Improved Faerie Fire works for spells too now. Survival of the Fittest's effect has been doubled. Tree of Life can cast the new Flourish spell. Old extra healing aura has been removed and replaced with Bark's Blessing, which increases healing done on target's of your healing spells by 25% of your spirit for 8 seconds. Mangle (Bear) now increases the damage of your Maul ability instead of the Shred ability. Hunter Scare Beast's tooltip now shows the correct cast time. Damage caused by the pet ability Bite has been reduced, it's Focus cost has been reduced as well, and it's cooldown has been removed. Screech renamed Demoralizing Screech. Furious Howl's buff range increased to 20 yards. Shell Shield no longer reduces your turtle's attack speed. Steady Shot's bonus damage slightly reduced. Scaling unchanged. Mage Invisibility's fade time changed to four seconds from five seconds Polymorph now has a percentage of base mana cost instead of fixed cost. Slow Fall now has a percentage of base mana cost instead of fixed cost. All Teleport: <destination> and Portal: <destination> spells now have a percentage of base mana cost instead of fixed cost. Mana Gem spells are now simply called "Conjure Mana Gem (Rank #)". Arcane Focus now only gives 1% Arcane spell hit chance per point, but will now reduce mana cost of Arcane spell by 1% per point as well. Magic Attunement now increases your Arcane spells ranges by 3/6 yards, in addition to it's old effect. Prismatic Cloak now reduces the fade time on your Invisibility spell by 1/2 seconds in addition to it's old effect. Paladin Cooldown on Turn Undead and Turn Evil removed. Priest Mind Soothe now only has one rank and works on targets of all levels. Mind Soothe now has a percentage of base mana cost instead of fixed cost. Mind Control now only has one rank and works on targets of all levels. Mind Control now has a percentage of base mana cost instead of fixed cost. Mind Vision now has a percentage of base mana cost instead of fixed cost. Psychic Scream now has a percentage of base mana cost instead of fixed cost. Shackle Undead now has a percentage of base mana cost instead of fixed cost. Holy Fire now deals more of it's damage on the initial cast, but it's damage over time duration and damage have been reduced. It should still result in a net increase in damage dealt. Lightwell cast time reduced to 0.5 seconds. Lightwell cooldown reduced to 5 minutes. Power Infusion cooldown reduced to 2 minutes. The amount of charges on Lightwell has been increased to 10. Inspiration can now proc from the Penance spell, in addition to all the old spells that could proc Inspiration. Searing Light now also increases the damage of Holy Nova and Penance. Shadow Resilience now reduces physical damage taken instead of it's old effect. Shadow Focus reduced to give 1% Shadow spell hit per point, but will now additionally reduce Shadow spell costs by 2% per point. Talent now has 3 points total to spend on it, down from 5. Spirit Tap now gives a 33/66/100% chance to proc, total talent points that can be put into the talent reduced to 3. Improved Spirit Tap added, this new talent gives your Mind Blast and Shadow Word: Death spells a 50/100% chance to give 50% extra spirit and 25% mana regeneration while casting for 8 seconds. Improved Shadow Word: Pain now increases the damage dealt by 5/10% instead of it's old effect. Mind Flay's range has been increased to 30 yards. Shadow Form now reduces threat generated by 30% in additional to it's old effects. Mental Strength now increases your Intellect by 3/6/9/12/15% instead if it's old effect. Pain Suppresion cooldown increased to 3 minutes. Focused Mind now also affects Mind Sear. Shadow Power's extra crit chance reduced to 2/4/6/8/10%, but Shadow Power now increases the critical damage bonus of the affected spells by 10/20/30/40/50%. Circle of Healing now has a 8 second cooldown. Enlightenment now increases spell damage and healing by 1/2/3/4/5% in addition to it's old effects. Vampiric Touch now gives mana to your party members for 2% of your shadow damage dealt, down from 5%. Rogue The stun from Mace Specialization now has a 6 second cooldown. Warlock Demon Skin/Armor now increase healing on the Warlock by 20% instead of giving health regeneration. Demon Armor no longer increases Shadow Resistance. Fel Armor now allows 30% of your mana regeneration to continue while casting, but no longer increasing the effects of healing you receive. Howl of Terror now has a percentage of base mana cost instead of fixed cost. Cataclysm now increases the chance to hit of your destruction spells by 1/2/3/4/5%. Improved Shadow Bolt's damage increase reduced to 3/6/9/12/15%. Soul Siphon now affects Drain Soul as well. Pyroclasm now also works with Conflagrate. Aftermath now has two ranks, giving a 5/10% chance to daze. Improved Fire Bolt and Improved Lash of Pain have been combined into the new talent Demonic Power. This talent takes the place of Improved Fire Bolt. Fel Intellect and Fel Stamina have been combined into the new talent Fel Vitality. This talent takes the place of Fel Intellect. Improved Curse of Weakness, Dark Pact and Mana Feed have had their tooltips clarified. Improved Succubus now reduces the chance your Succubus will have her Seduction spell interrupted by 25/50/75%, but will no longer increase the effects of Soothing Kiss and Lash of Pain. Soul Link now only shares 15% of the damage taken, and no longer increased damage dealt by the demon or it's master. Soul Link moved to tier 3 of the Demonology tree. Master Demonologist: Imps now provide 1/2/3/4/5% fire damage and fire crit, Voidwalker provides 2/4/6/8/10% damage reduction, Succubi now provide 1/2/3/4/5% shadow damage and shadow crit, Felhunter now provides 0.2 resistance per level and rank, Felguards will now provide 1/2/3/4/5% extra damage and damage reduction. Unstable Affliction's Silence effect reduced to 3 second duration. Shadowfury's Stun effect now lasts 3 seconds. Warrior Shield bash now deals damage equal to 20% of Attack Power Thunder Clap's damage increases as you get more Attack Power. Rend's Scaling with weapon damage has been improved. Sunder Armor's threat now scales with attack power. Rend has had it's duration reduced. Total damage dealt is unchanged. Challenging Shout cooldown reduced to 3 minutes. Revenge's tooltip has been clarified. The bonus damage dealt by Cleave and Heroic Strike has been increased. There is now only one rank of the Overpower ability. Bonus damage removed. Spell Reflection now costs 15 rage The stun from Mace Specialization now has a 6 second cooldown. Improved Rend's name changed to Bloodletting, it now also affects the Bloodbath skill. Death Wish no longer grants fear immunity. Deathwish and Sweepingstrikes have once again switched places. Anticipation now increases your chance to dodge by 1% per point, instead of increasing your defense skill. Iron Will now reduces the duration of Stun and Charm effects on you by 10/20/30% instead of giving you a chance to resist these effects. Improved Bloodrage now increases rage generated by 25/50%. Improved Shield Bash now also increases your Shield Slam damage by 5/10%. Improved Disarm now reduces the cooldown on your Disarm and Shield Break abilities by 5/10/15 seconds, and additionally will cause any targets you've disarmed to take 5/10/15% extra damage. The amount of charges on Sweeping Strikes has been reduced to 3. Poleaxe Specialization now also increases the damage your critical strikes with Polearms and Axes do by 1% per point in addition to it's old effect. Improved Revenge now increases the damage dealt by your Revenge ability by 8/16/25% in addition to it's old effect. Concussion Blow now causes damage equal to 25% of your attack power and has had it's cooldown reduced to 30 seconds. In addition the damage caused by Concusion Blow generates high threat. Last Stand's cooldown reduced to 2 minutes. Blood Craze now regenerates 2/4/6% of your health after being the victim of a critical strike. Bloodthirst now recoverd 1.5% of your max health per hit. Bloodthirst now has only one rank. Improved Disciplines (Rank 1) now reduces your cooldowns on Retaliation, Reckless and Shield by 5 minutes and increases their duration by 3 seconds. Unknown The mob ability Shadow Cleave now lists "Requires Demon Form". Professions Blacksmithing Socket One-Handed Weapon - Permanently adds a socket to a one-handed weapon. Enchanting Enchant Cloak - Haste: "Permanently enchant a cloak to increase haste rating by 20. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Cloak - Wisdom: "Permanently enchant a cloak to reduce threat slightly and increase Spirit by 10. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Cloak - Mighty Armor: "Permanently enchant a cloak to give 225 additional armor. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Cloak - Titanweave: "Permanently enchant a cloak to increase defense rating by 16. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Cloak - Spell Piercing: "Permanently enchant a cloak to increase spell penetration by 35. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Cloak - Superior Agility: "Permanently enchant a cloak to increase Agility by 16. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Cloak - Shadow Armor: "Permanently enchant a cloak to increase stealth slightly and increase Agility by 10. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Cloak - Superior Arcane Resistance: "Permanently enchant a cloak to increase Arcane resistance by 20. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Cloak - Superior Frost Resistance: "Permanently enchant a cloak to increase Frost resistance by 20. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Cloak - Superior Fire Resistance: "Permanently enchant a cloak to increase Fire resistance by 20. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Cloak - Superior Nature Resistance: "Permanently enchant a cloak to increase Nature resistance by 20. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Cloak - Superior Shadow Resistance: "Permanently enchant a cloak to increase Shadow resistance by 20. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Chest - Exceptional Health: "Permanently enchant chest armor to increase health by 275. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Chest - Greater Defense: "Permanently enchant chest armor to increase defense rating by 16. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Chest - Exceptional Resilience: "Permanently enchant chest armor to increase resilience rating by 20. