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WOW farming macro

There are people who use professions to make their money. They run around picking flowers, or hitting rocks, or making funky items to sell. Now, honestly, i'm not one of those people, heh.

What's farming?
When i'm strapped for cash, I farm. Farm, farm, farm. As in, I kill mobs repeatedly. Farming is a consistent thing, you must be consistent with your kills, spend as little downtime as possible, and you want to kill every desired mob you come across.

Why farm?
First of all, there's no real expense. Apart from buying food/drink, or repairing your gear once every few hours, you're making pure profit. You can get a lot of money out of manufacturing professions, but leveling these means they become a money sink, and unless you put in the time and money to grab those rare recipes that people REALLY want, you're going to be spending more than you'll be making. Farming gets you pure profit, and depending on your luck, you can make more selling a single drop than spending a week making / gathering stuff. You get money, greens, blues, sometimes phat epixx, and all you have to do is going around killing stuff. That's farming.

Good farming, on the other hand, is a combination of things.

-Management of downtime - You want to stay sitting for the least amount of time possible by using bandages, or using conjured mage water instead of the crappy vendor water. If you're a caster, you want a fair bit of spirit gear (which you'll already have probably) and mana regen gear (mp/5). It might not seem like much, but it really helps in the long run.

-Consistent kills - If I run to my desired phat farming zone, i kill two mobs, I get up, get a drink, flip on the tv, kill more mobs, alt-tab to talk on msn, open up torrents, watch tv a bit more, and kill a couple more mobs, that's farming. Good farming, is when you get on, maybe flip on music, and just kill mobs. Kill, kill, kill. Don't stop. It can get boring, but the profit is usually worth it.

-Complimentary professions - Gathering professions mixed with farming can be a very useful moneymaking tool indeed. If I grind on beasts, then skinning would double my profit intake. If I had herbalism, then i'd make more money from picking up those random flowers you come across. If you have enchanting, you can pick up a crappy level 52 green that vendors for 80s, DE it, and get a shard worth 6g.

Got all that? Good. Let's go farmz0rs.

If you're willing to farm, then i'd assume you're level 60 and you have half-decent gear (or you're a beast mastery hunter :P)

And, BE PERSISTENT! If you spend 20 minutes farming, then stop because you haven't got anything, THAT'S NORMAL! Just keep farming. You only get out what you put in. Try a day of farming. You're guaranteed to get something of value.

For maximum phat pharming speed, you should be farming mobs 1-2 levels below you, or less.

Farming spots listed:

Winterspring, lake of Kel'Theril, Southwest of everlook.
Mob levels - 54-56 (I think)
You'll be farming ghosts here. This place is kickass - sometimes farmed heavily, other times not as much. The ghosts are weak, they die easily, they drop 2-8s a kill, drop funky greens and blues, and random chests spawn around here. One of my favourites.

Also, weekly, Princess Tempestria and her water elemental bodyguards spawn all over the house.
She's a 60 elite, her 3 bodyguards are 57 non-elites, and there are other 58 mobs all over the place. If she spawns, try to grab all the local horde/alliance in the area, group up, and kill her! She drops kickass blue BOEs, and Ace of elementals, which sells for 200G.

Winterspring, Darkwhisper Gorge, directly south of Everlook at the bottom of this map.
Mob levels - 60 elites.
Ok. These mobs here, I wouldn't really call farmable. However, they do drop high-value items, and if you have good friends, 3-4 of you could take one of these. The demons here hit like trucks, crit like planes. But, they have an abnormally high drop rate to drop Eye Of Shadow, the first item priests need for their epic staff quest. It can sell for 200g+. They can drop 2-30s a kill, runecloth, greens, blues, and epics. But they hit hard. And DO NOT try to solo these. Unless you're a beast mastery hunter =p.

