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More World of Warcraft patch issues


- Frostbolts are not proccing judgement of wisdom. It appears that frostbolt is the only spell currently affected by this issue right now. (src)

- Offhand Whirlwind Crits do not proc Flurry or Rampage.

- We confirmed the combat log is not showing resists/failures correctly on subsequent ticks of abolish poison. The resistance (vile poisons) is still being applied it's just not showing up correctly in the log (it's working correctly its just not telling you that it is).
We are working on a fix for the log and it should be in a future patch.

Alterac Valley: Capping Snowfall Graveyard takes more time than intended

We are aware of this issue and it will be fixed in an upcoming patch.

Hunter: New Volley graphics temporarily reverted

The new graphic was causing performance problems and had to be temporarily reverted. The new graphics for Volley will return in a future patch.

Mage: Icy Veins tooltip

The tooltip for Icy Veins is a bit misleading, it provides 20% haste not 20% cast reduction. 20% haste as Duman explains provides less than 20% cast reduction.
The ability is working correctly and the tooltip is going to be updated in a future patch.

Rogue: About Hemorrhage doing less damage

This is not a bug, hemo should be doing less damage in 2.3.2 than in 2.3.0.
Hemorrhage is also normalized based on weapon type and speed so the amount of damage you do with an individual attack will vary depending on the type and speed of the weapon you are using and can not be directly compared to your main hand attacks.

No plans to change the setup for how Heroic Dailies are working

We have no current plans to change the setup for how these work, we'll keep an eye on it and make changes if we feel they are necessary.

The boat NPC's are still missin

We are working on getting them ready but it may be a little while still.

Hammerfall Wind Rider Master didnt disappear

You can find Urda the Hammerfall Wind Rider Master currently hiding out from the rain beneath the platform that she normally stands upon. We're working on coaxing her out from under there and she should be returning to her normal position in an upcoming patch.

Ready Check issues

There are several outstanding bugs with readycheck icons not refreshing under certain circumstances, these are listed in the known issues list and should be fixed in a future patch.

Broom Mount duration change is a bug fix

The broom mount duration been changed, this was a bug fix for patch 2.3.2 as they were originally intended to last the duration in real time, not in-game time.

About the Nagle Algorithm

There is no way to turn the Nagle Algorithm on or off in the WoW client via a registry change. The TcpAckFrequency key that you are referring to is a Windows change and affects your entire machine not just WoW.
I don't encourage messing with your windows registry, but if this change gets you better performance and you are comfortable with it then feel free.

No plans to change key-like objects

We don't plan to change these key-like objects (i.e. Scepter of Celebras, Mallet of Zul'farrak, or Drakefire) so they can put on the keyring, but we are being more careful about how we've approached keys since.

Hotfix: Balinda and Vanndar Health Increased

"We’ve recently applied a hotfix that increases the hitpoints for both Balinda Stonehearth and Vanndar Stormpike in Alterac Valley. This change is being made to help assist in balancing the opposing sides and their ability to compete in the battleground.
We will continue to track the balance of the battleground and the factions as they fight for supremacy in Alterac Valley, and continue to make further changes as needed."

As it says in the statement above, this is meant to assist in balancing the opposing sides and their ability to compete in the battleground. We are still watching the results of these changes and will continue to make changes as we feel are necessary. We certainly aren't ignoring it and we certainly aren't considering ourselves "done" with this battleground. We'll do our best to keep everyone informed as we go along.

Clockwork Rocket Bots Not fighting anymore

This was an intentional change to fix some exploits, I do not know if it is permanent or not.

Armory: Perfomance Issues

We are aware that some players may be experiencing some performance issues with the Armory; due to the popularity of the Armory, it is susceptible to high amounts of traffic which can result in slow load times. These slow load times can adversely affect armory performance, cause character data to not refresh properly, result in browser issues, or cause the page to stop responding entirely. We are actively working on addressing these issues and will provide updates as soon as they are available.
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