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Chest - Greater Mana Restoration: "Permanently enchant chest armor to restore 8 mana every 5 seconds. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Boots - Tuskar's Vitality: "Permanently enchant boots to give a minor movement speed increase and 15 Stamina. Requires a level 60 or higher level item." Enchant Boots - Greater Fortitude: "Permanently enchant boots to increase Stamina by 22. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Boots - Greater Vitality: "Permanently enchant boots to restore 6 mana and health every 5 seconds. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Boots - Superior Agility: "Permanently enchant boots to increase Agility by 16. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Boots - Greater Spirit: "Permanently enchant boots to increase Spirit by 18. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Boots - Icewalker: "Permanently enchant boots to increase snare and root resistance by 5% and increase Stamina by 15. Requires a level 60 or higher level item." Enchant Bracers - Greater Assault: "Permanently enchant bracers to increase attack power by 38. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Bracers - Major Spirit: "Permanently enchant bracers to increase Spirit by 18. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Bracers - Expertise: "Permanently enchant bracers to increase expertise rating by 15. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Bracers - Exceptional Intellect: "Permanently enchant bracers to add +16 intellect. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Bracers - Exceptional Intellect: "Permanently enchant bracers to add +16 intellect. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Bracers - Major Healing: "Permanently enchant bracers to increase healing by 46 and spell damage by 16. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Bracers - Greater Spellpower: "Permanently enchant bracers to increase damage and healing from spells by 20. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Bracer - Major Stamina: "Permanently enchant bracers to increase Stamina by 16. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Gloves - Greater Assault: "Permanently enchant gloves to add 32 attack power. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Gloves - Exceptional Spellpower: "Permanently enchant gloves to increase your spell damage by up to 28. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Gloves - Exceptional Healing: "Permanently enchant gloves to increase healing by up to 44 and spell damage by up to 15. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Gloves - Major Agility: "Permanently enchant boots to increase your agility by 20. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Gloves - Gatherer: "Permanently enchant gloves to increase Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning by 5. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Gloves - Expertise: "Permanently enchant gloves to increase expertise rating by 15. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Gloves - Greater Spell Strike: "Permanently enchant gloves to increase spell hit rating by 20. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Gloves - Greater Blasting: "Permanently enchant gloves to increase your spell critical rating by up to 16. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Shield - Exceptional Stamina: "Permanently enchant a shield to increase Stamina by 22. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Shield - Defense: "Permanently enchant a shield to increase defense rating by 20. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Weapon - Lifeward: "Permanently enchant a melee weapon to sometimes heal you. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Weapon - Scourgebane: "Permanently enchant a melee weapon to increase attack power by $44594s1 against Undead. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Weapon - Exceptional Spellpower: "Permanently enchant a melee weapon to increase spell damage and healing by up to 55. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Weapon - Greater Savagery: "Permanently enchant a melee weapon to increase attack power by 90. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Weapon - Exceptional Healing: "Permanently enchant a melee weapon to increase healing by up to 101 and spell damage by up to 34. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Weapon - Exceptional Agility: "Permanently enchant a melee weapon to increase Agility by 26. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Weapon - Exceptional Striking: "Permanently enchant a melee weapon to do 10 additional points of damage. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Weapon - Exceptional Intellect: "Permanently enchant a melee weapon to increase Intellect by 45. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Weapon - Exceptional Spirit: "Permanently enchant a melee weapon to increase Spirit by 45. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Weapon - Icebreake: "Permanently enchant a Melee Weapon to sometimes inflict Fire damage. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Weapon - Deathfrost: "Permanently enchant a weapon so your damaging spells and melee weapon hits occasionally inflict an additional 150 Frost damage and reduce the target's melee, ranged, and casting speed by 15% for 8 sec. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Weapon - Giant Slayer: "Permanently enchant a melee weapon to have a chance of reducing movement speed and doing additional damage against Giants. Requires a level 60 or higher item." Enchant Ring - Greater Spellpower: "Permanently enchant a ring to increase spell damage and healing by up to 23. Only the Enchanter's rings can be enchanted, and enchanting a ring will cause it to become soulbound." Enchant Ring - Haste: "Permanently enchant a ring to increase haste rating by 20. Only the Enchanter's rings can be enchanted, and enchanting a ring will cause it to become soulbound." Enchant Ring - Greater Healing Power: "Permanently enchant a ring to increase healing by up to 44 and spell damage by up to 15. Only the Enchanter's rings can be enchanted, and enchanting a ring will cause it to become soulbound." Enchant Ring - Assault: "Permanently enchant a ring to increase attack power by 40. Only the Enchanter's rings can be enchanted, and enchanting a ring will cause it to become soulbound." Enchanted White Wand: "Creates an enchanted white wand." Enchanted Crimson Wand: "Creates an enchanted crimson wand." Exceptional Mana Oil: "While applied to target weapon it restores 19 mana to the caster every 5 seconds. Lasts for 1 hour." Exceptional Wizard Oil: "While applied to target weapon it increases spell damage by up to 56. Lasts for 1 hour." Mining Smelt Froststeel : "Allows the miner to smelt 3 azurite bars and an eternal water into a froststeel bar. Requires a forge." Smelt Hardened Azurite : "Allows the miner to smelt 10 azurite bars into a hardened azurite bar. Requires a forge." Smelt Azurite : "Allows the miner to smelt azurite ore into an azurite bar. Requires a forge." Smelt Saronite : "Allows the miner to smelt 10 saronite ore into a saronite bar. Requires a forge." Smelt Titansteel : "Allows the miner to smelt a saronite bar and titanium ore into a titansteel bar. Requires a forge." Smelt Cobalt : "Allows the miner to smelt cobalt ore into a cobalt bar. Requires a forge." Items Black Warp Stalker - "Summons and dismisses a rideable Warp Stalker. This is a very fast mount." NPC abilities Spells related to the Dragon-encounter in the Nexus: Temporal Rift - Channels a temporal rift on an enemy target for $d. While trapped in the rift, all damage done to the target is increased by $s1%. In addition, for every 2000 damage done to a target affected by Temporal Rift, 1 Shock Charge is generated. Time Stop - Halts the passage of time, freezing all enemies within $r1 in place for $d. This attack applies 5 Shock Charges to each affected target Time Shock - Deals $s1 Arcane damage and detonates all Shock Charges on an enemy dragon. Damage is increased by $49836s1 for each charge detonated. Dream Funnel - Transfers 5% of the caster's max health to a friendly drake every second for $d as long as the caster channels. Touch the Nightmare - Consumes 50% of the caster's max health to inflict $s1 Nature damage to an enemy dragon and reduce the damage it deals by $s2% for $d. Leeching Poison - Poisons an enemy dragon, inflicting $s1 Nature damage every $t1 sec. for $d. Damage done by this poison heals the caster. Stacks up to 3 times. Evasive Maneuvers - Allows your drake to dodge all incoming attacks and spells. Requires Evasive Charges to use. Each attack or spell dodged while this ability is active burns one Evasive Charge. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Wrath%20of%20Lich%20King%20talents-188.htm World of Warcraft 3.0.1 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/World%20of%20Warcraft%203.0.1-189.htm World of Warcraft (May 30 2008) Added: Blizzard Timer/Alarm Clock There is now a built in Stopwatch and Alarm clock feature that can be found on the bottom of the minimap. This allows you to create a small drag-able Stopwatch box with start/pause/reset options, or set an alarm, along with an alarm message, for either the realm time or your actual local time. When the alarm goes off, the clock flashes and the sound effect for a PvP queue coming up plays. (Didn't notice the alarm message anywhere. It may have yet to be added or I was just blind.) And yes, it can be disabled in the interface options menu. No, it doesn't have a snooze button. * Eclipse - now lasts 30 sec (up from 12) and has a 2 min cooldown. * Owlkin Frenzy - 25% spell haste ditched, now gives balance spell pushback immunity on proc. * Imp Moonkin Form - 100% spell haste changed to 20%. * Soothe Animal - Now affects dragonkin. * Celestial Focus, Vengeance, Focused Starlight, Moonglow - Now also affect Starfall. * Entangling Roots - Now ticks every second. * Lunar Guidance - Changed to 4/8/12% (down from 8/16/24%). * Starfall - Extra damage radius changed to 5 yards (down from 10). * Nature's Fury - No longer converts bonus healing into damage. Feral * King of the Jungle (new) - While Enraged in Bear Form or Dire Bear Form, your damage is increased by 5/10/15%, and your Tiger's Fury ability also instantly restores 20/40/60 energy. * Nurturing Instinct - Changed from 50/100% agi as healing to 35/70%. * Primal Aggression - Increases damage done by your Maul and Shred attacks on bleeding targets by 2/4/6/8/10%, and increases the critical strike chance of your Ferocious Bite