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- Talents refunded
- flightpath fixed for area 52 <-> stormspire
- quest turning point still bugged no teleportation
- Sha'tar reputation vendor added to Shattrah
- Sha'tar guards now give directions
- Shadowmoon Valley is not open.
- Female blood elves stand differently and have some new idle animations.
- Glowcaps can no longer be picked up from any distance.
- Blood elf female weapon size was increased.
- Thrallmar reputation rewards were buffed.
- New graveyard near Kirin'var Village.
- Bankers added in Area 52.
- Goblin engineering teleporter added in Area 52


- Chance to receive Jewelcrafting skill points while prospecting.


- Kharazan is now open, you can get the key from a temporary vendor or the quest.
- Some terrain that was allowing access to Tempest Keep using noggenfogger or floating effects has been altered so you can no longer jump to The Botanica.
- Keys are now required to unlock Heroic difficulty for dungeons. HFC key requires revered with Thrallmar and Tempest Keep key requires revered with Sha'tar to buy.
- Steam vaults has new mobs such as bog lords and elementals.
- Last boss of steam vaults is fixed. Distiller only become attackable while he's channeling.


- Heroic Difficulty Items named and graphics added
- Thrallmar reputation rewards were buffed.
- The Flesh Handler's gloves no longer have random enchants. This change is retroactive.
- Netherweave Tunic is now level 68 and Netherweave Robe is level 67.
- Noggenfogger now has a 2 minute cooldown and the Floating effect lasts 12 seconds instead of 2 minutes.
- Glowcaps can no longer be picked up from any distance.
- All green items with +healing in netherstorm are now damage/healing. Other healing items nerfed too.
- Rage potions are back to "Classes: Warrior"
- Thistle Tea is restored back to "Classes: Rogue"


- The Beast Within was reduced from 30% damage to 10% damage.
- Steady Shot now requires lvl 62 instead of 66
- Kill Command is now lvl 66
- Snake trap is now working.
- LFG System: Elite Quests only. Seperate classification for Dungeon and Heroic Dungeon


- Consumables can no longer be used in forms. This includes bandages, potions, thistle tea, food, or any other reasonable item that any other class can use.
- Primal Fury and Blood Frenzy rolled into 1 talent.
- Imp LoTP has been reduce to 2 points, with each point doing exactly the same amount as before (making this a nerf, only healing 4% at full points).
- Improved Starfire is now Celestial Focus. 5/10/15% chance to stun with Starfire for 3 seconds and chance to resist pushback by 25/50/70% while casting Wrath.
- Dreamstate now correctly lists MP5 instead of MP0.
- Barkskin no longer reduces the cast time, but the cooldown was doubled to 2 minutes.
- Nuturing Instincts lowered from 50/100% to 25/50%
- Improved Leader of the Pack changed from 3 points at 2/4/6% to 2 points at 2/4%.
- Weapon procs no longer fire for a druid in feral forms.
- Tree form has a new and sexy dance : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4RUL0sgagc


- Arcane missiles has been fixed and can no longer be cast while moving.
- AoE spells now do reduced damage against large number of targets (no exact details of yet).


- Improved Resistance Auras removed and replaced with "Spell Warding".
- Spell Warding 0/2: All spell damage taken is reduced by 2% / 4%.


- Warlock's soulwells grant people that right click it the proper animation.


- The ability Rampage is now working correctly.

Tier 4 Set Bonuses are Available for some classes (Listed Below):


(2) Set: Your harmful spells have a chance to restore up to 120 mana.
(4) Set: Reduces the cooldown on your Innervate ability by 48 sec.

(2) Set: Your melee attacks in Bear Form and Dire Bear Form have a chance to generate 100 additional rage.
(2) Set: Your melee attacks in Cat Form have a chance to generate 20 additional energy.
(4) Set: Increases your armor by 1400 in Bear Form and Dire Bear Form.
(4) Set: Increases your strength by 30 in Cat Form.

(2) Set: Your helpful spells have a chance to restore up to 120 mana.
(4) Set: Reduces the cooldown on your Nature's Swiftness by 24 sec.


(2) Set: Increases the amount healed by your Judgement of Light by 20.
(4) Set: Reduces the cooldown on your Divine Favor by -15 sec.

(2) Set: Increases the damage dealt by your Seal of Righteousness, Seal of Vengeance, or Seal of Blood by 10%.
(4) Set: Increases the damage dealt by your Holy Shield by 15%

(2) Set: Increases the damage bonus of your Judgement of the Crusader by 15%.
(4) Set: Increases the damage dealt by your Judgement of Command by 10%.


2 piece: Your Feint ability costs 10 less energy.
4 piece: Your critical strikes on finishing moves have a 50% chance to grant you a combo point.


(2) Set: Your Mana Spring Totem ability grants an additional 3 mana every 2 sec.
(4) set: Reduces the cooldown on your Nature's Swiftness ability by 24 sec.

(2) Set: Your Strength of Earth Totem ability grants an additional 12 strength.
(4) Set: Your Stormstrike ability does an additional 30 damager per weapon.

(2) Set: Your Wrath of Air Totem ability grants an additional 20 spell damage.
(4) Set: Your offensive spell critical strikes have a chance to reduce the mana cost of your next spell by 270.


(2) Set: Your fire damage spells have a chance to grant you 135 bonus shadow damage for 15 sec and your shadow damage spells have a chance to grant you 135 bonus fire damage for 15 sec.
(4) Set: Increases the duration of your Corruption and Immolate abilities by $ [sic] sec.
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