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2.3.3 Known Issue List updated

Hortus changed the 2.3.2 Known issues thread to 2.3.3 and made some additions. We will only list the new additions, the full listing can be read on official forums.

- Male Blood Elves do not blink.
- The Gnome racial ability Escape Artist does not remove the Unstable Cloud debuff.

- The chests in Zul'aman can be looted by other players who were not in tap list.
- Burning troll huts on Hatchet Hills are not dealing any fire damage.
- Wooden spikes jutting from pillars in Circle of Blood arena are causing line of sight issues.
- There is a floating tree root northwest of Garadar in Nagrand.
- The Legion Ring boundary markers occasionally disappear.

- The level range of the quest, Bring the Light is inconsistent with the level range of the Razorfen Downs dungeon.
- The quest "Delivery to Tranquillen" cannot be accepted if you have "Suncrown Village" in your quest log.
- Cipher of Damnation shows place holder icon on the castbar portrait when used.
- Horde players are able to loot Salvageable Metal doodads on the Alliance side of the Path of Glory, Hellfire Peninsula.

- The name plate for Gutripper while he is flying in motion is too high.
- The Doomguard Punisher displays internal icons during possession transfer.
- Booty Bay Bruisers spawn when speaking with Landro Longshot, preventing players who are hated by Booty Bay from redeeming UDE items.

- Pets will continue to attack a target after it has been effected by Druid's Maim ability.

- Snakes from a Hunter's Snake Trap can Daze players.

- Cheap Shot is removing Touch of Weakness, but is not proc'cing the Touch of Weakness debuff.
- The Priest talent Inner Focus will lose its charge when the ability Shadowguard procs.

- The proc from Cheat Death will cause a player to stand up.

- Endless Rage is not granting the correct bonus to rage generation.

- Casting time is interrupted whenever the Darkmoon Card: Madness procs.
- The equip bonus of the Vengeful Gladiator's Dragonhide Gloves is not functioning properly.
- Libram of Avengement is applying it's buff when auto-attacks refresh judgements.
- Helm of Assassination removes the jaw of undead males models.
- The Burrower's Shell (23558) cannot be disenchanted.
- Typo in the item tooltip of Dark Iron Bomb and The Big One.
- Coarse Gorilla Hair cannot be placed in a Leatherworker's Satchel.
- Paladin Retribution Tier 5 armor set Crystalforge Battlegear bonus is not functioning correctly.
- The proc effect of the item Band of the Eternal Sage has a longer duration than indicated in the item tooltip.
- No sound plays when players sheathe or unsheathe the Sin'dorei Warblade.
- Level 50 class quest rewards are inconsistent in their ability to be disenchanted.
- Bulwark of the Amani Empire is attached farther away than normal on the arm and backs on all races.
- Infused Amethyst has an inconsistency in its tooltip.

- A Druid can make Bandages while in feral forms.
- Recipe: Hot Apple Cider is appearing yellow in the cooking UI, even though it provides no skill ups.

- The Trade Channel is not functioning properly when players zone out while using a chat macro.
- Interface option to always display status bar text on experience bars does not work correctly for Reputation.
- Deleted characters take up space in an arena team.
- The "Unread Mail" icon will not appear for players who receive returned mail that contains no text.
- The "Unread Mail" icon does not tell players who the mail is from when their auctions are sold / canceled.
- Inspecting a player with an unlearned talent that teaches an ability that you meet the requirements for will show "Click to learn" on the talent inspection UI.
- Buffs gained from herb gathering do not appear in combat log.
- Vertex shader state effects are not correctly appearing between logins.
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