ability on bleeding targets by 10/20/30/40/50%. * Reinforced Hide - removed. * Challenging Roar - Cooldown changed to 3 min (down from 10). * Maul - Description changed to "A strong attack that increases melee damage by x and causes a high amount of threat." * Predatory Strikes - Increases your melee attack power in Cat, Bear, Dire Bear and Moonkin Forms by 50%/100%/150% of your level and 7%/14%/20% of any attack power on your equipped weapon. * Ferocious Bite, Rip - Damage values changed. * Primal Precision - Changed from 30/60% energy return on failed finisher to 40/80%. * Berserk - Changed. o Old: Removes all Stun, Fear, Snare and Movement Impairing Effects and increases your energy regeneration rate by 100% while in Cat form, and increases your total health by 20% while in Bear form. After the effect ends, the health is lost. Effect lasts 20 seconds. o New: Reduces the energy cost of your Cat form abilities by 50% while in Cat form, and increases your total health by 30% and causes your Mangle (Bear) and Maul abilities hit up to 3 maximum targets while in Bear form or Dire Bear form. Berserk instantly clears all effects which cause loss of control of your character, and makes you immune to them for the duration. Lasts 20 sec. * Lock Jaw (new) - Finishing move that stuns the target and deals damage. Lasts longer per combo point: x points: x+1 seconds (level 75) Restoration * Gift of the Earthmother (new) - Reduces the global cooldown of your Rejuvenation and Lifebloom spells by .1/.2/.3/.4/.5 sec, and causes your Healing Touch and Nourish spells to refund 1/2/3/4/5% of their base cost for each healing over time effect on the target. * Master Shapeshifter (new) - Grants an effect which lasts while the Druid is within the respective shapeshift form. (Bear Form: +2%/4% Physical Damage) (Cat Form: +2%/4% Critical Strike Chance) (Moonkin Form: +2%/4% Spell Damage) (Tree Form: +2%/4% Healing) * Spark of Nature - removed. * Nature's Swiftness - Added "with a casting time under 10 sec" to description. * Improved Tranquility - Threat modifier changed to 30/60% (down from 50/100%). * Empowered Touch - Changed to 20/40% (up from 10/20%). * Living Seed - Proc chance changed to 33/66/100% (up from 20-100%) and effect changed to 30% (up from 15%). * Replenish - Proc chance changed to 5/10/15% (up from 4/7/10%). * Nourish - Additional heal changed to "an additional 12% for each Rejuvenation, Regrowth or Lifebloom effect cast by you active on the target" (old: +387-450 if Rejuvenation was on the target). Priest Discipline * Improved Divine Spirit - Changed to 3/6% (down from 5/10%). Holy * Circle of Healing - Cooldown changed to 6 sec (down from . Shadow * Shadowfiend - Duration increased to 18 sec from 15 sec, * Pain and Suffering (new) - Your Mind Flay has a 33/66/100% chance to refresh the duration of your Shadow Word: Pain on the target, and reduces the damage you take from your own Shadow Word: Death by 20/40/60%. * Twisted Faith (new) - Increases your Shadow damage by 6/12/18/24/30% of your total Spirit, and your damage done by your Mind Flay and Mind Blast is increased by 1/2/3/4/5% for each of your Shadow damage over time effects on the target. * Improved Shadowform - Changed from 25/50% chance to 50/100% chance to avoid spell pushback in Shadowform. * Dark Spirit - removed. * Growing Pains - removed. Warrior Arms * Anger Management - "while in combat" removed from description. * Mocking Blow - cooldown changed to 1 minute, now usable in defensive stance. * Sudden Death (new) - Your melee critical hits have a 10%/20/30% chance of allowing the use of Execute regardless of the target's health state. * Sweeping Strikes - now only affects the next 5 strikes. Protection * Defensive Stance - now increases threat by 45% (up from 30%). * Improved Disarm - Bonus damage against disarmed targets 4/7/10% (down from 5-15%) * Improved Shield Block - Reduces the cooldown of your Shield Block ability by 5/10 sec. * Shield Specialization - Changed from 1 rage per block to 2. * Shield Block - Increases your chance to block and the amount blocked by 100% for 5 sec, but will only block 1 attack. 30 sec cooldown. * Incite (new) - Increases the critical strike chance of your Heroic Strike, Thunder Clap and Cleave abilities by 5%/10%/15%. * Vigilance (new) - Focus your protective gaze on a friendly target, increasing their chance to dodge by 5%. In addition, any time they are hit by an attack your Taunt cooldown is refreshed. Lasts until cancelled. This effect can only be on one target at a time. * Shield Slam - Replaced with Vigilance (now trainable). * Defiance - Replaced with Incite. Extra 15% threat now default for defensive stance. Warlock Affliction * Death's Embrace - Now affects Shadowburn instead of Haunt. * Soul Depletion - Energy and Runic Power drain rate changed to 8 (down from 10). * Cripple (new) - Cripples the target, reducing movement speed by 75%, pacifying and silencing the target. Cripple causes the target to be immune to physical attacks, but still vulnerable to spells. Lasts 20 sec. Only 1 target can be crippled at a time. (1.5 sec cast, no cooldown) * Atrocity - Replaced with Cripple. (possibly trainable?) Demonology * Metamorphosis - Immolation - Self damage removed. * Spell Lock - "silencing the enemy" added to description. Destruction * Shadow Vulnerability - now only affects non-periodic spells. * Chaos Bolt (Rank 1) (new) - Sends a bolt of Chaotic Fire at the enemy, dealing 990-1256 Fire damage. Chaos Bolt cannot be resisted, and pierces through absorption and immunity mechanics. (51 point, 715 mana, 1.45 sec cast, 8 sec cooldown) * Devastate - Replaced with Chaos Bolt. Exhaustion removed from description. (possibly trainable?) Mage * Invisibility - Fade out time changed to 3 sec (down from 5). * Evocation - Mana restored increased to 75% (up from 60) and duration increased to 10 seconds (up from 8 seconds). Hunter * Charge - Description changed to read "animal" instead of "boar". * Gore - Gores the enemy, causing x damage. This attack has a 50% chance to inflict double damage, or triple damage if used just after a Charge. Rogue * Cheap Shot - "Awards 2 combo points" removed from description. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/World%20of%20Warcraft%203.0.1-189.htm Plague Eruptors http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Plague%20Eruptors-190.htm Plague Eruptor http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Plague%20Eruptors-190.htm Age of Conan Topless http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Age%20of%20Conan%20Topless-191.htm Age of Conan has topless girls? No, this is not a AoC site... But there is popular question for WoW users... YES, you can undress your character bra. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Age%20of%20Conan%20Topless-191.htm Lich King news http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Lich%20King%20news-192.htm Do you plan to release a new content patch prior to WotLK? We do not have any new content planned prior to Wrath of the Lich King. Our efforts are focused on creating new content as a part of the expansion and to change our focus to add content prior to it's release wouldn't be productive. I'm sorry, but I can't give you an ETA on the release and it's your choice if you wish to cancel to do something else. We'll still be here and Northrend is fast becoming reality. If you choose to come back to experience it, we'd love to see you again. The Sunwell is considered the final part of what we wanted to release (content wise) for Burning Crusade. So what you stated above is where we're at. We're happy with the content that is currently in the game and available. We are also now focused on creating new content that will be added in with Wrath of the Lich King. In many interviews we've even stated that we plan out content releases as a part of our expansions. We plan out the pacing of the content (which we have tried to improve upon with each release) and do our best to make sure that it's the highest quality each time. There are many interviews with our designers and producers that reaffirm this information. We've had content planned out for a long time in advance. All we're doing now is moving to the next portion of our development we've had planned for the game. We're not abandoning content in favor of the next best thing. We've completed our content for the Burning Crus... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Lich%20King%20news-192.htm World of Warcraft 2.4.3 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/World%20of%20Warcraft%202.4.3-193.htm World of Warcraft PATCH 2.4.3 General Dispel effects will no longer attempt to remove effects that have 100% dispel resistance. Parry Rating, Defense Rating, and Block Rating: Low-level players will now convert these ratings into their corresponding defensive stats at the same rate as level 34 players. Haris Pilton has launched a new line of bags and jewelry. Check her out in the World’s End Tavern! Mounts at 30?! Yes, it’s true: Apprentice Riding and mounts are now available at level 30. Training costs 35 gold. Blood Elf flightmasters outside of Silvermoon City and Tranquillien have traded in their bats for glorious fire-breathing dragonhawks. Alcohol cooldowns have been rolled into Drinks: All 10-second cooldowns have been removed and replaced with the 1-second Drink cooldown. Numerous flying non-combat pets have had their flight height modified to no longer skim along the ground: captured firefly, dragonhawk hatchlings, moths, owls, parrots, phoenix hatchling, spirit of summer, sprite darter, and tiny sporebat. Nether Ray Fry (a non-combat pet) is now available from the Skyguard Quartermaster. This requires an Exalted reputation with Sha’tari Skyguard. Equipping an item will now cancel any spell cast currently in progress. Placing an item in your bank will now cancel any spell cast currently in progress if the spell was cast by that item. When a stun wears off, the creature that was stunned will prefer the last target with the highest threat, versus the current target. Druids Barkskin: The cost of this spell is now reduced by Tree of Life Form. Hunters Growl: Pets will no longer generate additional threat from this ability based on attack power buffs cast on them. Attack power buffs on their master will still indirectly increase the threat generated by the pet’s Growl. Pet Aggro: Pets will no longer generate threat immediately from being summoned. Scare Beast: This spell will now be limited correctly to one target. Mages Frost Armor, Ice Armor, Mage Armor, and Molten Armor are no longer Magic effects and