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Druid EPIC mount quest line

i think this is better guide .. copied from Madrox on US forums


Flight Forms:
Night Elf = http://aycu07.webshots.com/ima...87441192_rs.jpg
Tauren = http://aycu18.webshots.com/ima...66981263_rs.jpg

Small FAQ I'm working on. I'll update if I notice anything else to put here - or you can just tell me if you think somehing else should be here.

Q: Where does the quest start?
A: The quest starts from the druid trainer in Moonglade. NOTE: To start the quest you need to have purchased the 300 riding skill. The quest won't even show up if you do not have the skill.

Q: Where do I find Bogblossoms?
A: They are on top of the giant mushrooms in Zangarmarsh. You do not need to be an herbalist to gather these, however, while you are on the quest these can be tracked with Find Herbs. Since it is a test realm you can always drop something else for herbalism to make these easier to find.

Q: Essence of the ____ is bugged - how do I summon?
A: Stand on the edge of the base on either side and you should be able to summon it. It shouldn't take very long to get to the right spot.

Q: Where do I get the Charm of Swift Flight?
A: It's a quest reward for the Essence of the Hawk. (it's the last one of the 3 essence quests I have to double check the name)

Q: Do I need a group for these quests?
A: All of these quests should be soloable except for the last part.

Q: What is the final part of the quest?
A: You have to kill the new Raven God boss in Sethekk Halls on Heroic dificulty (requires Lower City Revered). Completion of this quest will Give you Swift Flight Form as well as Idol of the Raven Goddess.

Descriptions of each Quest thanks to Koogie

The Ward of Wakening
Gather and return with the following:

15x Bogblossom (gathered from atop mushrooms in Zangarmarsh, no herbalism skill required. Some are "trapped" and knock you back and off the mushroom while also adding a debuff. Be ready to shift to flight form or splat.)
10x Ancient Lichen
10x Dreaming Glory

No Combat.

Waking the Sleeper
Travel to Moonglade and use the Ward to help Clintar Dreamwalker emerge from the Emerald Dream. No combat.

No Mere Dream
Protect Clintar Dreamwalke's Sprit while it gathers the relics of Aviana. Basically an escort quest within the Barrow. Some combat, extremely easy solo.

Return to Morthis Whisperwing
Bring the relic back to Cenarion Refuge in Zangarmarsh.

To the Evergrove
Speak with Arthorn Windsong at the Evergrove in Blade's Edge Mountains. No Combat.

The Book of the Raven
Use an Aether Ray Eye (from killing Aether Rays) with a Seer's Stone (given by questgiver) to reveal the raven cult ghosts. Find Sai'kkal he Elder and question him about the book of the raven, then return. Minimal combat, extremely easy solo.

Eyes in the Sky
Speak with Watcher Elaira at the Twilight Ridge in Nagrand. No Combat.

To Catch a Sparrowhawk
Use the Sparrowhawk Net to capture Wild Sparrowhawk and bring back to Watcher Elaira. No Combat, extremely easy solo.

The Raven Stones
Gather 10 Raven Stones from Skettis and bring them to Arthorn Windsong at Evergrove. Summoned sparrowhawk uncovers the tablets, minimal combat from nearby creatures, extremely easy solo.

The Eagle's Essence
Defeat the Guardian of the Eagle and obtain the Essence of the Eagle. Meant to be done in bear form. Summons a continuous stream of bird adds that can be ignored. Dropped a 5k+ starfire just before dying, can be done solo.

The Falcon's Essence
Defeat the Guardian of the Falcon and obtain the Essence of the Falcon. Meant to be done in cat form. DPS race, has a huge knockback, can be done solo.

The Hawk's Essence
Defeat the Guardian of the Hawk and bring the Essence of the Hawk to Arthorn Windsong. Meant to be done in caster/boomkin form. Root and nuke.

Upon completion, receive:
Charm of Swift Flight
Equip: Increases speed in Flight Form and Swift Flight Form by 10%

Return to Cenarion Refuge
Bring Arthorn's package to Morthis Whisperwing in Cenarion Refuge.

Chasing the Moonstone
Return with a Southfury Moonstone found only at the cliffs in northwestern Azshara. Touching the moonstone altar spawns a goblin Rizzle Sprysprocket who flees down the river with your moonstone. You need to catch her by using aquatic form to race down the river avoiding the depth charges she leaves behind. No combat, extremely easy solo.

Vanquish the Raven God
Slay the Raven God and return to Morthis Whisperwing. Found in the chamber before the talon kings hall in Sethekk Halls Heroic.

Upon Completion receive:
Swift Flight Form
215 mana
Instant Cast

Idol of the Raven Goddess
Binds when picked up
Relic Idol
Equip: Increases the healing granted by the Tree of Life form aura by 20, adds 9 critical strike rating to the Leader of the Pack aura, and adds 9 spell critical strike rating to the Moonkin form aura.
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