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Grinding Reputation In Silithus (Cenarion Circle)


I wrote this exact post on my guild site, so if you recognize it from there, I guess you know who I am :)

Many people have asked how I have ground up my reputation with the Cenarion Circle so quickly.

My rep gains and notes may be off slightly. I had to try and recall much of it, and find stuff on the net. Please check your rep gains after each, to make sure you still get rep for dukes at honored for example (because you don’t at revered)

Neutral to Friendly (3000 rep)

I would suggest just nose to the grindstone killing Twilight Cultists and gathering sets of clothes and Encrypted Text. Don’t turn them in yet. Mail them to an alt and back to yourself if needed. (When I mail them back, I mail a cowl, robe, and mantle before mailing more of another type. Just to keep them together so I can grab them quicker from the bank)

Get in any group you can that is killing cultists, templars, or dukes. A little more rep, goes faster in a group, and is more fun than solo grinding.

Killing Cultists, flamereaver, or keeper 1 rep
Killing trash mobs in AQ20 3 rep
Killing a summoned Templar 5 rep
Killing a summoned Duke 10 Rep
Killing a boss in AQ20 133 rep+

Druids can gain faction points by completing theie quests to get Bear form, Cure poison, and Aquatic form. There is also one in Maraudon from Desolace gives faction points also. The quest for DM East from Moonglade can be returned for reputation, too.

Friendly to Honored (6000 rep)

Silithus quests and more grind killing of Cultists.
Killing Cultists, flamereaver, and keeper still gives 1 rep
Killing trash mobs in AQ20 3 rep
Killing a summoned Templar 5 rep
Killing a summoned Duke 10 Rep
Killing a boss in AQ20 133 rep+


Armament of War 100 rep
Brann Bronzebeard’s Lost Letter 100 rep
Breaking the Code 100 rep
Deadly Desert Venom 75 rep
Dearest Natalia 100 rep
-Into the Maw of Madness 200 rep
Desert Recipe (do this if you can. Important later) 10 rep
-Sharing the Knowledge 50 rep
-Kitchen Assistance 50 rep
Dukes of the Council 50 rep
-Bor Wildmane 25 rep
Glyph Chasing 100 rep
Hive in the Tower 100 rep
-Umber Archivist 50 rep
-Uncovering Past Secrets 150 rep
Securing the Supply Lines 75 rep
-Stepping up Security 100 rep
Twilight Mystery 100 rep
-The Deserter 50 rep
-The Twilight Lexicon 100 rep
-A Terrible Purpose 100 rep
Twilight Geolords 100 rep
-Vyral the Vile 100 rep
Noggle’s Last Hope 100 rep
Noggle’s Lost Satchel 100 rep
Unraveling The Mystery 75 rep
-The Calling 200 rep
Wanted: Deathclasp 100 rep

Important to start doing the major repeatables now;

Field Duty 20 rep
Tactical, Combat, and Logistics Missions 50 rep
These are going to be needed to gather badges, which you will need for rewards.

Honored to Revered (12000 rep)

Killing Flamereaver, or Keeper 1 rep
Killing trash mobs in AQ20 3 rep
Killing a summoned Duke 10 Rep
Killing a boss in AQ20 133 rep+
Start doing the repeatable Encrypted Twilight text quest, 10 pages 100 rep
Keep doing Field Duty and repeatable Tactical, Logistic, Combat quests 20-50 rep

Revered to Exalted (21000 rep)

Killing trash mobs in AQ20 3 rep
Killing a boss in AQ20 133 rep+
Abyssal Signets Quest, one signet 150 rep first
Abyssal Signets Quest (repeated), 3 signets 100 rep
Keep doing Encrypted Twilight text quest, 10 pages 100 rep

Don’t waste crests doing abyssal crests quest. Use them to summon dukes.

By the end A LOT of it is Encrypted Twilight Texts. Pages are now going for about 1g per page (Don’t pay more…work together to keep costs down), so 10g per 100 rep. That gets damn spendy, but worth it to me. Here is how I fund it;

It costs about 17g per Duke to summon one if you bought the mats yourself. If you saved and gathered mats from all you have done up until Honored you should have a bunch to get started for free.

The big money maker is the Abyssal (leather/cloth/etc) leggings of (striking/sorcery). I am getting about 100-140g for each set, and they sell well. I turn right around and buy Encrypted Texts with this money. About each 2nd or 3rd Duke drops a set. That way one pair of leggings turned into text pages works out to about 1000-1500 rep.

The signets have also been selling quite well from killing dukes. About 30g each on my server.

I keep an alt parked in UC. I send legs to him, he auctions, buys texts, and mails them back to cut down travel time. I also use him for some mats for Logistics quests. I had a hard time finding Heavy Armor Kits on AH, so I ground his Leatherworking up to 150 and make my own. If you need any I keep him parked there for that, and will make them at cost for any conventus member.

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