cannot be dispelled. Paladins Greater Blessing of Light Rank 1: This spell will no longer overwrite Greater Blessing of Light Rank 2. Summon Warhorse is now available at level 30. Priests Mind Vision: This effect will now be cancelled immediately on targets who use an Invisibility Potion or Gnomish Cloaking Device. Spiritual Healing: Ranks 2-5 of this talent will no longer prevent refreshing Prayer of Mending. Rogues Cheat Death: This talent has been rebalanced significantly. Killing blows are no longer 100% absorbed. If the Rogue is below 10% health, the killing blow is still completely absorbed; if the Rogue is over 10% health, enough damage will be absorbed to reduce the Rogue’s health down to 10%. For the following 3 seconds, damage is not always reduced by 90%; it is now reduced by a maximum of 90%, depending on how much resilience the Rogue has. The damage reduction will be four times the damage reduction resilience causes against critical strikes. Sinister Calling now increases damage to Backstab and Hemorrhage by 1/2/3/4/5% (down from 2/4/6/8/10%.) Shaman Earth Elemental: This pet will now leash back to its totem when pulled beyond 50 yards away. Lightning Overload: This talent will no longer do excessive damage when used with Lightning Bolt Ranks 2-10. Warlocks Curse of Shadows: This spell has been removed. Curse of Elements: This spell now applies to Arcane and Shadow damage, as well as Frost and Fire. Demonic Sacrifice: This ability will now interact correctly with the Spirit Guide resurrection system in battlegrounds. A sacrificed pet will not be resummoned on death, and will not prevent keeping a record of the most recently created pet. Demon Skin, Demon Armor, and Fel Armor are no longer Magic effects and cannot be dispelled. Health Funnel: This ability will now cancel channeling when the target pet is Banished. Ritual of Summoning: The mana cost of this spell will now be properly deducted when cast. Summon Felsteed is now available at level 30. Warrior Revenge: Ranks 1-5 of this ability now have damage ranges instead of fixed damage values (like ranks 6-8.) PvP The time available to accept the option to “Enter Battle” for a battleground has been reduced to 1 minute and 20 seconds (previously 2 minutes) in order ot give each side more time to get a full complement of players before the battle begins. The Warsong Gulch flag can no longer be picked up at the same time as a flag is capped. Rocket Boots Xtreme and Rocket Boots Xtreme Lite can no longer be used in the arena. These no longer have a failure chance. Zoning into an instance on a PvE realm will now drop your PvP flag. Professions Alchemy Philosopher’s Stone now requires 200 Alchemy. Cooking Juicy Bear Burgers now correctly increase healing as well as spell damage. Jewelcrafting Activated beneficial effects from jewelcrafting trinkets can no longer be dispelled. Mining Green quality gems can be found in mining nodes again. The drop rate of blue gems from mining nodes remains unchanged. Tailoring Removed the cooldown from regular Mooncloth. Herb bags can now hold Un’goro Soil and Evergreen Pouches. Mycah of Sporeggar has discovered how to create 28 slot herb bags. New Tailoring patterns are available from Haughty Modiste in Steamwheedle Port, Tanaris: Haliscan Jacket and Haliscan Pantaloons. Quests Bhag’thera now spawns at a normal quest spawn rate. For the quests, Intercepting the Mana Cells and Maintaining the Sunwell Portal, phased characters will not be able to see non-phased character AoE effects and vice-versa. For the quests, Intercepting the Mana Cells and Maintaining the Sunwell Portal, pets gaining/losing phase status will now properly break off combat from unphased/phased opponents. Dungeons and Raids Players can now be summoned to raid instances from heroic dungeons. Magister’s Terrace The Stun component to the Sunblade Mage Guard Glaive Throw has been removed and the Bounce range reduced. Vexallus and Kael’thas are now tauntable in Heroic mode. Vexallus’ damage caused by Pure Energy has been decreased. Kael’thas’ Arcane Sphere has had its visual size increased. His Arcane Sphere attack has had its range decreased and the damage/second of Phase two on Normal mode has been decreased. (Heroic mode remains unchanged.) Sunblade Warlocks have had their damage reduced slightly. Fel Crystals in the Selin Fireheart encounter have had their health reduced slightly. Warlord Salaris and Kagani Nightstrike have had their damage output reduced slightly. Sunwell Plateau Creatures in the area around Grand Warlock Alythess and Lady Sacrolash will no longer spawn while the twins are in combat. M’uru, Entropius, Shadowsword Berserkers, and Shadowsword Fury Mages have all had their health decreased. Kil'jaeden Encounter Nether Protection will now correctly trigger from Kil’jaeden’s Shield Orb Shadow Bolts. Vanish now correctly wipes threat on Kil’jaeden. Sinister Reflections are now interruptible. Sinister Reflections on Hunters now use normal Wing Clip instead of Improved Wing Clip. Kil’jaeden will now wait slightly longer before casting Flame Darts after casting Darkness of a Thousand Souls. Items Bow of the Verdant Keeper’s Aim: This item’s triggered effect no longer breaks the effect of Scatter Shot. Brutal Gladiator’s Pummeler has had its Stamina value increased to the appropriate value. Clockwork Robot Bots fight amongst themselves again...without attacking people in the arena. Well... they’ll blow up other Bots in the arena, but you know what we mean. The Eredar Twins will now award the same items regardless of which order they are killed in. Invisibility Potions: These potions now are on the same cooldown as other combat consumable potions (such as mana potions.) Pendant of the Violet Eye: This item will again work correctly with Holy Light and Flash of Light. Shattered Sun Pendant of Acumen: The triggered effect from this Item can now occur on periodic damage ticks. Thori’dal, the Star’s Fury is now Unique as intended. Vengeful Gladiator’s Baton of Light: This item now appears in the correct position on the vendor list. User Interface The help interface has been simplified dramatically. Players will no longer be required to select a category when opening a GM ticket. In addition, players can use the “Talk to a GM” button to fill out a ticket that requires a GM response or the “Report Issue” button to fill out a ticket that does not require a GM response. Target buff/debuff timers that appear when you cast a spell are now more visible. Time Management features have been implemented! These features include an alarm clock, stopwatch, and viewing your computer’s local time. The new stopwatch feature can be accessed via the /stopwatch, /sw, or /timer slash commands. Inputting a time into the slash command will make the stopwatch count down. For example, /stopwatch 1:0:0 will make the stopwatch count down from an hour, /stopwatch 1:30 will make it count down from 1 minute, 30 seconds, and /stopwatch 30 will make it count down from 30 seconds. Added the following macro commands: /targetenemyplayer, /targetfriendplayer. Added key bindings for tab targeting players. Ctrl-Tab and other target nearest friend functions will no longer target you. Targeting using /target will prefer live targets over dead ones. You can no longer click the minimap to cast ground targeted spells. Invisible players with Hunter’s Mark can see the hunter that put the mark on them. Vendor items now show their Duration in Inventory. For additional notes on Lua and XML changes please visit the UI & Macros Forum. World Environment Winterspring Ice Thistle Matriarchs and Patriarchs may now drop Thick Yeti Fur. Skinning any Winterspring Ice Thistle yetis may now result in Thick Yeti Fur. Increased the drop rate of Pristine Yeti Horns from Winterspring Ice Thistle Matriarchs and Patriarchs. Goblin Weather Machine- Prototype 01-B weather changes will no longer force the affected character to stand. Collector’s Edition Pet Redemption NPCs/items/quests have been relocated/modified to/for towns with mailboxes (Goldshire, Razor Hill, etc.). Young Sporebats and Greater Sporebats in Zangarmarsh now drop Sporebat Eyes for the quest Gathering the Reagents. Blacksmithing Supplies vendor and repairer, Blazzle, in Area 52 is now next to the forge and anvil outside the inn. Banker Meeda, in Area 52 is now in the...well...the bank, along with a guild vault and guards. The other three Area 52 bankers are still located in the auction-house-turned-bank. Wastewander Bandits and Rogues should be more plentiful in the northern parts of Tanaris. Bug Fixes The mage spell, Counterspell now shows in the combat log. Gan’arg Analyzers will no longer occasionally become friendly to players. Talented abilities that cost a percentage of base mana will no longer display an incorrect mana cost when inspected by a player of a different class or level. Guild leaders should now be able to properly promote a new guild leader regardless of their range. Druids: Mangle will no longer incorrectly indicate a 100-yard range on the tooltip. Hunters: Using an instant ability after Steady Shot will no longer lock out auto shot. Hunter Snake Trap will no longer break players out of stealth if the snakes pass near the stealthed character. Hunters: Concussive shot will now properly have a chance to proc Bow of Searing Arrows. Hunters: Scare Beast will now be correctly limited to one target and has had its tooltip updated to display the proper cast time of 1.5 seconds. Paladins: Righteous Defense will now properly check for range when a mob is selected. Rogues: The talent Heightened Senses, Rank 1 and Rank 2 will now affect attacks from wands. Warlocks: The heal aspect of felhunter Devour Magic will now display in the Combat Log. Warlocks: The Succubus will now behave properly while under the effects of Lesser Invisibility. Warlocks: Demonic Sacrifice: This ability will now interact correctly with the Spirit Guide resurrection system in battlegrounds. A sacrificed pet will not be resummoned on death. Warlocks will still be able to resurrect with the pet they last summoned (non-sacrificed pets), even if it has since died. Using Jewelcrafting figurines will no longer cause scrolling combat text to appear twice. Fixed an issue in which shadows were not appearing properly for users with GF4 video chipsets in Open GL mode. Corrected an issue in which users with Creative X-FI sound cards would sometimes here a slight popping noise when running. Players will now correctly receive a Battleground Mark message for the marks that are received at the end of a battle. Corrected an issue where the initial