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Start farming for your mount just one level before 40.

You can actually start at 38, 37 if you have high dps.

Easily generate the needed 90g for your mount in 1/2 day!!

Just north of the Gurabashi arena and just west of the Jungle Stalkers there is a small area
where the "Cold Eye Basilisks" dwell.

The rate of greenie drops on these guys is extremely high, also , even the grey items that
they drop is unusually valuable vendor trash.

But... almost 5% of the time they drop a green trinket called "Cold Basilisk Eye" This
trinket, is virtually silly and worthless (equipped and use slows a target's moveent by
15% during combat). However, it is one of but a few trinkets that can be equipped at a
character level of 40.

Because of this relatively low required equip level, noobs will go ga-ga and this little
trinket will fetch between 5 and 10 gold very quickly. I put all of them on the AH for 5g
bid, 10g buyout and sold the majority of them at buyout.

In a 2 hour period, those basilisks dropped 23 of these trinkets for me.
After 3 hours in ah, I had netted 155 gold!!

Not only did I buy my mount, I was able to pay for all new lvl 40 hunter spells (which at
40 is quite an expensive class for spells). I even had enough left over to ditch my leather
gear for a decent set of mail armor.

Thinking it might have beeen a fluke, I did it again with my druid and then again with my
mage. All 3 had the same result. Since at that level chances are good that you would be
questing in STV anyway, there is no reason not to try this.

No fluke, silly trinket, silly people buying it, but, you have your mount at 40 and cash left

Finally, another added bonus, if you are a skinner, you also just made a bunch of heavy
and/or thick leather. Not bad for 1/2 days farming.

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