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Credits: Morthoul of Blackhand

At several points I mention "Garguk's macros", and making 2.0 versions of them. These are macros from the old forums, preserved in the forum sticky here:


Trying out 2.0 versions of these macros, and sharing them here, should help the maintainer of that thread update it faster.

Here are some macros from the thread, from various posters:


* A standard "castsequence" macro, which you press repeatedly to cast multiple spells, one after another, in sequence. This one also makes sure your pet is attacking the target; useful to take some of the finger-work out of grinding. You'll want to fine-tune the sequence depending on your level, spec, and the mobs you're fighting:

/castsequence reset=combat/target Corruption, Curse of Agony, Life Tap, Drain Life, Shoot

* If you want to cram even more functionality into that grinding button, here's the above macro, plus the feature that if you hold Alt while pressing it, it will cast Drain Soul instead:

/petattack [nomodifier:alt]
/castsequence [nomodifier:alt] reset=target/combat Corruption, Curse of Agony, Life Tap, Drain Life, Shoot
/cast [modifier:alt] Drain Soul

Announce your summon to /raid or /party, e.g.
"Summoning Morthoul to << Durotar >>. Please assist."

/script local C; if(GetNumRaidMembers()==0) then C = "PARTY" else C = "RAID" end SendChatMessage("Summoning %t to << "..GetMinimapZoneText().." >>. Please assist.", C)
/cast Ritual of Summoning

* Banish your current target, and make it your "focus":

/cast Banish

* Banish your focus. You use this when banish breaks. You don't have to target anything special, and the macro won't even mess with your targetting. It just casts banish on the mob you selected with the previous macro:

/cast [target=focus] Banish


Some special spells can be cast immediately before other spells, all in one press of a button. Trinkets also can be activated this way. When it comes to these macros, there are tons of "variations on a theme". Here are 3 examples, and then an explanation of how to make your own multi-spell macros.

* Amplify Curse + Curse of Exhaustion :) Also good for Curse of Agony.

/cast Amplify Curse
/cast Curse of Exhaustion

* Blood Fury + ZHC + Shadow Bolt, for Orc warlocks.

/cast Blood Fury
/use Zandalarian Hero Charm
/cast Shadow Bolt

* If you have 2 trinkets, or even more trinkets that you swap on and off by their cooldowns, you might want a macro that just tries to activate whatever's in your trinket slots:

/use 13 # top trinket
/use 14 # bottom trinket
/cast Corruption

(Unfortunately, this hits you with red spam when any of the trinkets aren't cooled down. You can insert "/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide()" at the top to remove this, but it will remove ALL red spam from the game until you reload the UI, and it won't suppress the annoying failure sounds either. I don't recommend doing this, and have mentioned it only because I've seen many people attempting it in macros lately.)

Making Your Own Multi-Spell Macros:

The macro ends with a spell that produces global cooldown. This is almost all spells! You can only end a macro once ;) so you can only cast one of these "normal" spells in it. Everything preceeding must be special spells and abilities that don't produce global cooldown. Remember, only special spells like Amplify Curse, Fel Domination, and the Blood Fury racial don't have global cooldown. To make these macros:

1. String a bunch of /cast and /use commands, one after another.
2. You need /stopcasting after every /cast that doesn't generate global cooldown. The macro system by default doesn't understand that some spells don't generate global cooldown, and must be told in this manner.
3. You do not need /stopcasting after /use commands. Many people insert it anyway, but it is pointless and wastes space.
4. You may /use items by name, or by their slot number. I recommend using them by name, as then the macro will work no matter which slot you put a trinket in. But if you specifically want to use something like "whatever's in my top trinket slot", then use the number.


Macros can be very helpful in cramming more pet functionality into fewer keys and buttons. A nice thing about these macros is that your pet has a separate global cooldown from your warlock, so you can perform a /cast both for yourself and your pet at the same time, at once.

* Make your Felhunter dispel you. This macro will not interfear with your target selection at all. A new feature in the 2.0 macros is the ability to specify targets on a cast-by-cast basis, without having to select something as your target to cast spells at it. Very convenient!

/cast [target=player] Devour Magic

* For Seduction, here's a 2.0 version combining 2 of Garguk's macros. Pressing this while holding down Alt will have your succubus acquire a target and seduce it, while you cast Curse of Shadow. When Seduction breaks, just press the macro again without Alt. This will make your succubus cast Seduction on her current target. She remembers the target separately from your warlock's target, so you do not need to retarget the mob to get Seduction going back ASAP; just press the button. In order for it to work, you have to avoid accidentally clearing your succubus' target once you've given her one with the Alt cast. (Pulling her back by clicking Passive will clear her target, etc.)

/stopmacro [nopet:succubus]
/cast [target=pettarget,nomodifier:alt] Seduction
/stopmacro [nomodifier:alt]
/p Seducing %t - Don't attack the mob with the hearts! <3 <3
/cast Seduction
/cast Curse of Shadow

* Sacrifice your VW. (If your VW isn't out, it will summon one, using Fel Domination if it's available. After the summon completes, you push the macro again to Sacrifice.) If you'd like the macro to immedately summon another VW after the Sacrifice, just delete the second line:

/cast [pet:voidwalker] Sacrifice
/stopmacro [pet:voidwalker]
/cast Fel Domination
/cast Summon Voidwalker

Dark Pact if you have an Imp out, Life Tap if you don't have an Imp out.
(Prevents draining alternative pets from mana required for abilities (ie. Seduce, Spell Lock, Devour Magic.)

/cast [pet:imp] Dark Pact; Life Tap

* You can make multi-purpose pet action macros that vary depending on which pet you have out. Here's 1 example, but you can do this basically any way you like.

/cast [pet:imp] Fire Shield
/cast [pet:succubus] Seduction
/cast [pet:felhunter] Devour Magic
/cast [pet:felguard] Intercept

* Here's another way to write the multi-purpose pet action thing above. This way saves space.

* Machder of Kil'jaeden has an advanced version of these "different actions depending on which pet is out" macros here, mimicking functionality from the Servitude addon:


* Mount or dismount, and make sure your pet is invisible if you're mounting. (You replace your mount button with this macro.) Useful for Dark Pact grinding builds, where you may want to take invis off auto-cast to conserve mana.

/cast Summon Felsteed
/stopmacro [mounted]
/cast [pet:succubus] Lesser Invisibility; [pet:imp] Phase Shift

/cast [pet:imp] Fire Shield; [pet:succubus] Seduction; [pet:felhunter] Devour Magic; [pet:felguard] Intercept
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