trigger or activation sounds for Immolation Trap and Explosive Trap could not be heard by some players. Smelt Hardened Khorium will now properly require a forge instead of an anvil and hammer. Hardened Khorium Bars can now be placed properly into Mining bags. Corrected a typo in the tooltip for the Druid spell Rip (Rank 4). The flight from Zul’Aman, Ghostlands to Sun’s Reach Harbor, Isle of Quel’Danas and the flight cost from Emerald Sanctuary, Felwood to Astranaar, Ashenvale will now cost the correct amount of money. Looting a Nightmare Vine will now properly no longer apply poison when the node is looted. The Figurine- Seaspray Albatross ability will now properly restore the correct amount of mana. First Aid bandages can no longer be applied to a player with the Recently Bandaged debuff. An error message of, "Could not activate more than one bandage" will be displayed. Corrected the tooltips to read properly for the flight paths from The Stormspire, Toshley’s Station, Blade’s Edge, and Area 52. Greater Elementals summoned by a shaman will now properly have a combat log entry. Players will no longer become stuck on the Nimboya’s Laden Pike when driving it into the ground. The quest, "Going Going, Guano!" will now have a more consistent level requirement for the dungeon. The quest, "Into The Scarlet Monastery" is now available to players of the appropriate level for the instance. Blueleaf Tubers can now be properly looted. The quest turn-ins for the Ahn’Qiraj war effort now give the appropriate amount of credit for each successful quest turn-in. Cloak of Shadows will now properly remove the curse Shrink. Nightbane will no longer become unresponsive and unkillable during his air phase. Several items sold by the Consortium reputation vendor Paulsta’ats are now bind on pick-up: Formula: Enchant Weapon- Major Striking, Design: Delicate Blood Garnet, Design: Shifting Shadow Draenite, Design: Lustrous Azure Moonstone, Design: Thick Golden Draenite. It is no longer possible to delete a character that is an arena team captain without first promoting another player to captain. Taunts will now properly stick when a target is stunned while being taunted. Taking the Druid flight path from Moonglade will no longer dispel buffs. Players who die on the Isle of Quel’Danas and release their spirit will no longer be sent to the graveyard in Eversong Woods. Disabling some subtypes under the Combat Log Message Types in the Combat Log Config menu will no longer cause main Message Types to be disabled. Changes on the Desktop gamma options will now be properly discarded when canceled. A message will now appear in the combat log if a debuff is removed by normal melee attacks. Moving a quiver from one container slot to an empty container slot will no longer reset the ranged attack speed. Fixed an issue where players could have two minimap tracking types active at the same time. Corpses with money on them will now be able to be looted even when all party members opt to pass on loot. Fixed an issue where ravager pets had all available pet skills. Players will no longer receive an error message while receiving money and attempting to send mail to another player. It is no longer possible to be in a guild without a Guildmaster. Pets will now properly attack mobs when out of phase with the real world. Players who have the Apprentice and Journeyman Riding skills trained already will no longer show these as available to train despite having the higher riding skill. It is no longer possible to dispel Shattered Sun Pendant buffs. Passive pets will no longer attack due to AoE taunt spells. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/World%20of%20Warcraft%202.4.3-193.htm Mini Tyrael Pet http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Mini%20Tyrael%20Pet-194.htm /dance for fun http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Mini%20Tyrael%20Pet-194.htm Lich King Calendar http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Lich%20King%20Calendar-195.htm The new calendar from Wrath of Lich King: (note the mass-invite button too, usefull for raids) http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Lich%20King%20Calendar-195.htm Achievements system http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Achievements%20system-196.htm Who knows for what are those points... but anyway is nice from time to time to see some achievement:) http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Achievements%20system-196.htm Utgarde Keep http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Utgarde%20Keep-197.htm Utgarde Keep fire effect http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Utgarde%20Keep-197.htm Pets new feature http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Pets%20new%20feature-198.htm New Pets and Mounts infterface In Lich king you will not keep your non-combat pets and mounts in your bags anymore. When you login in first time, you can see them in bags like until now, but when you use them, you will learn how to call them from the new interface and they will be gone from the bags. You can call them how many times you want after, preview them before calling and of course... more space in bags! The same for mounts, you can preview them before you call them, the call button can be dragged in your action bars to be used like until now. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Pets%20new%20feature-198.htm Dalaran http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Dalaran-199.htm Dalaran (the new Shattrah) http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Dalaran-199.htm More Peisages http://warcraft.securityorg.net/More%20Peisages-200.htm Wrath of Lich King Peisages http://warcraft.securityorg.net/More%20Peisages-200.htm New alchemy recipes http://warcraft.securityorg.net/New%20alchemy%20recipes-201.htm New alchemy and herbalism recipes: (click on view button for full list) http://warcraft.securityorg.net/New%20alchemy%20recipes-201.htm New jewelcrafting recipes http://warcraft.securityorg.net/New%20jewelcrafting%20recipes-202.htm New jewelcrafting recipes: (click on view button to see full list) http://warcraft.securityorg.net/New%20jewelcrafting%20recipes-202.htm New smelting skills http://warcraft.securityorg.net/New%20smelting%20skills-203.htm New smelting skills: http://warcraft.securityorg.net/New%20smelting%20skills-203.htm World of warcraft Lich last patch http://warcraft.securityorg.net/World%20of%20warcraft%20Lich%20last%20patch-205.htm World of Warcraft last Lich beta patch notes: General - The continent of Northrend is now available! To travel there, visit one of four transportation masters in either Orgrimmar, Undercity, Theramore,or Menethil Harbor. - The floating magical city of Dalaran is now available! - The Barber Shop has been implemented and you can now visit one of the Barber Shops in the major cities to change your appearance. - The all new Achievement System has been implemented. - Transportation between Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra can be found at the Tuskarr villages in those zones. - The level cap is currently set to 77. - Hit Rating, Critical Strike Rating, and Haste Rating now modify both melee attacks and spells. - Spell casting and spell channeling pushback has been changed to the following: When casting a spell: The first and second hit will add .5 secs each to the cast time. All hits after the second will have no effect. When channeling a spell: The first and second hit reduces current duration by 25% of total duration each. All hits after the second will have no effect. - Spellpower: All items and effects which grant bonuses to spell damage and spell healing are being consolidated into a single stat, Spellpower. This stat will appear with the same values found on items which grant "increased spell damage and healing" such as on typical Mage and Warlock itemization. For classes which do not heal, they should see no change in the character sheet other than new tooltip wording. Healing characters will see their bonus healing numbers on the character sheet decrease, however, all healing spells have been modified to receive more benefit from spellpower than they received from bonus healing, with a net effect of no change to the amount healed by their spells. Some talents have had to be rebalanced to accommodate this change, but the amount healed will remain roughly the same. In addition, some talents will provide only healing spell power. - NPC Transportation Locations Horde: Undercity to Vengeance Landing (Howling Fjord) Orgrimmar to Warsong Hold (Borean Tundra) Alliance: Menethil Harbor to Valgarde (Howling Fjord) Theramore to Valiance Keep (Borean Tundra) Racial Abilities - Arcane Torrent (Blood ... (click view for full patch list) http://warcraft.securityorg.net/World%20of%20warcraft%20Lich%20last%20patch-205.htm Poor people gain money from gold http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Poor%20people%20gain%20money%20from%20gold-206.htm Nearly half a million people are employed in developing countries earning virtual goods in online games to sell to players, a study has found. Research by Manchester University shows that the practice, known as gold-farming, is growing rapidly. Researchers say the industry, which is largely based in China, currently employs about 400,000 young people who earn £80 per month on average. Games companies have attempted to crack down on the practice. Players in the popular online game World of Warcraft acquire virtual gold by fighting monsters and completing quests. Alternatively, some simply buy it from a fast-growing workforce employed to play this and other games. Manchester University says the young people, described in the study as "playbourers", sell gold or other virtual goods, despite the practice being against the rules of many online games. However, the report's authors say an industry which connects cash-rich time-poor players with those willing to work long hours for little reward is likely to go on growing. