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BlizzCon Day 1


Blizzard announced its new expansion to World of Warcraft today - Wrath of the Lich King.

What we know so far:

- Level cap will be increased to 80
- New spells and abilities will be added for every class
- New talents (up to 51-point tier) will be added for every class
- New battlegrounds and arenas will be implemented
- Siege weapons and destructible buildings will be a part of PvP (possibly used in PvE - unknown at this time)
- New profession: Inscription. Inscription allows the inscriber to permanently enhance the recipient's spells (e.g. by Tigole - Fireball could be a shorter cast time, more direct damage, more DoT damage, etc.)
- New (and changeable) hairstyles, new dances
- New 10- and 25-man raids
- New Hero Class (made available by epic end-game quest): Death Knight

- Set in Northrend
- More zones than Outland
- NO new races
- Will include Nerubians
- Features Arthas/The Lich King as main villain
- Two 'points of entry' (a la Hellfire Peninsula): Borean Tundrea (Horde) and Howling Fjord (Alliance)

- Other known zones: Grizzly Hills, Dragonblight

- Main city in WotLK is Dalaran (now floating above Northrend)
- At least one new 15+ man battleground (estimated time to finish it: 30-40 min)

- Outdoor PvP zone (flagged as PvP even on PvE servers) - Lake Wintergrasp

- New Arena season, including new gear and maps


- Hybrid Tank and DPS
- Tanks using 2H or DW
- Can only use 'bladed' weapons (known: Swords, Axes)
- Referred to as "Rune Weapons"

- Wears plate armor
- Blend of melee and some spellcasting
- Known spell:
"Army of the Dead" - raises several temporary minions
"Unholy Embrace" - Instant Cast. 5 min cooldown
Target is embraced by a silhouette of darkness for 12 seconds, corrupting any healing spells and effects cast upon or currently affecting the target to cause damage for 50% of their healing potential instead of restoring health. Any damage shields cast upon or currently affecting the target will also be instantly consumed, dealing 50% of their absorption potential in damage. Once afflicted with Unholy Embrace, the target cannot be afflicted with Unholy Embrace again for 1 minute."

- Is a Hero Class
- Unlocked by an epic questline (no raids involved) at level 80
- Will allow you to start a new character as a Death Knight at a higher level (told to expect between 55 - 70). Will not overwrite previous character.

- More Hero classes may be to come - will continue to be based on Warcraft III Heroes

- Death Knight does not use rage or mana - will use a new mechanic, 'Runes'
- Rune schools (similar to Death Knight talents) split up into Blood, Frost, Unholy
- Runes are carved into the Death Knight's weapon - 6 slots total, any combination of runes (e.g. 2 of each, 4 Blood/2 Frost, 6 Unholy, etc.)

- Rune cooldowns will be modified by talents taken, etc.
- Certain spells will reactive runes; spells can consume more than one rune


- A team is currently working on redoing the 1-60 game
- 51-point talents are under construction
- There will be at least 1 new Caverns of Time instance
- Grim Batol is likely to be a WotLK raid

- New post-BT raid pre-WotLK (likely either Sunwell related or Kil'Jaeden)

- 70-80 to take similar amount of time/work as 60-70

- Outdoor zones in WotLK will be primarily solo

- More daily quests coming in 2.2, as well as integrated voice chat

- Paladin tanking is being worked on

- Any class/race can unlock the Death Knight

- Players will still not be able to use flying mounts in "old" Azeroth

- New post-BT dungeon to have 8 bosses

- Blizzard is working on a system on the wow default interface like Outfitter and Item Rack, so we can get real space to store the extra junk (resist gear)

- They will add a threat meter into the game, they are also talking about adding a Deadly Boss Mods element into the game


- Tree Form Druids to get more abilities in form (Decurse suggested)

- Ret Pallies to get improved sustained DPS

- Prot Pallies to get additional health (deep Prot talent suggested)

- Holy Priests to see improvements to Spirit of Redemption, Lightwell, and Circle of Healing
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