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Blue Weekly - 1: Weelky tracking of important Blue posts

All important Blue Posts (Blizzard Posters on official forums) weekly tracked and compiled in the form of patch notes.

Week: 2/12/07 - 2/19/07

Raids and Dungeons


- Players can no longer avoid Grull the Dragonkiller's shatter damage through immunities (
- Fixed an issue where The Maiden of Virtue would despawn upon a reset of the Karazhan instance (
- Fixed an issue with players losing control of the chess pieces in Karazhan (
- The door at the top of the elevator in Tempest Keep: Mechanar should now properly open if players die to Pathaleon the Calculator (
- Murmur's Touch is properly removed from players when they zone out of Auchindoun: Shadow Labyrinth (


- Is resistance gear needed in 5-man instances? (
Blue Answer)



- The Gnomish Poultryizer can no longer be used on an Arena opponent (
- Issues with players capturing the flag in the Eye of the Storm battleground should be resolved (


- Is it Possible to get arena points with differents Arena Teams?

Arena points are awarded on a weekly basis, but will be tallied and awarded on Tuesday (during maintenance).
The award amounts have been adjusted slightly and break down in the following fashion:
5v5 matches will award a full allotment of arena points.
3v3 matches will award 80% of the allotment.
2v2 matches will award 60% of the allotment. (

- Is Spectator Mode planned for Arena?

We would love to have a way for others to be able to spectate arena matches. It's something we are looking into but don't have any more on that at this point in time. We realize that being able to cheer on your favorite team or your guildmates is always something people want to be able to do we just need to decide on how best to make something like that happen.(

- Do Blizzard has any plan to reduce CC (like polymorph or else) in Arena?

It's the same as in any PvP situation. CC doesn't work in PvP quite the same as it does in PvE already. It hasn't changed anymore than that though. (

- Troubles with Arena Charters?

Some players are having problems turning in their charter if it is not in a slot in their main backpack. Try putting it there since it seems that is where the system is looking for it. (


- Entangling Roots should now affect certain creatures properly (


- Mortal Strike and Wound Poison (rank 4) no longer stack at any rank (


- Mortal Strike and Wound Poison (rank 4) no longer stack at any rank (


- The 'Crumpled Up Note' quest item should now drop for Draenei to open the quest path for Onyxia (
- An issue with Nexus-King Salhaddar which made him unkillable has been resolved (
- Players will receive proper credit after finishing the 'Kill Omen' quest (
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