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Poor%20people%20gain%20money%20from%20gold-206.htm Warcraft Bind to account 3.0.1 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%20Bind%20to%20account%203.0.1-207.htm Heirloom "Binds to account" -- Scaling Items The build introduced a new type of item called "Heirloom" items that scale with the level of your character. The cool thing is these items are also Binds to account, meaning that you can trade them between characters on the same account whenever you want! These items will scale with your character's level from 1 all the way to 80, so no matter what level you are, you'll gain some benefit from the item. Not all effects are available at level 1; they're gradually added in some cases as you gain levels. Currently the only Binds on account items available are found on the Emblem of Heroism token vendor in Dalaran. The items use a text color many will be familiar with if you've seen Martin Thunder. This was originally used as the "Artifact" color code in the game files, but no Artifact quality items were ever implemented. The shoulder slot items all seem to gain a 10% experience gain bonus at some point. It doesn't have it at level 1, but it does have it at level 55, 70, and 80. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%20Bind%20to%20account%203.0.1-207.htm Warcraft 3.0.2 patch notes http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%203.0.2%20patch%20notes-209.htm General All players will have their talent points reimbursed and will have access to new talents throughout their trees; this includes the 51-point talents. Several new spells and abilities have been added for all classes. Players will need to visit their class trainer to learn new spells. The Kirin Tor have made their move and so has Dalaran.Please watch your step around the crater that has been left behind! The Barber Shop has been implemented and you can now visit one of the Barber Shops in the major cities to change your appearance. Be sure to get your Shave and a Haircut! The all new Achievement System has been implemented and the Achievement panel can be accessed via the interface. While many achievements are not retroactive, we have done our best to credit as many as possible. Gamemasters will not be able to grant achievements for past accomplishements. Stormwind Harbor is now open for business. New towers have been added outside Of Orgrimmar and in Tirisfal Glades. Crews are currently at work to establish a new Zeppelin route to Northrend for your travel pleasure. Please no /spit off of the towers. A new entrance is now viewable in the Caverns of Time. Hit Rating, Critical Strike Rating, and Haste Rating now modify both melee attacks and spells. Spell casting and spell channeling pushback has be... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%203.0.2%20patch%20notes-209.htm World of warcraft Lich Release Date http://warcraft.securityorg.net/World%20of%20warcraft%20Lich%20Release%20Date-212.htm 13 NOVEMBER 2008 WORLD OF WARCRAFT LICH KING RELEASE DATE http://warcraft.securityorg.net/World%20of%20warcraft%20Lich%20Release%20Date-212.htm PvP honor reset http://warcraft.securityorg.net/PvP%20honor%20reset-213.htm As many of you know we will be featuring a new Battleground, a dedicated world PvP zone and all new PvP items in Wrath of the Lich King. In order to make the transition from The Burning Crusade to Wrath of the Lich King flow as smoothly as possible, all accrued honor points will be reset at the launch of the expansion. We do this to ensure select players do not have an unfair advantage at level 80 from stockpiling honor to instantly purchase the newest Wrath of the Lich King PvP rewards. For those with unspent honor points prior to the release of the expansion, we will be offering a few upgrades and special rewards in next content patch solely for purchase via the honor system. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/PvP%20honor%20reset-213.htm Warcraft Warrior changes http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%20Warrior%20changes-215.htm NOTE: These changes were in the works before the recent round of dps discussions. I hope to have some Arms and Fury changes to report soon. Armored to the Teeth -- Changed to AP, but amount reduced to 1 per 360 armor (to compensate for the loss of Blessings of Kings etc.). We implemented this talent for dps warriors and didn't want it to feel like the ultimate Shield Block Value talent. It's still good for Protection, just not as good. Death Knights will get the same treatment. EDIT: I meant 2 AP : 360 per talent point. My point was that we understand 1 Str > 2 AP for warriors. Thunder Clap -- Increase in threat generation. No target limit. Swipe gets the same treatment. With these changes, all 4 tank classes should be able to generate very respectable AE threat. Consecration is still a little higher in threat to account for Thunder Clap's debuff. Revenge -- Added to Sword and Board as a chance to proc Shield Slam. Increased its damage significantly. We want Revenge to be the button you push first. Shield Slam -- Increased its flat damage to compensate for the Devastate nerf a few weeks ago. The Revenge change will help dps too, though only when you're tanking. We didn't want to increase the scaling portion of Shield Slam for fear that warrior threat becomes too high at ultimate gear levels, but we might still change it if they fall behind. We're not saying (for now) that Prot must do dps with a shield instead of dual-wielding Devastates, but this should make it more viable. We're doing some more mitigation and survivability tests now. Our suspicion is that warriors are fine in this department and paladins might fall behind in the area of Shield Block Value at very high gear levels. But we'll see. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%20Warrior%20changes-215.htm Warcraft wins bot payout http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%20wins%20bot%20payout-216.htm World of Warcraft creator Blizzard has won $6m (£3.36m) in damages from the makers of a software 'bot'. The damages award comes after Blizzard won the first round of its legal battle against MDY Industries in July 2008. Blizzard embarked on the case against MDY claiming that the World of Warcraft Glider software produced by the small company infringed its copyright. The Glider software lets Warcraft players automate many of the repetitive steps the game involves. Cash call In July US District Court Judge David Campbell ruled that the MMOGlider, as the software is now known, broke the terms of the license that players agree to when they play World of Warcraft (WoW). The Glider software is the creation of MDY founder Michael Donnelly who is thought to have sold more than 100,000 copies of the $25 (£14) program. It proved popular with many WoW players as it helped them automate the many repetitive tasks, such as killing monsters and scavenging loot, required to turn low level characters into more powerful ones. Although sizeable the damages award could have been bigger, say experts, if MDY had not won some of its arguments about damages in court. It was also helped by an admission in court that it would be reasonable to pay some form of damages. The damages award could be delayed if Blizzard appeals against the judgement which threw out its claim to double or triple the cash settlement. The case is due to go to court again in January 2009 when the remaining issues in the legal conflict look likely to be settled. At issue will be whether MDY broke the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act and whether Mr Donnelly will have to pay the damages from his own pocket. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%20wins%20bot%20payout-216.htm Warcraft patch 3.0.3 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%20patch%203.0.3-222.htm Patch 3.0.3 General o Removed “A Mask for All Occassions” as criteria for the “Hallowed Be thy Name” meta achievement. o Replenishment: Players below level 50 can now benefit from this effect. Racial o Blood Fury: No longer triggers global cooldown. o Shadowmeld: The cooldown will now start on use instead of on break. Druid o Druid talents points have been refunded. Players will need to visit a class trainer to relearn spells and abilities. o The Swift Flight Form is now available on the trainer at level 71, requiring 300 riding skill, and Flight Form learned. o Bash: The interrupt from this ability will now work on targets who are immune to the stun. o Berserk: Now clears the cooldown on Mangle Bear. o Earth and Moon and Moonfury (Balance) reduced from 5 ranks each to 3 ranks each. o Eclipse: Buff duration extended to 15 sec and bonuses doubled. The cooldown has been increased to 40 seconds. o Growl: Cooldown changed to 8 sec. o Insect Swarm: Tooltip corrected to indicate it does not affect hit chance with spells. o Nature’s Swiftness: This ability will no longer give chances to trigger Omen of Clarity. o Omen of Clarity: Will no longer be triggered by the Honorless Target buff gained when entering the world. o Survival Instincts will no longer be on the Global Cooldown. o Swiftmend: now benefits correctly from Genesis talent. Hunter o Aimed Shot: Added to Barrage and Improved Barrage talent. o Animal Handler: Now increases your pet’s expertise by 5/10. (No longer incr... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%20patch%203.0.3-222.htm Choose next girlfriend http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Choose%20next%20girlfriend-224.htm http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Choose%20next%20girlfriend-224.htm Wrath Gate Event movie http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Wrath%20Gate%20Event%20movie-228.htm Wrath Gate event movie http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Wrath%20Gate%20Event%20movie-228.htm Warcraft 3.0.3 notes http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%203.0.3%20notes-227.htm World of Warcraft Patch 3.0.3 - The Burning Crusade General * Removed "A Mask for All Occasions" as criteria for the "Hallowed Be thy Name" meta achievement. * Replenishment: Players below level 50 can now benefit from this effect. * Resilience: The damage reduction component of resilience has been increased from 2 times the critical strike chance reduction to 2.2 times the critical strike chance reduction. In addition, the maximum damage reduction to a critical strike from resilience has been increased from 30% to 33%. Racial * Blood Fury: No longer triggers global cooldown. * Shadowmeld: The cooldown will now start on use instead of on break. Druid Druid * Druid talents points have been refunded. Playe.... