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From Blizcon, good news arrived

- Moonkin itemization in PvE is being worked on
- Priest Ability "Lightwell" will get some scaling from gear
- Death Knights will have their own Rune Resource system

Mana regen is a flawed mechanic for Mages and Shamans and Hunters, people don't have mana and that's why there are so many Shadow Priests. Real mana regen needed
The Spirit stat in general will be improved for WotLK.

Will the ability to force groupmates to change targets be implemented or something like?
They will not be given an ability to force people to change targets when the new target is taunted.

CC for Shamans?
Evaluating CC options for the Shaman in levels 71 to 80.

Priest racials?
Fear Ward will be spread around. Otherwise, they are being looked at but not a high priority.

Tauren cat form druid is also broken along with Night Elf cat form?
Cat form range must be tuned. The Night Elf cat form's bug has to be fixed but the range will be tuned overall.

Hunters for 2v2 and 3v3 under represented?
Looking into very closely for patch 2.3. Many changes for Hunters will be implemented in 2.3. There are some line of sight issues in Arenas, but they won't be changed. Some more utilities for arena battles and group utility are planned.

The first thing Mages have to do in a raid is make water. There are Soulwells. Will there be a Muffin factory?
Yes. Water and muffin creation like the Soulwell is incoming.

Shamans are low population and the totem system needs reworking -- inferior to pally auras, cost mana?
Blessings, auras and totems are supposed to be different. But the totems are being looked at. The Mana Spring totem will be a lot stronger than it is. Some other totems will also be made stronger.

BlizzCon PVP Panel

The future of Battlegrounds
- In AV, players won't spawn in the cave until there's nowhere else to spawn
- They are going to give the players ability to report other players for being AFK, like the spam reports (Once enough players have reported that person, and a debuff appears that only goes away when they show up in combat. If they don't get into combat, another debuff which makes them have no honor gain.)
- Honor distribution will change-- more honor gain near end of the BG, which should push people forward.
- They will reintroduce queueing as a group for AV.
- They're considering going toward a model where players can choose different sizes of the same battleground-- 15v15 or 20v20.
- They are thinking about Guild Battlegrounds-- letting guilds challenge each other, and joining up a battleground as a guild, even tracking a rating for the guild in a certain BG.

- There's going to be a rating requirement to buy an arena weapon (might be season 3).
- With season 3, you'll see season 1 gear become available through the honor system.

Creating 19 and 29 Arenas?
We're considering it-- the problems are rewards for it, and player demand for it.

Rewards for turning in Battleground marks?
The marks are really there to encourage people to move around from BG to BG. We'll probably add more things that you can get for your marks. Rep probably won't be one of them, because we don't think right now that the rep is worth much.

Where is the arena server where we have pregenerated character and can choose our opponents?
We're doing that with actual tournaments-- pregenerated characters that can play any kind of match you need. What we may integrate is allowing teams to match up their choice to practice, as a skirmish.

Why is resilience missing on the Paladin PvP sets?
Season 3 set does have resilience. We won't change the older sets, because players bought them knowing what they were.

Make rogues more viable for 5v5?
We're going to include mobility improvements, and more utility. Sap is useless there, and we'll look at that.
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