Felwood, Feral Scar Vale, North-North-East of the horde camp (37,44)
Mob levels - 49-51
You're going to be farming bears here. Yes, there are only 12-15 of them at any given time, and you can kill them faster than they spawn, but that's usually a good thing. Now, they don't drop money, but they drop items worth money.
They drop:
-large bear bones (15s)
-bear jaws (9s)
-savage bear claws (6s)
-bear flanks (6s)
etc. Now, i'm just making guesses, since I don't really remember, but they can easily drop 1-3 pieces of vendor fodder at a time.
You can kill these guys very fast. and you can skin them for rugged leather, which sells for, what, 1.5-3g a stack? That doubles your money intake. If you kill them fast (ten seconds time to kill), and skin them, and maybe grab the Arthas' tears spawns around there, you can very well make 30g+ an hour. Just be consistent. And the beautiful thing is, they're never farmed, at least on my server =p

Felwood, Those satyr mobs, All the way north in felwood
Mob levels - 51-53
These demon satyrs are kickass. They have good world drops, they drop 2-8s a kill, they die stupidly easy, they drop heaps of runecloth, sometimes felcloth (one piece goes for 1-3g), and they spawn fast. Problem? People farm them. Farm at off-peak hours though, and you've got yourself some money intake there.

Western plaguelands, felstone field, first field to your left out of the Bulwark.
Mob levels - 50-53
Yarr, there's heaps of undead here. Casters and melee mobs. The thing I love about these guys is that they almost always drop runecloth, which sells for a nice bonus per stack. Good silver, consistent respawn rates, but sometimes farmed. Give them a go, they're awesome, especially if you mow them down fast.

Azshara, south-west corner of the map, entrance to zone, left from the path. Yep, my memory sucks.
Mob levels - 44-47
Highborne ghosts here. They drop insaneeee mageweave, great green droprates, there's a random chest, they're casters so they die easily, they have low hp, and 60s can farm them with little to no downtime. Rarely farmed, great for grinding too.

Tanaris, Southsea pirates, East of the zone along the beach after going through a small tunne l - Lost Rigger Cove
Mob levels - 43-45
Suprisingly, these guys are actually good for farming. 1-6s a kill. They also drop random junkboxes which can have funky stuff in them, they have a high rate (compared to other random mobs) to drop blues and epix, they drop silk - mageweave, and they're easy to farm. But, sometimes they're camped, they're all melee and some disarm, but other than that you should take a look at this spot.
[edit]Some are ranged, not all are melee. Thanks yensid!

Eastern plaguelands, Mossflayer zombies around that tomb-place, located south-west of the map along the path
Location clarified - 27,85 - The Undercroft
Mob levels - 54-56 (?)
These guys are funky to farm. They have a good world drop rate, they drop 3-8s a kill, random junkboxes, runecloth, they die easily, respawn quickly, and nobody farms them. Except for me =)

Eastern plaguelands, Bats, all over the place
Located all over EPL, just make a circuit around the whole zone
Originally, I didn't think of these bats as a subject for farming. But spending an hour on them proved otherwise.
I got bat pelts, fangs, claws, all which vendored extremely well, almost better than the bears listed above. They also drop Evil bat eyes, which, during the faire, can sell for 1-2g a PIECE. And, if so inclined, you can vendor them for a hefty profit. Just a suggestion.

Winterspring, Ice Thistle Hills, Yetis
Mob levels - 56-59
These yetis are great for farming. Reasons? Well, they're not the weakest mobs around, but the good thing about these fellas is because they're technically beasts, you can skin them for rugged, which is great money. Yet they still drop coin, and phat blues, and epix! I'd have to rate this spot as one of my favourites. It's a great spot, because they drop coin, items, you can skin them, AND they drop vendor fodder (I think). enjoy!

Western Plaguelands, Hearthglen
Co-ords coming soon =p
Hearthglen in WPL is a wonderful place. There are 53-56 elites littered all over the place, some are casters and most are solo-friendly. Me, as a 60 shaman, can take them easy as pie. They drop 5-30s a kill, and have a very high dropchance of good items. Sometimes farmed, otherwise empty =)

ALSO: On the road to hearthglen, to your right, you'll pass a tower. Inside that tower are 7 (?) scarlet spellbinders. These are the only mobs in the game that have a chance to drop Enchant: Crusader. This sells for 150G+, and is usually in high demand (these mobs are 53-55 non-elites).
So, basically, go in there, kill all 7 (some on the roof), go afk for 10 minutes, come back, continue.
BE WARNED! These guys are usually farmed, plenty. Get on at non-peak times if you can for max farming potential.
(credit goes to a friend for this)

Of course, these spots were off the top of my head (not anymore), i'll shove more additions in soon enough and confirm those locations and statistics. There are plenty other farmable spots, but these particularly are my personal favourites, and each have helped me with my fair intake of gold.

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