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%203.0.3%20notes-227.htm Warcraft 3.0.2 patch notes http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%203.0.2%20patch%20notes-221.htm World of Warcraft Client Patch 3.0.2 General - All players will have their talent points reimbursed and will have access to new talents throughout their trees; this includes the 51-point talents. Several new abilities have been added for all classes. Players will need to visit their class trainer to learn new spells. - The Kirin Tor has made their move and so has Dalaran. Please watch your step around the crater that has been left behind! - The Barber Shop has been implemented and you can now visit one of the Barber Shops in the major cities to change your appearance. Be sure to get your Shave and a Haircut! - The all-new Achievement System has been implemented and the Achievement panel can be accessed via the interface. While many achievements are not retroactive, we have done our best to credit as many as possible. Gamemasters will not be able to grant achievements for past accomplishments. - Stormwind Harbor is now open for business. - New towers have been added outside of Orgrimmar and in Tirisfal Glades. Crews are currently at work to establish a new Zeppelin route to Northrend for your travel pleasure. Please no /spit off of the towers. - A new entrance is now viewable in the Caverns of Time. - Hit Rating, Critical Strike Rating, and Haste Rating now modify both melee attacks and spells. - All spells and abilities that use mana will now cost a percentage of the base character mana to cast. - All tank classes have increased threat generation. - Spell casting and spell channeling pushback has been changed to the following: When casting a spell: The first and second hit will add .5 secs each to the cast time. All hits after the second will have no effect. When channeling a spell: The first and second hit reduces current durat.... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%203.0.2%20patch%20notes-221.htm World of Warcraft 3.2 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/World%20of%20Warcraft%203.2-247.htm World of Warcraft Client Patch 3.2.0 (08-04-2009) Call of the Crusade * Since the opening of the Argent Tournament in northeastern Icecrown, adventurers have journeyed from across Azeroth and beyond to prove their worth in the heart of the Lich King's domain. Under thundering skies the tournament's participants hone the arts of war and face off in bone-shattering jousting matches to earn the right to be called champions. Yet these heroes have yet to face the greatest challenge of all: the Crusaders' Coliseum. Formidable Horde and Alliance champions, ferocious beasts, and Scourge lieutenants are just some of the opponents awaiting adventurers in this gladiatorial arena. Few will survive the coliseum's perils, but the Argent Crusade is confident that the worthy heroes who do emerge victorious will be ready to join the offensive against Icecrown Citadel and end the Lich King's reign of terror. Isle of Conquest * Off the coast of Northrend, Horde and Alliance forces are locked in an epic struggle for a tiny island rich in resources. Known as the Isle of Conquest, this rocky battleground's proximity to Icecrown makes it a highly prized base in the war against the Lich King. Both factions have deployed devastating weapons to drive each other from this strategic location. Day and night the ground trembles under lumbering siege vehicles while monstrous airships pummel enemy positions with fiery cannons. The bloody conflict spreads to every corner of the island as new heroes arrive to aid their factions. It remains to be seen whose banner will wave triumphantly over the Isle of Conquest and at what cost victory will be achieved. General * Construction of the Crusaders' Coliseum is complete. New raid normal and Heroic modes for the Crusaders' Coliseum can be toggled using the Dungeon Difficulty setting. This applies to 10 and 25-player versions. 10-player (normal), 25-player (normal), 10-player (Heroic) and 25-player (Heroic) all share separate raid lockout timers. o Trial of the Champion + 5-player (normal and Heroic mode) dungeon. + Daily quest added to the Heroic daily dungeon quest giver. o Trial of the Crusader + 10 and 25-player (normal mode) raid dungeon. o Trial of the Grand Crusader + 10 and 25-player (Heroic mode) raid dungeon. + Crusaders' Tribute: Active on Heroic difficulty only, the tribute system will limit players on the number of attempts the raid is allotted each week. Additional rewards can be earned depending on the number of attempts left in the tribute run each week when the final boss is defeated. * Head to the new 40 vs. 40-player siege-style Battleground, the Isle of Conquest, to vie for control of a strategic location with a host of resources sought by the Horde and Alliance. o Two level brackets are available: 71-79 and 80. o Defend the walls of your keep and protect your general by killing enemy players and destroying their siege vehicles. o Capture the Docks, Gunship Hangar, or Siege Workshop for access to destructive siege vehicles or strategic attacks on your enemy's base. o Capture the Refinery or Quarry for their resources to garner reinforcements, a steady flow of bonus honor and a 15% increase to siege vehicle damage for each of these capture points your team controls. o To claim victory, bust through the enemy's keep walls (or find other ways to get inside) and kill their general, or obliterate your opponents until their reinforcements are depleted. * The Argent Tournament Expands o All new Argent Crusader daily quests and rewards have been added for players with the Crusader title. Rewards include a new Argent Crusader banner and tabard (which can port players to the tournament grounds), a mounted squire (can periodically run bank, mail or vendor errands for the player), a paladin-exclusive Argent Crusader Charger mount and new heirloom items. o All new Silver Covenant and Sunreaver daily quests and rewards have been added for players exalted with these factions. Rewards include tabards, new ground and flying mounts and a new pet. o Just when you thought you had seen the last of the Black Knight, he makes his astonishing return to the tournament. Wait, didn't you kill him? * New Dungeon Loot Feature o Players will now be able to trade soulbound items with other raid or group members that were eligible for the loot. This system will work like the Item Buy Back system and allow 2 hours for players to trade an item after it has been looted. Players who choose to enchant or add gems to the item will get one last confirmation before losing the ability to trade the item. * New druid art for Cat Form and Bear Form has been added. There are now five unique color schemes for each form and faction. Changing hair color (night elves) or skin tone (tauren) via the barbershop will change the look of one's cat and bear forms. PvP * Arenas o Beginning with season 7, players will no longer have access to the newest season's weapons or shoulder armor and will not qualify for the Gladiator title/rewards with ratings from the 2v2 bracket alone. Ratings obtained through 3v3 and 5v5 game play will be r... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/World%20of%20Warcraft%203.2-247.htm Warcraft patch 3.0.8 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%20patch%203.0.8-232.htm World of Warcraft PTR Patch 3.0.8 The latest test realm patch notes can always be found at http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/patchnotes/test-realm-patchnotes.html The latest patch notes can always be found at http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/patchnotes/ General o Players may now create death knights on any realm once they reach level 55. o Bonus Armor: The mechanics for items with bonus armor on them has changed (any cloth, leather, mail, or plate items with extra armor, or any other items with any armor). Bonus armor beyond the base armor of an item will no longer be multiplied by any talents or by the bonuses of Bear Form, Dire Bear Form, or Frost Presence. o Racial restrictions on mounts have now been lifted. Night elves on mechanostriders? Tauren on raptors? You’re not seeing things. o Tapping: All player spells which cause a creature to become aggressive to you will now also immediately cause the creature to be tapped. o A new mailbox is now available at the Crows Ta... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%20patch%203.0.8-232.htm Blind movie http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Blind%20movie-234.htm http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Blind%20movie-234.htm 3d Armory http://warcraft.securityorg.net/3d%20Armory-236.htm If you want to see your friends toons in your browser, check: http://www.3darmory.com/ http://warcraft.securityorg.net/3d%20Armory-236.htm Tier 8 preview http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Tier%208%20preview-238.htm TIER 8 PREVIEW http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Tier%208%20preview-238.htm World of Warcraft PTR Patch 3.1.0 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/World%20of%20Warcraft%20PTR%20Patch%203.1.0-239.htm World of Warcraft PTR Patch 3.1.0 (unconfirmed and most probably fake) The Mysteries of Ulduar For many years, the ancient titan city of Ulduar has been a home to the Storm Giants of Northrend, where they have remained hidden from the Lich King and his Scourge Army. Recently, Ulduar has been taken over by the Iron Dwarves, who are being lead by a mysterious entity that is becoming a growing threat to Northrend and the rest of Azeroth. Brann Bronzebeard and the Explorer’s League have setup a new camp in The Storm Peaks in order to serve as a base of operations for the Ulduar investigations. Chester Copperpot and his goons, longtime enemies of the Explorer’s League, also have a vested interest in Ulduar. The Ruby Sanctum For thousands of years, the Chamber of Aspects was used as a secret meeting place for the five great Dragon Aspects. Since the formation of the Wyrmrest Accord and the war on Malygos, the portals leading to the dragonflight sanctuaries remained dormant…until now. Trouble has arisen within the Red Dragonflight’s Ruby Sanctum! Queen Alexstrasza and the Red Dragonflight are seeking able bodied adventurers to find out what lies within. General • Ulduar is now available in both Heroic and Normal Difficulty, players can find this raid dun.... