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Easy Gold with Teremus The Devourer


I'm sure many of you have visited the Blasted Lands at some point and have noticed the large dragon that always seems to sneak up behind you while you are questing/farming? Well, if you and a few of your friends are level 60, then you have found an ample source of gold.

Teremus is a weak boss dragon, it only takes 4-5 people to kill him. He has been done by 2 people before, but they were fully decked in epic gear. I have just done him for the first time today with 4 other people 5 total) and although the battle is long, he is relatively easy and simple. He drops an item: http://wow.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?witem=8244, sometimes up to 4 from a single kill. Then you take that item, and turn it in to: http://wow.allakhazam.com/db/mob.html?wmob=7363. He will give you a bag, and inside the bag is a random lvl 40-49 Blue or Epic BoE. That's right, a BoE, so you can sell it on the AH. Today, I got 2 crystals, so I turned both of them in and received 2 Blue BoEs, worth about 50g on my server. Like I said, they are random BoEs, so it is possible to get a weapon that would be worth much more gold, or even an epic weapon that will be worth a LOT more.

Now to explain the battle itself. You definitely need a Warrior for this battle, and I will explain why later. Teremus is immune to Silence, Stuns, Battle Shouts, DoT spells (that's right! No DoTs), some Mage spells, and I would suppose Poisons too. The only think I (the lvl 60 Warrior) was able to use on Teremus was Taunt and Sunder Armor. This battle is very long because of the fact that you can not use DoTs on him for extra DPS. In addition, every time he uses his flame attack, everyone who gets damaged by it heals Teremus, so stay out of the way of the Flame Breath! The healing he gets from this attack is substancial comparing it to the DPS you are able to use on him. Every 30 seconds or so, he will use a Knockback attack on the Warrior and his aggro list will reset, and will probably attack the nearest Mage or Warlock. Whoever gets aggro is to run towards the Tank, so he/she can use Taunt and Sunder Armor to regain aggro. After that, you just follow through the motions and whittle him down.

Suggested Group: Warrior, Mage, Hunter, Priest/Druid, Shaman/Paladin.
The reason for the supporting healer class (Paladin/Shaman) is because this battle is very long. Your Main Healer will probably run out of mana, so you need a supporting healer to step up while the Main Healer gets some mana back.

Teremus respawns daily, so you can redo him over and over for some nice loot.

I hope you all enjoy this strategy. This is my first posted strategy, so comments/questions are appreciated.

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