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List of known issues for the patch 2.1.3

- Shoulder armor is significantly smaller on Orc Males than previously.
- Male Night Elf Off-Hand Weapons are not properly aligned with the hand.
- Dwarven Female off-hand equipped items are universally over sized.
- Bloodelf male's legs clip into all chairs in the game.

- There is a chair in Sunfury Spire which is displaying internal information upon mouseover.
- Adamantite Bound Chests and Heavy Fel Iron Chests contain improper loot.

Spells, Talents, & Abilities
- Critical strike damagereduction percentage gained from resilience rating increases as theattacking player gains more +critical strike damage bonus talents.
- The abilities Blazing Speed and Retaliation do not work correctly when you are attacked while on a mount.
- Cyclone can prevent a player from receiving battleground marks when the battleground ends.
- If a character with immunity (ice block, divine protection) resists a mass dispel, the immunity effect is still removed.


- The Stealth ability of thecoaxed marmots in the Blade's Edge quest "The Smallest Creatures" isimmediately deactivating upon cast.
- Discarding the Darkrune from "Banishing the Demons" can prevent player from continuing the chain permanently.
- Turning in the Deathwing Brood Cloak with full inventory results in no reward.
- Obsidia, as well as other Blade's Edge Dragons, will not always answer when summoned.
- Multiple Resonating Skulls can be obtained from a single FetidSkull for the Eastern Plaguelands quest Marauders of Darrowshire.
- The quest, “Becoming a Spellfire Tailor" summons two Furious Nether-wraiths instead of one.

- The Chance on Hit effect for the two-handed mace "World Breaker" fades before the +crit it provides can be utilized.
- Two piece Warlock "Corruptor" set bonus does not work in conjunction with heal over time spells.
- The item "Spyglass of The Hidden Fleet" is unable to be used while in druid shapeshift form.
- Unstable Talasite does not satisfy Red gem socket requirements despite tooltip.
- Sul'thraze the Lasher is not showing the unholy effect nor any other enchant effect.
- The trinket, Figurine of the Colossus, is being put on a global cooldown when casting spells.
- Figurine of the Colossus becomes grayed-out on the action bar when a character has no mana.
- There is an inconsistency in the Strength attribute for thePaladin PvP items Veteran's Scaled Greaves and Veteran's Scaled Belt.
- The Merciless Gladiator's Legguards does not match the rest of the set items.
- There is an inconsistency on the critical strike rating on Gladiator's Leather Spaulders.
- There is an inconsistency with the Warbringer Armor two-piece set bonus description.
- Using Mr. Pinchy when your inventory is full results in a"Inventory is full" error and uses a charge but does not grant an item.
- Some Guardian Elixirs do not stack to 20.
- The item level for Shuriken of Negation is not consistent with the other items from Gruul.
- Runed Ornate Ruby and Bold Ornate Ruby are marked Unique-Equipped but only one can be in the players inventory.
- Some spells do not trigger the Enlightenment buff given by using the item, Pendant of the Violet Eye.
- The cooldown for the Gnomish Poultryizer is triggered even if the item cannot be used due to a Silence effect.
- Crossbow and gun animations are not stopping once a player has fired the weapon.
- Crystalline Crossbow is held in the character's hands improperly.
- Shooting while under the effects of Time-Lost Figurine displays no Shoot Animation.
- Edgewalker Longboots have an inconsistent armor value.
- When arrows are pulled back on The Black Bow of the Betrayer they stick straight up.
- The Merciless Gladiator's Plate Helm does not disable facial hair.
- Facial hair shows through the Merciless Gladiator's Mooncloth Hood.
- Players facial hair clips through the helm Merciless Gladiator's Ornamented Headcover.
- Hair clips through the back of the Crown of the Sun.
- The Merciless Gladiator's Mail Helm clips player hair.
- The Merciless Gladiator's Mooncloth Hood and Merciless Gladiator's Satin Hood clips player hair.
- The Merciless Gladiator's Ringmail Helm clips player hair.
- Crown of Empowered Fate is removing hair when equipped.
- Player facial hair clips through some Hood of Primal Life and Windscale Hood.
- The heal proc from the Battlemaster enchant knocks partied characters out of stealth.
- Masquerade Gown procs on non-spell casts.

User Interface
- The Pet info window will re-open whenever dismounting if the character info window is closed while the pet info tab is active.
- Hunter Pets with more then 12 skills can not access the second page of the spellbook.
- Players in cross-server battlegrounds can't use the target function in the Who List UI on players from different servers.

Monsters and NPCs
- Some major city guards ignore both Feign Death and Vanish.
- Player pets spawn in mid-air when the dragonmaw illusion is applied.
- Pets who are currently desummoned from mounting when a battleground ends will be lost after leaving the battleground.
- Dragonmaw Peons have improper pickpocket loot..
- Ahab Wheathoof is appearing when Track Beasts is enabled.



Spells, Talents, & Abilities
-The Healing Aura from Tree of Life is not being applied party members at full range.
-Druid talent Mangle's duration icon isn't being refreshed properly on reapplication.
- The Druid talent Force of Nature causes stealthed party members to lose their stealth.
- Druids are able to learn Dire Bear form before learning Bear form.


Spells, Talents & Abilities
- Hunter's Mark does not properly update itself when re-applied.
- Pets dismissed when a hunter mounts do not have their buffs decay in real time.


Spells, Talents, & Abilities
- A stunned paladin can cast Blessing of Protection on another player.
- A sapped paladin can cast Blessing of Protection on another player.
- Blessing of Kings and Greater Blessing of Kings have different animations.


Spells, Talents, & Abilities
-Undead Priest ability Touch of Weakness interrupts wand shooting.
- Pain Suppression is not properly affecting the chance to resist dispel mechanics.
- Pain Suppression is not gaining the benefit of Silent resolve or it's own 65% chance to resist dispel.
- The Priest talent proc Surge of Light is consuming mana and can crit when used.
- The spellsurge enchant does not proc when casting dispel or purge.


Spells, Talents, & Abilities
- Gnome male animation for "Mutilate" causes the main hand dagger to stick through the gnome's shoulder.
- A rogue who uses sap on another player on PvE server will not be flagged for PvP.


Spells, Talents, & Abilities
- Weapons appear on the model when shamans attack in ghost wolf form.
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