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/World%20of%20Warcraft%20PTR%20Patch%203.1.0-239.htm Warcraft 3.1.2 patch notes http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%203.1.2%20patch%20notes-241.htm World of Warcraft Patch 3.1.2 Notes General New art textures have been added for Argent Tournament mounts. Any mounts already purchased from the Argent Tournament vendors will be updated automatically. Argent Tournament mounts with the old textures will still be available for purchase from the Argent Tournament vendors for a small Champion's Seal and gold cost (standard faction requirements apply). Copied Test Realm characters will no longer be copied with their achievement history in order to better facilitate the character copy process. PVP Vehicle health and damage output in Strand of the Ancients and Lake Wintergrasp now scale with the item level of the operator's gear. Power scaling is now 1% damage and 1% health per average item level. Death Knights Improved Death Strike: This talent now also increases the healing from Death Strike by 25/50% and the tooltip has been adjusted to reflect the actual functionality after the hotfix in 3.1.0. Ghoul Frenzy: Now has a 10-second cooldown. Druids Innervate: This ability has been redesigned to grant 450% of the casting Druid's base mana pool to the target over 20 seconds. Mages Mirror Images: The images summoned by this spell will now target the creature that most hates the Mage, and should no longer cast Fire Blast or Frostbolt on targets that are affected by crowd control debuffs that break immediately on damage unless they are already casting these spells when crowd control is applied. Priests Divine Hymn: Healing and healing scaling reduced by 30%. Buff on affected players changed from 15% to 10%. Renewed Hope: Effect can no longer be dispelled. Soul Warding: Mana cost reduction is now 15% down from 30%. Warlocks Nether Protection reduced to 30% damage reduction, down from 60%. Shadow and Flame: Now also includes Shadowburn. Fire and Brimstone: No longer increases the damage of your Immolate spell, but now increases the bonus damage your Incinerate deals to targets afflicted by your Immolate by 6/12/18/24/30%. Conflagrate updated: Consumes an Immolate or Shadowflame effect on the enemy target to instantly deal damage equal to 12 seconds of your Immolate, or 8 seconds of your Shadowflame. Items Darkruned 2-Piece Set Bonus: The bonus critical strike chance for Frost Strike and Death Coil has been increased from 5% to 8%. Glyphs Glyph of Conflagrate redesigned: When you use Conflagrate, the damage done by your next 3 Destruction spells is increased by 10% for 15 seconds if the Immolate on the target has 5 or fewer seconds remaining. Glyph of Innervate: Has been adjusted to grant the Druid 90% of his or her base mana pool over 20 seconds. Glyph of Mass Dispel: Now only decreases Mass Dispel cost by 35%. Glyph of Penance: Now increases critical strike chance by 5% instead of its old effect. Guise of the Midgard Serpent: The base attack power on this item has been lowered to balance it against items of a similar quality. Nightsong 4-Piece Set Bonus: Chance for Insect Swarm to trigger an instant Starfire changed to 15%. Scourgeborne 4-Piece Set Bonus: The runic power gain has been reduced to 5 runic power from 10 runic power. User Interface Equipment Manager When enabled from the Interface Options menu, this feature will allow players to store sets of equipment, easily swap between saved sets using hotkeys, and pull items directly from backpacks or bank slots (must be at the bank to equip inventory from the bank). Bug Fixes Death Knights Anti-magic Shell: Tooltip error corrected. Blood Boil: If no target is available for Blood Boil to hit, the spell will now cast and consume a blood rune but generate no runic power. Druids Maim: Rank 2 of this ability is properly considered a stun and can be escaped by Blink. Hunters Go For The Throat: Explosive Shot critical strikes now trigger this talent. Rabid: This Hunter pet talent no longer lists a percentage chance to be triggered, as that chance varies by the attack speed of the pet. Paladins Divine Sacrifice: Damage done to the Paladin while this is active will no longer cause the effect to break early, and if it is dispelled or cancelled early, the damage counter will reset correctly the next time the spell is cast. Rogues Shadow Dance: Issues with action bars and ability use arising from using Stealth while Shadow Dance is active have been fixed. Warlocks Demonic Sacrifice: This spell will no longer appear in any Warlock's spellbook. Dungeons and Raids Players can no longer become saved to a raid instance when they aren't in the raid during a boss kill. Ulduar The Spark of Imagination: Characters that release in part of the boss room will no longer be ported to Westfall or The Barrens. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%203.1.2%20patch%20notes-241.htm Warcraft patch 3.1.3 http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%20patch%203.1.3-246.htm Warcraft patch 3.1.3 Death Knights Frost Presence: Armor bonus is now 60% down from 80%. Druids Improved Barkskin: This talent now also grants 80/160% additional armor while in Travel Form or not shapeshifted. Improved Tree of Life: The armor bonus to Tree of Life Form from this talent has been reduced to 67/133/200% bonus armor. Hunters Hunter's Mark: The ranged attack power bonus from this ability has been increased from 300 to 500. Master Marksman: This talent now also decreases the cost of Aimed Shot and Chimera Shot by 5/10/15/20/25%. Paladins Eye For An Eye: This talent now deals 5/10% of the critical strike damage taken by the paladin back at the attacker. Hand of Freedom: The base duration of this buff has be.... http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Warcraft%20patch%203.1.3-246.htm L33t parents http://warcraft.securityorg.net/L33t%20parents-250.htm http://warcraft.securityorg.net/L33t%20parents-250.htm Pandaren monk drop http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Pandaren%20monk%20drop-252.htm http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Pandaren%20monk%20drop-252.htm Arthas flying mount http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Arthas%20flying%20mount-254.htm http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Arthas%20flying%20mount-254.htm Gollum at MTV http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Gollum%20at%20MTV-256.htm http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Gollum%20at%20MTV-256.htm Quests in ICC http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Quests%20in%20ICC-259.htm http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Quests%20in%20ICC-259.htm Amazin WoW http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Amazin%20WoW-262.htm http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Amazin%20WoW-262.htm Cataclysm Stat System Changes http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Cataclysm%20Stat%20System%20Changes-264.htm http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Cataclysm%20Stat%20System%20Changes-264.htm Cataclysm Shaman http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Cataclysm%20Shaman-265.htm http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Cataclysm%20Shaman-265.htm Cataclysm Professions Preview http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Cataclysm%20Professions%20Preview-268.htm http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Cataclysm%20Professions%20Preview-268.htm Workcraft http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Workcraft-271.htm http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Workcraft-271.htm Gnomeregan retaken http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Gnomeregan%20retaken-276.htm http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Gnomeregan%20retaken-276.htm Ruby sanctum http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Ruby%20sanctum-275.htm http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Ruby%20sanctum-275.htm Cataclysm 7 december http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Cataclysm%207%20december-280.htm http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Cataclysm%207%20december-280.htm Cataclysm cinematic http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Cataclysm%20cinematic-282.htm http://warcraft.securityorg.net/Cataclysm%20cinematic-282.htm WoW TCG Raiding Rules http://warcraft.securityorg.net/WoW%20TCG%20Raiding%20Rules-284.htm WoW TCG- Comprehensive Raiding Rules Someone asked for them, so here they are- the comprehensive raid rules list. This is an old list, but it is still valid, and it's the only known one in existence (that I know of) that is the latest edition. __________________________________________ World of Warcraft™ TCG Raid Rules Updated September 29, 2008 R1. General R100. Raid fundamentals R100.1 Raid decks are played by a Boss player against a number of raiding players. Each raiding player needs a deck and hero. If a raiding player has an Alliance hero, then no raiding player can have a Horde hero, and vice versa. No other restrictions apply. For example, Traitor heroes can raid with non-Traitors, and Demon heroes can raid with non-Demons. R100.2 A Boss player wins if no other players remain in the game. The raiding players win if the final Boss is destroyed by fatal damage. R100.3 A Boss player’s action phase is normal in all ways except that he or she can’t place a resource. In addition, a Boss player can’t look at his or her face-down resources at any time. R100.4 A Boss player’s end phase follows his or her action phase, and is normal in all ways except that a Boss player’s maximum hand size is ten cards. Each raiding player has a maximum hand size of seven cards as usual. Each player must discard down to his or her maximum hand size during the wrap-up step of his or her turn as usual. R101. Boss fundamentals R101.1 A Boss is any hero in a Boss player’s party. Bosses have powers on both sides. Such powers function only if they’re on the side currently visible. R101.1a Usually, only one side of a Boss has a type line and damage icon. Such a Boss enters play with that side face up, and has that type line and damage icon even while on its other side. R101.1b A modifier that flips a Boss turns it over regardless of which side is visible (but see R101.3a). R101.2 If a Boss is destroyed, any allies or ongoing abilities controlled by the Boss player stay in play unless otherwise specified in these rules. R101.3 Special Boss Rules R101.3a Bosses can be destroyed only by fatal damage. Opposing modifiers can’t turn a Boss over or remove its powers (unless that Boss is the source of the modifier that does so). R101.3b Opposing modifiers can’t add cards to or remove cards from a Boss player’s resource row. R101.3c A Boss player has a separate graveyard for each deck. Opposing modifiers can’t remove cards from any of these decks or graveyards. A Boss player doesn’t lose the game if any of these decks runs out of cards. If that happens, that deck’s graveyard is shuffled into that deck by the game (even if cards can’t leave that graveyard) and the Boss player continues drawing from it. This doesn’t use the chain. http://warcraft.securityorg.net/WoW%20TCG%20Raiding%20Rules-284.htm