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Reputation Factions and Grinding

Timbermaw Hold

Argent Dawn

Thorium Brotherhood

Timbermaw Hold - has rewards for enchanting / tailor / leatherworker / blacksmith / alchemy

Grinding faction with the Timbermaw is one of the more time consuming factions to gain. There are two zones with two or three area's to kill mobs for faction.

The first zone is Felwood (http://www.thottbot.com/?z=67). Here you will kill Deadwood Avengers, Den Watchers, Gardeners, Shaman, Pathfinders, and Warriors. Each kill is worth 5 rep. One of the first quest you want to gain is "Deadwood of the North". This quest will require you to kill X number of Deadwood mobs. Once you have completed the quest you then get a repeatable quest to turn in 5 Deadwood Headdress Feathers. Each turn in is worth 50 rep if my memory serves me correct. Also, while killing the deadwood creatures you will come upon a unique item called "Deadwood Ritual Totem". Once you are neutral with the Timbermaw You can turn in the totem for even more rep.

The other location to gain Timbermaw rep is in Winterspring (http://www.thottbot.com/?z=71). Here you will kill Winterfall Totemics, Pathfinders, Den Watchers, Shaman, Ursas, Runners, and the High Chief Winterfall. The High Chief is worth 25 rep and the other mobs 5 rep. Like in Felwood you can get a quest called "Winterfall Activity" to kill X number of Winterfalls for rep. Once you have done that quest you can do the repeatable quest to turn in Winterfall Spirit Beads. Also, just like in Felwood a unique item drops that starts a quest called Winterfall Ritual Totem. Once you are neutral with the Timbermaw you can turn in the totem for even more rep.

Cenarion Circle - has rewards for enchanting / leatherworker

I have just started working on my Cenarion Circle faction. As such this may not be a complete guide. One of the first quest that you can gain to earn faction is called "True Believers" and "Secret Communications". You kill humanoids called Twilight Avengers, GeoLords, Stonecallers, etc. to find Encrypted Twilight Texts. You can continue to turn in 10 pages for faction. Each Twilight you kill also gives you 1 rep point. Once you have reached friendly with Cenarion Circle you can continue on to another quest. Here you collect a Twilight Cultist set (Robe, Cowl, Mantle) in order to gain access to a lesser summon stone I think it is. Useing the stone brings forth a level 58-60 elite. Killing the elite drops another item that you collect. Sorry, only done it once so far and can't remember the name. Collect three of these to get a token or something that is then used to move up to bigger and better summoned mobs. At the highest tier you can summon a god which is a 40 man raid boss mob.

Thorium Brotherhood - has rewards for Enchanting / Blacksmith / Leatherworking / Tailoring / Alchemy

Be prepared to do alot of farming or spend some $$ to gain Thorium Brotherhood faction. There are a number of quest in Searing Gorge (http://www.thottbot.com/?z=55) to get you started. Once you have done all the starter quest you can then work on a repeatable quest to get your rep up to friendly. The quest is called "Restoring Fiery Flux Supplies" and will either use iron, heavy leather, or kingsblood. You will also need to collect Incendosaur Scales to add with the iron, heavy leather, or kingsblood when turning in the quest. Once you hit friendly status with the Brotherhood you need to start collecting Dark Iron Residue. There are three ways to collect residue. The easy way is to just buy residue from the AH. The other two ways is to mine
dark iron nodes that spawn randomly or to loot residue from the npc's in the BRD instance.

Argent Dawn - has rewards for everyone

Argent Dawn rep is one of the easier factions to gain. To start there are numerous quest for both the Horde and Alliance to perform. Once those are done you can continue to kill the undead in Western and Eastern Plaguelands, and the instances in those zones for "tokens" to turn in for rep.

Major City Faction
There are three main ways to "farm" a major city faction outside of your normal every day quest currently. First way is to turn in runecloth to gain rep with a specific city. The second way is to turn in supplies for the AQ war effort and then turn in the tokens for rep. The last way is to farm rep in AV. Each time you turn in a body part, mine supply, etc. in AV you not only get the AV rep but also +10 or more rep with a major city. So you can easily gain access to a cross-racial mount.

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