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This month's Games for Windows magazine has several unheard-of informations, you can read about them below:


- There is concept art of Dalaran and The Nexus - both look pretty cool. The Nexus looks like this huge purple beam of magic shooting towards the sky, with rings surrounding it that look like little islands you could probably land on with a flying mount.
- Metzen says he doesn't want the end of Arthas' story to be predictable, as he says a "Yeah, that's pretty much what I expected" type of feeling.
- Metzen feels the Burning Crusade never really had an "ending" moment. Killing Illidan wasn't it because he didn't like the Legion either. So Sunwell will be it
- The Blood Elves are trying to reinvigorate the Sunwell using energy ported from Netherstorm (i.e. the Mana Forges), but supposively rebuilding the Sunwell is an excuse to summon Kil'jaeden.
- There is that quote that someone posted earlier in the forums that Kil'jaeden is not fully summoned, thus you can kill him with 25 lvl 70s.


- Dalaran will have one or two instanced dungeons in it (like Stockades or Ragefire they said).
- Dalaran won't have Auction Houses or class trainers again (*sigh*). Same bass-ackwards reason as with Shattrath. It will probably have portals like Shattrath though, and they said possibly one to Shattrath as well.


- Sunwell area will have "tweaker Blood Elves, high on magic" and 6-8 bosses.
- Info about Utgarde: will be similar to Ramparts, but with more memorable moments to break up the "pull-rest-pull-boss" structure of other instances (way they put it). One is a giant flame forge that kills you if you step into it, but if you kill the workers operating it, it dies down. Another is a guantlet area like in Shattered Halls. One boss will be a Lich, another will be a Vrykul who summons scourge minions.
- There's a map of Utgarde Keep (low level dungeon).
- It mentions the Stratholme CoT dungeon (which isn't new news but it's recent at least).
- There will be more "micro dungeons" (i.e. non-instanced dungeon-like areas.. I guess Deatholme is probably a good example). One is called Gjalerbron where the Vrykul are working side-by-side with Liches.


Death Knight
- One idea for the Death Knight class is that you'll start in Stratholme and have to break your way out.
- Two Death Knight spells mentioned: Army of the Dead (the one from the trailer) which summons a bunch of undead minions, and Death and Decay, which is an AOE spell.
- One idea for an ability is Blood Boil, a damage-over-time ability that after the duration lights up two of your blood runes.
- Generally Blood runes are damage-oriented, Frost are control-oriented, and Unholy are utility and DOT mechanics.


- Inscribers will be able to sell scrolls.
- Only a handful of core spells can be inscribed. Example they used was you cannot extend the range of the Priest's Mind Vision, but you CAN extend the duration of the Hunter's Freezing Traps.
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